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WWE “Money in the Bank” Pay Per View Live Reaction and Results for 6/19/2016 – Cena vs. Styles, Reigns vs. Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Becky and Natalya vs. Charlotte and Dana, MITB Match, More

It’s money.  Tonight, WWE brings us the Money in the Bank pay per view live from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV.  Six men are scheduled to compete in the Money in the Bank ladder match to earn their chance to cash in and become WWE World Heavyweight Champion whenever they choose.  Will it be Kevin Owens, a guy that some fans think is ready to ascend to the top?  Will it be Dean Ambrose, who will find a way to create a Shield triple threat?  Will it be the match originator, Chris Jericho?  And who will any of these men face – will it be Roman Reigns, or Seth Rollins.  Those two will fight to see who the man really is.  The full card is as follows:


  • The Dudley Boyz vs. The Lucha Dragons
  • Goldust and R-Truth vs. Fandango and Tyler Breeze

Main Card:

  • Sheamus vs. Apollo Crews
  • Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin
  • Charlotte and Dana Brooke vs. Becky Lynch and Natalya
  • Rusev (c, w/Lana) vs. Titus O’Neil; WWE United States Championship
  • New Day (c) vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs. Enzo Amore and Big Cass v. The Vaudevillains; WWE Tag Team Championship under four-way rules
  • John Cena vs. AJ Styles
  • Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho vs. Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro vs. Alberto Del Rio; Money in the Bank Ladder Match
  • Roman Reigns (c) vs. Seth Rollins; WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Due to last-minute personal commitments, the pre-show will not be covered live.  Also, if you haven’t gotten one yet, be sure to download your own Money in the Bank scorecard and play along by picking your winners and extras.  We won’t be scoring it live tonight, but Drew will have all the scorecard results tomorrow sometime.


They showed fans entering the new T-Mobile Arena, and something went really glitchy with the audio but it got resolved quickly.  Renee Young, Lita, Booker T and Corey Graves checked in as the pre-show panel for the night.  Tom Philips also checked in from the Social Media Lounge, and said his guests would be Becky Lynch and Natalya.

They went right to a video package hyping up Cena vs. Styles.  A video then ran to recap the silliness that is the R-Truth and Goldust vs. Tyler Breeze and Fandango saga.  Mauro Ranallo and Byron Saxton checked in for the call of the pre-show matches.

Match #1 – Goldust and R-Truth vs. Tyler Breeze and Fandango:

Winner:  R-Truth and Goldust

The Summary:  The heels came out looking sunburnt because of a skit from Raw where Truth and Goldust tinkered with the settings of the tanning booths the men were in.  They sold those effects for the faces, then Goldust hit Final Cut to get the victory.

What Worked:  The heel duo sold the sunburns well and all that, so there is that.  And, the match didn’t really overstay its welcome either.  The fans were into Goldust and Truth as well.

What Didn’t:  You’ll note this match and the Dudleys/Luchas match are not on the scorecard we made up, and that’s for two reasons:  1.) they weren’t announced when we did the card, and 2.) I can’t really find anyone on Twitter or anywhere else that really gave a damn at all.  Our apologies if you were one of those folks.  Also, this is typical Vince McMahon humor, and the fans didn’t really buy into it all that much.  Small nitpick, the makeup crew didn’t do a good enough job on the “sunburns” as they missed their backs, and yes, Breeze and Fandango sold pain on their otherwise not sunburned backs.

Backstage, Sami Zayn walked into Cesaro’s locker room and brought up their recent issues.  Cesaro told Zayn he saw he was determined and wished him luck, then went back to his music.  Lita noted that she knows what it’s like to be in the zone then have someone try to talk to you.  They went to a video package for the MITB match.

Back with the panel, Renee said that 14 of 16 winners have successfully cashed in the contract.  Booker talked about how painful the match is.  Lita added some commentary even though she has never competed in them (seeing as WWE doesn’t book MITB matches for the women).  She said that once you get out in the ring, it’s on.  Graves talked about Jericho’s experience and said that he belongs on the list of favorites, but he picks Kevin Owens to win.  Lita picked Sami Zayn, and Booker added that Zayn can pull it off because he doesn’t know the pain he’s about to deal with.

Editorial note:  We will fill in the remainder of the pre-show notes as we go during the pay per view.  I am just now joining the show in progress.

Money in the Bank Pay Per View, Live from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV:

We got a Las Vegas themed video package to hype the show, then Michael Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton checked in for the call.  Cole hyped the MITB event as the biggest ever and mentioned that they are in a big-fight town.

