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The NXT Report 09/16/15 – The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Continues, plus Bayley, Tyler Breeze, Adam Rose, Tye Dillinger, Apollo Crews, and more!

Tyler Breeze vs Adam Rose Tyler Breeze comes out for a match. They show a replay of last week’s match with Bull Dempsey where they faced off, in a losing effort to Ciampa and Gargano. Breeze took his frustration out on Dempsey and attacked him after the match. After Breeze settles in the ring. Rose comes out with no music, just a sound indicating you lose. Rose says the WWE Universe took a big, hot, steaming poop on the Adam Rose party. Claiming now it’s his turn to take a hot, steaming, poop on their party and there is no more fun allowed. Crowd chants, “Party pooper” to him. Bull Dempsey’s music hits. Bull comes out with a smile and a mic in-hand. Crowd chants “Bull-fit.” Bull address Breeze, “You look a little surprised to see me Breeze, you thought I was going to crawl in a hole somewhere. Because you attacked me last week, it was no accident. Just like what I’m going to do to you right now, is no accident. Actually, actually, you are going to wish it was an accident because I’m going to beat you so bad.”

Bull Dempsey gets in the ring to more “Bull-Fit” chants. Breeze says he cannot come in and interrupt the match that was going to happen. Crowd chants back and forth, “Bull is gorgeous,” “No he’s not!” “Bull is gorgeous,” “No he’s not!” Bull lays on the turnbuckle as Breeze usually does himself. Breeze saying being paired with Bull last week was an accident and the day Bull was born was also an accident. Breeze blames Dempsey for losing the Dusty Rhodes Classic and would love to beat him up but he’s in the middle of a match. Dempsey asks Rose to give him the ring. Rose asks Dempsey if he is crazy, says he is not there for Bull’s benefit, but he is there to poop on Breeze’s party for his loss a few months back. Rose says when he is done with Breeze, he is going to “poop” on Bull Dempsey’s party then smacks Bull in the face. It was loud enough for everyone to hear it. Dempsey says he was trying to be nice about it but its not Rose’s way of doing things. Rose swings at Dempsey, Dempsey blocks it, and machine gun left jabs on Rose. Bull whips Rose and knocks him out the ring with a body block. Breeze attacks Bull from behind. Bull ends up whipping Breeze to the ropes but Breeze makes the escape. Bull is screaming at Breeze for a match as Breeze backtracks.

Winner: Match never even started.

Following announcements for the night:

  • 2nd Round Matchup: Rhyno and Baron Corbin vs Tomasso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano
  • Bayley Returns since capturing the championship

Breeze is shown in the back. He was interrupted by the camera crew while shooting a selfie video. They were trying to ask him about Bull Dempsey. Breeze tells them to shhh, he is about to answer that. Breeze finishes his selfie video, saying “Bull Dempsey, you want to attack me? Challenge me to a match next week? You know what, Prince Pretty doesn’t turn down a fight. So you’re on.” He turns to the camera crew and says “Does that answer your question?” Then kicks the door in front of him open and walks out.

“The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger vs Danny Burch

Snapple fact, Danny Burch was previously called Martin Stone. I am assuming NXT resigned him because they renamed him Danny Burch, which was given to him when he FIRST was under the NXT flag. Tye has shown some good techniques this match. Tied up Burch’s arm with Burch’s leg and arm so he can work the other arm. Tye used the “TEN!” antics. Burch mocked Tye by using those antics to draw heat. Crowd clapped on for Tye Dillinger when he was down. Throughout the match, the crowd on and off chanted “TEN, TEN, TEN.” Tye hits a Russian legsweep on Burch, then stomps on his face. Tye then called and hit the Hangman’s neckbreaker for the win. Crowd totally into Tye Dillinger. The “TEN!” chant seems to be infectious.

Match was short and sweet. Burch did a good job putting Tye over by selling well and drawing some heat while mocking the “TEN!” chant. Tye seems to be over with the crowd but I hope it does not fall into the same problem with Fandango. Both have good in-ring work where it gets overlooked by the gimmick/music. This match is considered an “appetizer” for his character. Need more meat, need more time, need more matches out of Dillinger and I am sure we will get more of him.

Winner: Tye Dillinger

Rhyno/Baron Corbin Backstage Interview.

