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TNA Impact Wrestling Afterthoughts for 09/30/15 – Hardy/Galloway vs. EC3/Tyrus, Dollhouse vs. Beautiful People, Tomasso Ciampa appears in X-Division three-way, Storm vs. Shera No DQ, plus more!

Since TNA and Global Force Wrestling went their separate ways, TNA has had a laser-sharp focus on Bound for Glory, which airs this Sunday, October 4th, 2015.  Once all the BS of a terrible storyline involving power struggles, bad acting, and lengthy talking segments got out of the way, TNA got back to business doing what they have done best this entire year. I have to say this is the first TNA pay-per-view lineup I have been interested in seeing in a long time, and there is a very strong possibility I will be ordering this show. Let's start with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.  The running theme throughout the show is Dixie Carter's displeasure with EC3 and Tyrus for not standing by TNA against GFW.  She feels he's a great champ inside the ring, but outside of it he's a terrible human being.  She credits Drew Galloway for saving their company.  EC3's counter-argument is that he warned her not to get involved.  Ultimately Galloway himself comes out to confront EC3 and Tyrus, Galloway's mic work has been nothing short of stellar since day one in TNA.  He believes in himself and pro-wrestling and there isn't a single moment that I don't believe that he is 100% convinced this is all real.  This is how pro-wrestling should work - not with a wink and a nod, but with a straight face. Later in the night, it would be announced that Galloway would team up with Matt Hardy against EC3 and Tyrus.  If Hardy and Galloway win, Hardy is made part of the Bound for Glory Main Event, which was already Drew Galloway vs. EC3 for the TNA World Championship.

Backstage Hardy and Galloway chatted and addressed the elephant in the room – when they win, all bets are off at BFG.  It was a necessary promo but it also established their willingness to work together.

Needless to say, Galloway and Hardy won.  And, it was straight, on the up-and-up, with no shenanigans.  No mistrust among faces.  No side glances.  No suggestions that one might turn heel.  After the match, EC3 threw a fit, so Dixie Carter came out to let him know that Jeff Hardy would be the special guest referee for the match as well.

This is a great way to boost the card in Hardy-country.  Bound for Glory is in their home state of North Carolina.  Jeff’s name value is too strong to keep off of the show, even if he’s not able to wrestle yet.  And, after a series of strong matches over the past couple of months, Matt Hardy feels like he belongs in the main event.  Drew Galloway is also at the top of his game right now, doing better work and looking like a main eventer – more than he ever did in WWE.

How about the rest of the show?

  • James Storm and Mahabali Shera appeared to have the last match in their feud, as far as I can tell.  Storm is not currently scheduled for Bound for Glory, and with Abyss and Manik giving the assist to Shera with their own finishers.  This was a No-DQ match, and the weapons were out in full-force, giving some heat to the brawl, but the match itself was very one-sided in favor of Storm.  Time to move on from The Revolution.  Here’s hoping it’s over.
  • Bobby Roode cut a babyface promo about being the King of the Mountain champion.  He talked about the belt being the symbol of excellence in pro-wrestling and said it represents the love of the sport.  He put out an open challenge for Bound for Glory, which Bobby Lashley accepted.  It’s face vs. face here, and they’re making it about the spirit of competition, which I am completely ok with, except for Bobby Roode’s character being a dastardly heel just a few episodes ago.  No reason for the change of heart, so I’m left somewhat confused.  That said, Roode vs. Lashley has the makings of a TNA Main Event, and I expect it to be a great match.
  • DJ Z took on Trevor Lee and Tomasso Ciampa in an X-Division triple threat match that had no heat to it.  Weird to see Ciampa present considering he’s been on WWE’s NXT product for about a month now, but as far as I know these episodes were taped long before Ciampa showed up at Full Sail.  Even weirder is Trevor Lee, who just weeks ago was a very deep-rooted part of Global Force’s invading army.  So why is he here?  And why did he win?  And why does he and Brian Meyers have a rematch against The Wolves for the Tag Titles at BFG?
  • Brooke’s hype video was necessary, but was it too little too late?  I’ve been seeking a reason to care for her character, and finally she gives it to us – she’s fighting for the people to represent the people, etc.  It’s a standard answer, but it works for her.  Now if we can just get her to refine her character to actually act like someone that wants to represent the fans…
  • Dollhouse vs. Beautiful People was fine for what it was – a 3-on-2 match with lots of shenanigans.  Rebel used powder to the eyes on Madison Rayne, giving Dollhouse the win here.
  • Gail Kim’s interview about her match against Awesome Kong did a good job of selling their history together.
  • I enjoyed Eric Young finally getting what’s coming to him.  Between his behavior and switching to help GFW, it was good to finally see the locker room banding together to give him what he’s got coming to him.  And although it seemed like it might lead to a feud with Mr. Anderson, or even Robbie E (who could gain a lot from working with Young), it appears that Young will be facing a returning Kurt Angle come BFG.  Again, ok with this, but I felt like there were other possibilities for Young.  As an aside, I think he’s done working with Chris Melendez.  I hope, anyhow.

All in all, this was a good show, with good hype for the pay-per-view.  Perhaps it had something to do with being so disheartened with WWE Raw lately, but I enjoyed this episode more than I have in a long time.  We had solid wrestling, logical storylines, some great promos, and a strong build to a TNA pay-per-view that looks really solid on paper.  If TNA can avoid their old habits and keep out of false finishes and getting in the way of their own stories, we should have a really fun night Sunday.

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