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The NXT Report 10/14/15: Battle Royal for Number One Contendership, Nia Jax debuts, Tag Team Action, plus more!

Highlights of NXT Takeover Respect packaged ran at the start. Bayley in ring Segment NXT Women’s Champion Bayley comes to the ring to talk about NXT Takeover Respect. She NXT’s Takeover Respect show made history. She gave Dusty Rhodes all the credit for getting Sasha Banks and herself to where they are now. Crowd chanted, “You deserve it!” to Bayley followed by a “Women’s wrestling” chant. Bayley ends it with saying, the NXT Women’s Division looks like the future has been validated and holds the title up. Alexa Bliss comes out with Blake and Murphy. Alexa gives Bayley props for her match last week by calling it incredible and says nobody deserves to be champ more than Bayley. Alexa then says the future of the Women’s division really has no limit. Alexa snatches the belt from Bayley and says she won’t be sharing the belt. Blake and Murphy make a human wall so Bayley can’t get to Alexa as Alexa proceeds to trash talk Bayley while holding the belt. Alexa then says people like Bayley doesn’t deserve to be “this” as she holds up the title. Alexa says it will be a lot easier when she takes it from Bayley. Alexa then tosses the belt back at Bayley. Bayley Segment

Backstage Segment Finn Balor/Samoa Joe

Finn Balor and Samoa Joe caught up with the winners of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. The camera crew asks them what does it mean to them to win the tournament. Regal comes in and congratulates them on their win with some handshakes. Finn says they couldn’t be happier or prouder for their victory. Samoa Joe says he has to be honest to Balor. Tagging with him was an honor and then says he could have gone about asking him this in many ways. Joe says he has an undefeated streak and came to NXT for one reason. Joe pats the belt and wants a shot at the championship. Balor says everyone knows he’s a fighting champion so if Joe wants a shot at the belt, he’s got it.

regal joe balor

Regal says it’s not that easy. Everyone has been so focused on the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic in the past few weeks, they lost focused on who is the number one contender. Regal then says everyone should get a chance and announces a battle royal week from NXT Takeover. Joe respectfully cuts in says he has taken everyone out put in front of him, he has not left any doubt, and he is undefeated, and he deserves this shot. Regal understands how Joe feels and says with that standing, the battle royal will determine the number one contender next week.

Joe says all he has to do is win the battle royal and he will see Balor soon.

Vaudevillains vs Angelo Dawkins/Sawyer Fulton


Dawkins and Fulton have shown some promise over the past few months. THese guys came out with their own music and entrance video. Dawkins is wearing two basketball style headbands. Fulton has a new look as well, rocking a blonde mohawk and grew out some facial hair. Aiden English worked from under Dawkins/Fulton into a hot tag to Gotch. Gotch cleans house with his unique style of offense. Gotch tags in English to hit the Whirling Dervish for the win.

Dawkins was selling the idea of mixing an empty bowl in his hand in part of his trash talk. Not sure what he is stirring but it better lead to something catchy. This match seems to be giving Dawkins/Fulton more spotlight. More signs of NXT building up the tag division and I am loving the idea. Quick match for the Vaudevillains.

Winners: The Vaudevillains

Devin interview with Dawson and Dash

D and D

Devin leads in with saying the Vaudevillains victory was impressive. Dash asks Dawson if he thought that was an impressive victory. Dawson says he guess it’s an impressive victory to Devin’s untrained eye. Dawson then asks Devin if their win was impressive over the Vaudevillains when they eliminated them from the Dusty Rhodes Classic. Dash then says they are the number one contenders for the NXT Tag Team Championship. Dawson says they should be the rightful owners for the tag team championship right now “those aren’t the cards we are dealt.”

“The cards we are dealt are Enzo and Big Cass. Enzo and Big Cass so if you see Enzo and Big Cass, let them know that Dawson and Dash are plain, simple, and direct. When we render a body part useless, we completely tear apart their anatomy, Devin I want you to ask them…How you doin’,” says Dawson. Dash ends it with “and you can’t teach that, impressive.”

Dawson’s promo was amazingly done. He was straight to the point, reminded everyone they beat the tag champs already, and did a great job standing out. Dawson and Dash showed total confidence. Every week, they are legitimizing their status and are championship bound. Look out Vaudevillains, these guys are hungry!

Nia Jax up next!

Backstage Segment Dana Brooke/Emma/Asuka

Highlights of last week’s match between Dana Brooke vs Asuka played followed up with a exclusive look at what happened to Dana in the back. Dana is laying down, being checked out by backstage personnel. Asuka is patting her head saying, “Awww Dana.” Asuka then stops and slowly walks towards and stares at Emma. Asuka then smiles and walks away. Emma looks like she just saw a ghost! Dana then tries to get up and says, “That was Asuka, but I beat her.” Emma with that scared look, asks the medic to check Dana’s head.

emma dana asuka

In a good way, this segment was hilariously done. Dana played the part of being beat up so bad, she couldn’t remember what happened to her. Emma looks like she is about to be a dinner plate for Asuka! A part of me wishes Emma would have that competitive look, where she gives off the feeling that she is good enough to hang with Asuka. Not taking anything away from Asuka but it would give me that nice build up rather than being an easy peasy win for Asuka. I think these two can have a good match.

