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Global Force Wrestling Live Event Report for 9/3/2015 from Cedar Rapids, IA

Shout out to one of our readers, “Marty,” who sent along these notes from the Global Force Wrestling Live Event that took place in Cedar Rapids, IA on Thursday night (September 3).  The card featured Colt Cabana vs. Ariya Daivari, Mickie James vs. ODB, Tomasso Ciampa vs. Kevin Matthews, and more.

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Global Force Wrestling put on a show at Perfect Game Field at Veterans Memorial Stadium in Cedar Rapids on Thursday.  Only about 150 people showed for the event and they ended up taping off a lot of the seating areas so that fans were right around the area behind home plate.

Match #1 – Colt Cabana def. Ariya Daivari.  Colt was very popular with the fans.  He’d mess with Daivari’s head gear and rug a lot.

Match #2 – Tomasso Ciampa def. Kevin Matthews. Smarks were chanting NXT throughout this match.  Matthews did alright as a heel and tried playing to the fans to get them into the match.

Match #3 – Mickie James vs. ODB.  They brought the referee into this one a bit.  Mickie James was a fan favorite and ODB was pretty over too.  Mickie took the time to sign autographs and take pictures.

Jeff Jarrett came out to thank the fans before being interrupted by “The New Heavenly Bodies.”  Zero Gravity ran out for a save and we got the next match.

Match #4 – Zero Gravity def. The New Heavenly Bodies.  Really fast paced match that kept the fans’ attention.

Match #5 – Sonjay Dutt def. DJ Z (Zema Ion). Z asked that his hair or face not be touched before the match.  Fan energy was dwindling by this point (it was right after intermission).

Hacksaw Jim Duggan cut a decent promo.  Ariya Daivari came back out to interrupt which drew “USA!” chants.  Duggan ran him off.

Match #6 – Chris Mordetzky def. Nick Aldis.  The guys worked hard. Aldis was pretty over as a face, and Mordetzky did a decent job of playing to the crowd also.

Other notes:

  • You could get pictures with Jeff Jarrett at ringside during intermission and talent had merch tables set up in the concourse too.
  • Putting on a wrestling show in a baseball stadium doesn’t work.  It’s too spread out and a smaller venue would work much better especially with bad attendance like this was.
  • There wasn’t much local marketing or advertising before this show and between that and the fact that it was so hot and humid, it didn’t help attendance at all.

I have to say I was pretty underwhelmed by the experience overall.


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