The interviewer says Ciampa and Gargano shocked the world by beating Breeze and Dempsey last week. He used the phrase, “bracket busters” to describe the new upstarts and asked them if they are worried.

Rhyno says “Worried? Worried? Yes they shocked the world. Yes they bust the bracket but worried? I’m more worried about what he’s going to do them inside that ring. And I’m more worried about what I’m going to do to them inside that ring.”

Baron follows up and says this is built on respect. He doesn’t know who these guys are and doesn’t care. Corbin is not looking past them, they are looking straight through them and claims his team is going to win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Baron looks to Rhyno and says “worried” like it was a dumb thing to be asked in confidence.

Rhyno acknowledged that Ciampa and Gargano shocked the world when won their last match and gave them respect in his own way. He did not look make it seem like they were chumps and he didn’t need to. Instead, made it a point that his team might do more than just win this match and it was perfect. The confidence factor was awesome and the idea was sold to me, as a viewer, these two guys were unstoppable. Great promo backstage by these two.

Asuka video debut announced for next week.

Apollo Crews vs Solomon Crowe

Both shake hands before they lockup. They go back and forth with headlocks and holds, reversing each other and showing they both can get out of each other’s holds. Crews offers another handshake, Crowe kicks it away this time. Points the the ground, calling it his, meaning the ring is his. Crews did a flip spot which lead to a beautiful dropkick on Crowe. Crews also showed a feat of strength with a deadlift suplex, which awed the commentators and crowd. Crowe took advantage from the outside. Crews goes for a baseball slide but Crowe uses the ring curtain to cover Crews up and pounded on him, hockey style. The referee had to pull Crowe off. Crowe goes for a pin to only get a two count. Crowe works Crews in the corner and then screams to the crowd, “MY TIME!” Crowd chants for Crews as he gets worked over by Crowe. Crowe gets another two count the puts Crews in a headlock. Crews hits a jawbreaker to get out. Crews picks up a head of steam and runs through Crowe with some axe-handle clotheslines. Crews hits a standing Enzuigiri and his signature clothesline. Crews then wins with a Gorilla Press into a standing Moonsault.

Apollo seems to be getting more comfortable in the ring. Crowe is also doing a good job working towards making his character come off like a heel. Crowe jobbed out but the spots where he showed the heel being frustrated at the face such as the corner stomps and then calling the ring his, builds around his character. Overall, this match was great.These two wrestlers are capable of doing more than what we seen tonight. Right now Apollo is on cruise control until NXT finds a heel to feud with him. Apollo Nation is on the rise!

Winner: Apollo Crews

Backstage interview with Tomasso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano

The interviewers tells the upstarts Rhyno and Corbin are not looking past them, they are looking through them. The interviewer wants to know how they feel about their chances tonight.

Gargano says nobody has been giving him chances his entire life. “You get one life and you get once chance.” They got their chance a few weeks ago and they showed the world they belong in an NXT ring when they beat Breeze and Bull. Everyone was shocked except Gargano and Ciampa.

Ciampa acknowledges the comments Rhyno made and says it’s an insult. Ciampa says they have earned their keep and them being part of the Dusty Rhodes Classic is not an accident. “Tonight, we move one step closer to the finals. Tomasso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano, we like our chances.”

Devin is backstage with Emma and Dana Brooke

Devin says they asked for this time and Emma cuts her off and says “We did, the sooner you shhh, the sooner I can talk.” Emma followed up by saying they noticed a lot of things going on at NXT. The champ is back, new women are arriving, and her and Dana are missing out on all the fun.

Dana then chimes in, “So Emma and I have decided to shake some things up around here, and show these little newbies, who’s in charge…us” as she points back and forth to Emma and herself. Dana ends it with saying playtime is over, as she pats Devin on her head. Emma laughs on and says it never gets old. Dana walks back up to Devin, pats her with both heads then back and forth moves her hands, like a DJ on a record, saying “Remix..rock on.” Devin stands there with a look of frustration.

A black Escalade pulls up outside, announcers question, “…someone important pulled up to Full Sail?” Sasha Banks exits the vehicle, smiles away from the camera as the shot fades out.