Evie vs Nia Jax

Unless I have missed this from awhile back, Evie (not Eva and not Eve) looks like a newcomer with her own entrance and theme song. She came out to some cheers. Nia Jax comes with an surprisingly, the crowd chants her name, “Nia Jax! Nia Jax!” You can tell, she could not help but smile. The bell rings and Evie looks scared in the corner. Nia walks towards Evie. Evie goes to the right and left but Nia walks in front of her path both times. They lock up and Nia tosses her like a rag doll. Evie hits the ropes and tries to shoulder block Nia but Nia just wipes it off. Evie goes for it again and Nia catches her in a bear hug. Evie tries to sunset flip out of it but Nia picks her up but the head and tosses her into the corner. Nia then squashes her with a charge in the corner. Crowd chanted “Nia’s gonna kill you, Nia’s gonna kill you.” Evie gets grabbed by the hair and she tries to kick out of it. Nia sells the kicks. Evie hits the ropes but Nia catches her and hits a release Rock Bottom style slam on Evie for the win.

Well, Nia looked great in this match. Nonetheless, Nia Jax is a big problem for anyone who gets in her way. I have to admit, I was not sure what to expect but she did so good, she got over with the NXT crowd showing how dominance. Nia is not a little women, she very intimidating in size with a pretty face. Whether it’s Asuka or Bayley or Carmella, be careful because Nia Jax made a statement tonight.


Winner: Nia Jax

Eva Marie Footage

Eva Marie is shown recording footage in Paris. She is shown with the Eiffel Tower behind her. Eva Marie says after her matches, she needed to take some “me time.” She misses us and really hopes we miss her. She will see us soon and sends us a kiss. Assuming this was supposed to be a heel promo, came off kind of bland. Eva Marie is quite the looker. I see where they wanted it to go with this footage but there was not a lot of enthusiasm here.

#1 Contender NXT Battle Royal

Big Cass makes the first elimination to Riddick Moss. Cass tosses him over but Moss hangs out, then Big Cass hits the big boot to knock him off. Dash and Dawson then grab Cass from under then toss him out. Enzo then tosses out Dash and Dawson and the crowd goes nuts screaming, “How you doin’, how you doin.” Enzo does his shuffle but Tye Dillinger then tosses out Enzo. Tye then throws up the 10 and pops the crowd with “10! 10! 10!.” Bull then does his gimmick jabs and tosses out Dillinger. Bull Fit chants then break out. Bull then goes after Corbin and attempts to toss him out. Rhyno saves Corbin and tosses out Bull Dempsey. Corbin gut checks Mojo Rawley with a knee then tosses him out. Graves makes me laugh really hard by saying, “Corbin doing the universe a favor.” Corey Graves being heelishly hilarious. Heelishly, is that a word? Too bad, I’m using it! Move over Lawley and JBL, Corey Graves is the next best thing.


So far, we have Tomasso Ciampa, Samoa Joe, Rhyno, Baron Corbin, Tyler Breeze, Apollo Crews, Zack Ryder, Blake and Murphy left. Blake and Murphy double team Breeze but Breeze slips back in the bottom rope. Ryder tries to take on Corbin but Corbin stops Ryder in his tracks and tosses our Ryder. Graves made a point that Corbin eliminated both Hype Bros and he couldn’t be more stoked about it. Crowd is chanting, “Let’s go Tyler, Let’s go Tyler.” Rhyno stands next to Corbin and shouts, “Who’s next!” Corbin walks away and tags Blake from behind. Rhyno is not paying attention then Corbin turns around and tosses out Rhyno! The crowd is shocked then boos Corbin. Corbin smiles and graves reminds the audience, “there are no friends in battle royals, especially when the number one contendership is on the line.”


Replay shows Samoa Joe one-arm slams Ciampa out the ring. It looked brutal! Ciampa’s back hits the outside part of the ring on the way out, OUCH! Blake and Murphy double team Samoa Joe. Crews attacks Murphy and Corbin hits Blake with a knee to the gut. Corbin then tries to toss out Breeze. Blake and Murphy double team Joe again but Joe ends up back dropping them both out the ring. Crowd starts chanting, “Breeze, Breeze, Breeze.” Crews is shown stumbling towards Corbin and Breeze hits Samoa Joe with a superkick in the corner. Joe sells it slowly to the ground. Breeze picks up Joe and they go back and forth with punches. Breeze goes for another superkick and Joe catches it. Joe picks up a second wind and lets loose with a barrage of left and rights. Joe misses a clothesline, Breeze then charges Joe but gets caught with Joe’s release side slam. Breeze uses the ropes to get up and Joe eliminates him with a running boot to the face. The crowd boos Joe because Breeze is eliminated! Corbin attacks Joe in the corner. Joe reverses then chops Corbin. Crews flies in with a splash and Joe side steps it. Corbin eats the splash then Joe hits Crews with an Enzuigiri. Joe goes for the muscle buster on Corbin. Corbin gets out then tosses Joe over the ropes. Joe hangs on and kicks Corbin away. Breeze then grabs Joe’s leg and pulls him off the apron.

The crowd chants, “Thank you Tyler, Thank you Tyler.” Then they start chanting for Apollo. Corbin and Apollo tackle each other to each side of the corner. they end up in the middle of the ring trading lefts and rights. Crews ends up winning the battle of punches. Crews hits the ropes but Corbin hits him with a double arm choke slam. Corbin attempts to toss Crews over the ropes a few times but Crews hangs on and slips back under the rope. Corbin gets frustrated and slowly beats on Crews. Crowd chants ‘Cor-bin sucks.” Corbin picks up Crews but then Crews hits a few running clotheslines and then his signature clothesline. Crews goes for his moonsault but Corbin puts the knees up. Corbin whips Crews into the ropes for that Around the World side slam but Crews lands on his feet. Crews hits three standing Enzuigiri kicks on Corbin then clotheslines Corbin out the ring. Crews smiles in happiness and can’t believe he won. Apollo Crews tells himself and the crowd, he is the number one contender.


Winner: Apollo Crews


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