Before the Bell:  We got Enzo and Cass coming to the ring.  Enzo said he was lovestruck by Lady Luck.  I got a really glitchy moment in the feed and missed his next sentence.  Cass cut a promo and said it didn’t matter who got in their way, they would go broke.  The Vaudevillains got their entrance next, and all the foreign announce teams checked in during  it.  Anderson and Gallows were next out.

New Day came out last and cut a promo.  They said Enzo and Cass reminded them of Han Solo and Chewbacca since the big guy does all the work.  They compared the Vaudevillains to the Monopoly Man and drew a laugh, then told Gallows and Anderson they would show them why they are the elite team in WWE.

Match #1 – New Day (c, Big E and Kofi Kingston w/Xavier Woods) vs. The Vaudevillains vs. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows vs. Enzo Amore and Big Cass; WWE Tag Team Championship in a four-way;

Winner:  New Day to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship

The Summary:  Cole hyped the length of New Day’s title run (301 days) and said they are closing in on the record held by Paul London and Brian Kendrick.  All four teams ended up in the ring early and exchanged blows.  The face teams sent the heels to ringside with clotheslines, then faced off.

Cass got a run of offense on several opponents, then tossed Enzo onto all of them at ringside.  Cass hit a big boot on Anderson then hit a Rocket Launcher with Enzo onto Anderson for a good near fall.  Enzo got dragged out to the floor to break the count.  Cole said that Enzo and Cass had it won.  JBL added that’s what makes four-way matches fun to watch.

Kofi went for Trouble in Paradise but there was a botch as Enzo got rolled over and out of Kofi’s path by one of the Vaudevillains.  Moments later, the Vaudevillains teamed up for Whirling Dervish for two.  E hit a big shoulder block through the ropes onto English.  A bit time later Anderson and Gallows hit Magic Killer, but E grabbed Anderson to break the cover up.  Kingston  and E hit their finish on Anderson, and Kingston pinned English to win.

What Worked:  A fun, train wreck opener with a few botches.  It seems that they’re bringing up the title run and NOT letting that be a tell as to a title change.  I wonder if they’ll let New Day go all the way to the record – it sure seems they can get there.

Backstage, Tom Phillips interviewed Kevin Owens, only to be interrupted by Chris Jericho.  Jericho bragged about creating the MITB match, and Owens mocked him for never winning it.  Owens said he won’t win this one either because he will.  Jericho and Owens bickered, then Alberto Del Rio showed up.  Del Rio boasted about his past win, and Owens asked him why Del Rio calls everyone perro.  Owens asked if Del Rio has a dog at home and Jericho played as if he didn’t know what perro meant.  Jericho told them that he planned to give everyone the gift of Jericho tonight.  “Drink it in, man,” as he posed.  Del Rio and Owens left, with Owens saying he would stick to water.  Jericho called Phillips a stupid idiot before walking off himself.

Match #2 – Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler;

Winner: Baron Corbin

The Summary:  Corbin got the early offense, greeted by “boring” chants as he worked over Ziggler.  Corbin tried putting Ziggler away a couple times but couldn’t so he got frustrated.  Ziggler hit a Fameasser for two that didn’t get much reaction.  They fought to ringside, and Ziggler tried to do something off the steps.  Ziggler stumbled, but Corbin caught him and hit Deep Six on the floor.

Corbin tried to hit End of Days, but Ziggler flipped over to his feet and caught Corbin with a superkick for two.  Ziggler went top rope and got cut off by a punch.  Ziggler fought off the superplex attempt, but Corbin tripped Ziggler up top.  He came right back with End of Days for the win.

What Worked:  Both men worked hard here and that’s to their credit.  The fans weren’t really into this, though.  It seems that it’s the end of this feud going by the commentary team, and that’s a plus.

What Didn’t:   The feud has overstayed its welcome, so I think that was part of the reason that it got boring chants.  Corbin is benefiting as a talent, but not as a character, by continuing this.

They showed a shot of Seth Rollins taping up backstage, then ran an advertisement.

Match #3 – Charlotte and Dana Brooke vs. Becky Lynch and Natalya

The Winner: Charlotte and Dana Brooke

The Summary:  They recapped Charlotte’s last victory over Natalya during the last pay per view.  Early on the faces had momentum, with Natalya and Lynch hitting the Hart Attack clothesline.  Brooke grabbed Natalya’s leg and Charlotte hit her with a big boot for the heels to take back over.  A bit later, Becky hit a BexPloder suplex on Charlotte and covered, but Brooke broke up the cover.  Lynch followed with a missile drop kick.