Kyle Edwards at WWE Headquarters talks about the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. He tells us that Final Four will advance to NXT Takeover on October 7th, live on the WWE Network. Footage is put together, showing highlights of the matches. He reviews the winners of the First Round winners. Finn Balor and Samoa Joe beat the Lucha Dragons to advance to the second round. Hype Bros defeat Noah Kekoa and Alexander Wolfe to advance to the second round. Blake and Murphy faced off against Vaudevillains in a losing effort with the Vaudevillains coming out with the victory.

Rhyno and Baron Corbin vs Tomasso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano.

Rhyno and Ciampa go at it from the start. Ciampa gives Rhyno a stiff chop after a headlock. Rhyno shoves Ciampa to the ground then gives Ciampa a stiff chop back. Ciampa gets whipped but uses the turnbuckle to leap over a charging Rhyno and hits Rhyno with a flurry of chops and right hands, working him towards the other end of the corner. Not missing a beat, the crowd chants “Wooo!” with every chop thrown. Ciampa hits a running knee, calls for another one but Rhyno stops him with a back elbow. Rhyno gets reverse whipped and eats a mean lariat from Ciampa.

Gargano gets tagged in and they did some double team moves on Rhyno. Rhyno is face down, Gargano hits a running double foot stomp and Ciampa follows up with a running knee. Corbin runs gets in and charges Gargano but Gargano ducks and pulls the rope down. Corbin tumbles out and Gargano hits a sick dive through the ropes. Rhyno also charges in, tumbles out and eats a suicide dive from Gargano. Ciampa hits a turning crossbody onto Corbin and Rhyno outside. Crowd chants, “NXT, NXT, NXT.” Gargano tosses Rhyno back in for a 2 count. Ciampa gets tagged in, with Gargano on the outside apron, both run and hit Rhyno in the corner. Ciampa with a running high knee and Gargano with a running Enzuigiri kick.

Rhyno counters a German from Ciampa and hits him with a lariat. Corbin gets tagged in and fails an attempt for the Snake Eyes on Ciampa. Ciampa uses the corner to get up and kicks a charging Corbin a few times. Ciampa hits the ropes, ducks a clothesline then gets caught with this crazy Around the World Side Slam by Corbin. That move was crazy! Ciampa was hurting on the ground as Corbin points and yells down at him. Rhyno and Corbin go back and forth, working Ciampa and tagging back out. Rhyno sets up Ciampa for a suplex off the turnbuckle but Ciampa kicks him out and hits a missile drop kick. Ciampa gets a hot tag on Gargano. Gargano cleans house and counters Corbin with a roll up into a sidekick. Gargano catches Corbin with an over the rope, falling DDT on Corbin. Rhyno breaks up the pin. Ciampa runs in for the assist but gets tossed out by Rhyno. Rhyno sets up the gore while Corbin gut shots Gargano and whips him into Rhyno. Gargano leap frogs the Gore and then hits Corbin with a standing Enzuigiri. Gargano rolls up Corbin, gets a 2 count. Gargano holds his head in shock. Gargano hits the ropes but Corbin catches Gargano and hits the End of Days for the win.

Rhyno and Ciampa let loose on each other in the beginning. They had got the crowd hooked from that point on. From beginning to the end, this was a great match. Tommaso and Johnny got a lot of shine this match. They were able to show the NXT crowd and WWE Universe, they deserved to be in that ring. The upstarts seemed to be too slippery to catch during the match, Rhyno and Corbin gaining the victory. The winners of this match made them a solid favorite to win the Tag Team Classic. This easily, was the match of the night.

Winner: Rhyno and Baron Corbin

Devin talks to The Vaudevillains in the back.

She announces next week, NXT makes its debut  in Texas. She asks for their thoughts on facing Dash and Dawson. Aiden says it would be an honor and absolutely amazing to win the Tag Team Dusty Rhodes Classic. Gotch says winning it as champs would be gratifying. Aiden agrees with him and says, “indubitably.”Alexa Bliss cuts in from the left side with Blake and Murphy.

“Gonna be a little hard to do without the NXT Tag Team Titles, doncha’ think?” Bliss says Blake and Murphy are invoking their rematch clause for a title match next week. Bliss says she sent Blue Pants back to the clearance rack where she belongs, it’s about time the titles return where they belong. Murphy says “THAT will be gratifying.” Blake says, “Indu..indu…” Murphy tries to help him and say indubitably. Blake cuts him off and looks towards the Vaudevillains and calls them idiots, as if that was the word he was originally going to say. That part was hilarious. I could reply that a few times, just to laugh at Blake. This was the part where the aspect of humor was used by a heel. Blake couldn’t say “indubitably” and play it off by saying something else. Priceless.