Late in the match, Natalya locks Charlotte in the Sharpshooter.  Dana jumps back in the ring and breaks things up, but Becky jumps back in and grabs Dana.  Dana runs Becky and Natalya into each other, and Charlotte hits Natural Selection to get the pinfall.

After the Match:  The commentary team recaps it as Dana and Charlotte gloat.  In the ring, Natalya jumps Becky and beats her down.  Natalya stares at Becky for a moment then exits.  Becky eventually gets to her feet, selling the beatdown, and exits to some cheers.

What Worked:  The heel turn by Natalya was newsworthy, even though the commentary team sold it by saying that Natalya was frustrated that she couldn’t beat Charlotte.  The live crowd reacted well to Becky after the beatdown and keeps fans with her despite the way she’s booked.  It’s the sign that they’re going to get the women back on track and have other stories than just the championship going on.

What Didn’t:  Since Wrestlemania, the women have been booked poorly and this match was a sign of it.  Not much heat, not much reaction.  Early “We Want Sasha” chants.  Sigh.

They hyped the AJ Styles appearance on the Stone Cold Podcast tomorrow night after Raw.

Phillips interviewed Dean Ambrose backstage.  Ambrose said the contract will be his tonight.  Phillips asked him to comment on the title match, and Ambrose said that Reigns will have fun beating on Seth.  “Trust me, I know.”

Match #4 – Sheamus vs. Apollo Crews;

Winner:  Apollo Crews

The Summary:  They recap how the match got set up with Sheamus attacking Crews on Raw during an interview.  Sheamus jumped Crews but the official stopped them.  Sheamus locked on a chinlock to no reaction.  Crews came back with a nice kick to the side of Sheamus’ head that netted him a two count.

Crews hit a belly to belly that sent Sheamus to the floor.  Crews went with a moonsault from the apron onto Sheamus.  A bit later, Sheamus caught Crews on the ropes with punches and hit White Noise off the second rope for two.  Sheamus protested to the official, and that distraction let Crews roll him up for the cover and the win.

What Worked:  The crowd seemed focused, but quiet for this one.  I liked this finish, because it gave Crews a big win but gave Sheamus an out and reason to want another shot.  We’ll get at least one more round of these two.

They ran an ad for Battleground, which happens on July 24 in Washington DC, then fed it to a video package to hype Cena vs. Styles.

Match #5 – John Cena vs. AJ Styles;

Winner: AJ Styles

The Summary:  The crowd reaction was pretty hot as the two men paced before locking up.  Early collar and elbow tie ups, and it’s a hot, split crowd.  Cena works an arm bar, then in a rope running spot Cena leapfrogs AJ but gets the legs swept.  They pause for another big crowd reaction.

Cena hits deep arm drags and a monkey flip.  Cena does the “you can’t see me” but Styles hit him with a punch that staggers Cena.  Styles plays to the fans and walks into a belly to belly.  They fought to ringside, where Styles ate an elbow.  Cena whips Styles to the stairs but Styles slides over them and back into the ring.

Styles smiles and runs Cena face first to the buckle.  Styles hits a suplex and asks if that’s all Cena has.   Cena fires up with some strikes and tries a splash in the corner but Styles moves.  Styles throws a punch and the two run the ropes, with Cena hitting a big back body drop.  Cena hit his first shoulder block but Styles counters the second, slowing the offense down with a chinlock.

Cena starts to fire up his trademark moves again, but Styles hits an enzugiri.   Cena comes back with the side slam  and took too long to tell Styles he can’t see him as Styles slides around and uses a leg takedown to send Cena to ringside.  Styles hits a dive on Cena at ringside.  Styles slips back in the ring and tries a second dive but Cena moves out of the way, so Styles crashes and burns.

Cena loads the AA but Styles lands elbows to break it up then lands a strike flurry.  Cena tries for the STF a bit later, but Styles claws to the ropes to break it up.   From the apron, Styles hangs Cena up over the ropes then goes top rope.  Cena meets him and they fight on the buckle.  Cena sets for a superplex but Styles slips under him and sweeps Cena’s legs.  Styles rushes Cena but he uses a back body drop to drape Styles over the top.