Camera pans back to Gotch and he says, “What a wench!” Aiden English then says, “indubitably.”

Bayley’s Return up next.

Next week, The Vaudevillains vs Blake and Murphy for the NXT Tag Team Championship.

Bayley vs Sara Dobson

Dobson uses some brute force on Bayley from the start. Sara Dobson was called Crazy Mary Dobson on the independent scene. The announcers clarified she was from the independence but that’s all they said. Ironically, they kept referring to her style as “crazy.” At one point, Dobson put Bayley into a submission but Bayley picked her up and squashed her against the turnbuckle to get out. Bayley runs through Sara with some double axe handles. Bayley hits a shoulder tackle in the corner then a running elbow. Bayley hits a suplex then a wins with a Bayley to Belly suplex.

Winner: Bayley

Bayley gets on the mic but Sasha Banks’s music hits and she comes to the ring, with a smile on her face. Sasha says she didn’t come out to belittle or berate Bayley. She came out to congratulate Bayley and tell her all she’s has been hearing is how they stole the show at Takeover. The crowd chants, “YES YOU DID, YES YOU DID, YES YOU DID.” Sasha then says all she can hear is that the match was Match of the Year. Not only that, it was the greatest Women’s match the company has ever seen. Crowd overwhelming chants, “Match of year, Match of year, Match of year.”

Sasha says “That’s all great for everyone, except for me. I didn’t come here to put on good matches or steal the show. I came here to be the best.” She called Bayley good and Bayley earned her respect. That night, she was great, for three seconds, she was better but only that night. Sasha wanted make it clear, Bayley is still not Sasha. Sasha says she has a bigger point to prove.

Bayley cuts her off and says, “You think you are the only one with a point to prove. You think I am just going to let you walk on out here, I have a legacy that I want to start and I’m proud to hold this NXT Women’s Championship.”

Bayley tells Sasha if she wants a rematch she has no problem. If she wants to do it tonight, she can do it or next week. Sasha says she has a point to prove that she’s the best female wrestler in this company. Sasha wants to do more than just beat Bayley, she has a message. Bayley asks, “You want to see who’s the best Women’s wrestler, you want something decisive, you want a stipulation, you want a 2 out of 3 falls match, is that what you want.?” Sasha says no, she doesn’t want to beat her once, she doesn’t want to beat her twice, she wants to beat her again and again and again and again. Until everyone knows that those little fairy tales don’t have a happy ending. The crowd starts chanting, “IRON WOMAN, IRON WOMAN, IRON WOMAN.” Regal’s music hits and he comes out. He says he has heard enough to realize they have a tremendous opportunity here. So on October 7th, at NXT Takeover, Sasha Banks will get a rematch for the NXT Women’s Championship against Bayley. He says he is going to up the ante, he is making it the Main Event at NXT Takeover. Crowd goes nuts! He says he is going to up the ante a little more. The main event for the NXT Women’s championship, Sasha Banks will face Bayley in a 30 Minute Iron Man match. The crowd goes crazy again and cheer, “Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit.” Bayley and Sasha stand face to face, they look around the crowd, smile at each other and shake hands. The crowd chanted “Iron woman, iron woman, iron woman.”

You can tell, there was a lot of emotion in the ring between the two women. Sasha made me believe she meant everything she said. It looked like they wanted to cry at some point but they did not. Sasha, yet again, cut a promo more meaningful than anything I have seen in a long time. The promo she cut on Bayley before their first match and this promo was the best damn thing I have seen in a long time. Last time I felt something so powerful, had to be during the attitude era. You could even see it on Regal’s face when he came out. He knew this moment was rare and he was happy. This is going to be the opportunity Bayley shows how much everything means to her and how much she wants to establish a legacy. Not only for Bayley but for Sasha as well. Bayley is going to be the John Cena of the Women’s Division. Sasha Banks is also going to show the world why she is the self proclaimed best woman wrestler the company has ever had. NXT is going to make history at the next Takeover. Their main event is going to be first ever NXT Iron Woman match. No offense to any other matches but I am looking forward to this match out of all the other’s on the card. Thank you Sasha Banks and Bayley for raising the bar for whoever is next in line to chase the title.


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