They fight on the buckle again, with Cena trying to load a “super” AA.  Styles counters, then Cena tries to load the AA again.  In a neat spot, Styles rolls himself through into the Calf Crusher.    Cena wills himself to the ropes to break it, but Styles continues to focus on the calf of Cena.   Cena turns Styles inside out with a clothesline then tells Cena “you can’t see me.”  He loads the AA, which Styles counters momentarily but he hits it anyhow for a good near fall.  Cena got up top again, and Cena dove feet first toward Styles.  Styles countered it into a powerbomb for a good two count.

A bit later the two men go through a stretch of attempting finishing sequences.  Cena loads the AA but Styles’ legs hit the official and he tumbles to ringside.  Gallows and Anderson charge the ring and hit Cena with the Magic Killer, and put Styles over Cena.  The official quickly comes to and counts the fall for Styles.  Styles celebrates as JBL rants about how the fans, Cena and Styles have all been robbed of a great match.

What Worked:  We predicted on Ring Rap Audio that this match would be fantastic, and it was.  The guys worked really well together and Styles put on yet another great performance on pay per view.  The finish, I’m split on.  It got some backlash online, but this opens doors for them to easily go back to it again and I suspect they will.

What Didn’t:  I can definitely listen to the argument that the finish really took off the match.  They made such a big deal of signing the contract that kept the Club backstage, only to have them interfere.  They did have some outs with this being Cena’s first match and all that, and having something like what went down be the case it ends up putting heat on the company rather than on the heels.  The biggest thing is how Cena, Styles, and everyne else involved responds to it all.

JBL vented some more after a commercial about the finish of the match, then moved on to talking about the MITB match which is next.  They ran a video package to hype that up, then the men got their entrances.

Match #6 – Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro vs. Chris Jericho vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Sami Zayn; the Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Winner:  Dean Ambrose to claim the MITB Contract

The Summary: Early on, Ambrose hit a dive on Owens.  Jericho made the first ladder play, and Cesaro flipped from the apron and into the ladder to take Jericho down.  Zayn hit a flip over the rope and onto the opponents on the floor.

Zayn and Owens went for a ladder, but Owens used his weight advantage to drive Zayn to the barrier.  Owens teased a ladder spot, but ran past it and superkicked Zayn.  A bit later, Cesaro went on the uppercut train by hitting Ambrose, Jericho, and Del Rio with repeated uppercuts.  Owens cut him off with a superkick then sent him face first into the ladder that Del Rio had set up in the corner earlier.  Owens then followed with cannonballs on the same three men that took the uppercuts.  Zayn came back with an Exploder Suplex that sent Owens to Jericho, and Zayn followed with a Helluva Kick for Jericho, Owens, and Jericho.

Zayn made a ladder play, but Del Rio pulled him down.  Del Rio blasted him with a kick then tied him up in a tree of woe spot.  He grabbed another ladder and kicked the ladder into Zayn repeatedly after kicking Owens.  He then tied up Cesaro in a tree of woe spot and hit him with a double stomp onto the ladder set up in the corner.

Del Rio climbed a ladder for the briefcase but Jericho cut him off.  Del Rio and Jericho fought, then Del Rio double stomped him off the ladder.  Jericho played up his knee as hurt.  Del Rio made a play for the briefcase, but Cesaro cut him off.  Del Rio locked on the cross arm breaker across the top of the ladder until Owens broke it up with a superkick.  Cesaro jumped off the ladder onto the ropes, then hit a springboard uppercut on Owens.

Jericho ran up the ladder only to be cut off by Ambrose.  Jericho and Ambrose fought, with Jericho getting the better of it.  He climbed the rest of the way and got his hand on the briefcase but Zayn cut him off.  Owens pushed the ladder over and Jericho and Zayn bumped on the ring, hitting the ropes.  Owens made a play, but ADR cut him off with a Backstabber.

Cesaro came back and hit the Swing on Del Rio, then followed up with the same move on Jericho.  Cesaro landed Jericho into a ladder.  Ambrose set a ladder up in the corner and hit his flying elbow on a standing Cesaro.  Owens tossed a ladder at Ambrose, then put him on the ladder and hit a frog splash.

Zayn hit a sit out slam on Owens onto a ladder that drew “holy shit” chants.  Zayn set a ladder up and fans sang his “Ole” sing.  Zayn got his hand on the case but Del Rio cut him off by striking with a ladder a couple times.  Del Rio perched a ladder between the standing one and the middle rope, then set a second one up.  All six men ended up on two standing ladders, each trying to grab the case.  Del Rio and Cesaro’s ladder got shoved over, and both men crashed hard at the ropes.

Zayn was the last man standing a bit later.  Owens pulled him down and hit a powerbomb on one of the other ladders.  Owens climbed up and made a play, only to be greeted by Ambrose.  They traded blows, and Ambrose pulled him face first in the ladder a couple times.  Owens fell away, Ambrose climbed up and claimed the briefcase for the win.

REAX:  This made the most sense, even if I did want Owens to win and thought it would fit him.  The match was entertaining overall, and I think there’s ways this can go depending on if the title is split or not, and of course there’s the fact that the former two Shield compadres are fighting in the main event as well.

We got a SummerSlam ad, then the Kickoff Panel checked in to talk about the night so far.  They recapped the pre-show matches.

Match #7 – Rusev (c, w/Lana) vs. Titus O’Neil; WWE United States Championship

Winner:  Rusev to retain the WWE United States Championship

The Summary:  Lana introduced Rusev.  Titus shared a moment with his sons at ringside.  Immediately, Rusev went to ringside and glared at Titus’ sons.  O’Neil and Rusev exchanged clotheslines.

Late, Rusev tried a corner splash but O’Neil moved and Rusev hit the ring post.  Titus got a two out of it.  Titus barked at the fans to get a reaction, then got another two count.  Rusev landed a couple kicks and tried for the Accolade but didn’t get it.  Titus hit a pumphandle slam for two.  Rusev came back with a couple kicks then locked in the Accolade for the submission win.

After the Bell:  Rusev got a mic and addressed Titus’ sons at ringside, calling their dad a loser.  “Happy father’s day!’ he exclaimed.

REAX:  A fine enough comedown from the train wreck that is MITB to get to the main event.  We all thought they might protect Titus, but I guess not.  At least Rusev locked in the normal version of the Accolade this time.

A video package set up the main event.

Match #8 – Roman Reigns (c) vs. Seth Rollins; WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Winner:  Seth Rollins to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

The Summary:  Rollins got a babyface pop as he came to the ring.  Reigns of course got booed.  Cole hyped it as Reigns calling himself “the guy” and Rollins saying he’s “the man” and something has to give.  Lilian gave us the introductions in the ring.  Cole asked if Rollins could win without the Authority around.  JBL noted that champions have entourages and Rollins will have one again once he gets the title back.

Reigns controls the early offense, roughing up Seth.  Very audible “Roman Sucks” and “you can’t wrestle” chants as he ran the offense.  Cole talked the history between the two men.  Reigns told Rollins “You know what I am.  You’re just little brother.”

A  bit later, Reigns lands his 10 corner clotheslines and follows with a headbutt.  He sends Rollins to the corner then follows up with a spinning side slam.  In the corner, Reigns taunts Rollins and asks if he’s sure he’s ready which leads to a slap from Rollins.  That angers Reigns to throw some strikes.  Rollins mounts a comeback but Reigns lands a big right.

The fight spills to ringside, where Reigns shoulder blocks Rollins against the barrier.  Reigns tosses him over the Spanish announce position, rolls back in to break the count, then rolls back out.  He assaults Rollins some more, running him face first to the announce position.  He bounces Rollins off the apron, but Rollins counters a whip and throws Reigns into the steps.

Rollins goes top rope but Reigns sweeps the legs.  Reigns sets Rollins up and hits the Razors Edge – Powerbomb combination for a near fall.   Reigns calls for the Superman punch, but Rollins counters.  Rollins follows up with a couple drop kicks that send Reigns to ringside, then a pair of dives through the ropes to ringside.  Back in the ring, Rollins hits a slingblade for two.

Rollins hit a springboard flying knee a bit later, then hits a nice frogsplash for two.  The announcers pointed out that Rollins bounced off of Reigns and that cost him the pinfall.  Rollins hit a buckle bomb then a low superkick on Reigns who was kneeling.  A good near fall.

Rollins perches Reigns on the ropes and tries for a move but Reigns shoves him off.  Reigns repositions but Rollins runs up and hits a superplex into a suplex (Cole called it Falcon Arrow) for a two count.  Rollins tries for the Pedigree, but Reigns counters.  Rollins lands some kicks, but Roman rolls Seth up then picks him up for a one-armed powerbomb for two.

A strike exchange ensues, with fans booing Reigns and cheering Rollins.  Rollins hits a bucklebomb but Reigns’ momentum allows him to hit a Superman punch for two.  Both men sell, and a “we want Ambrose” chant gets going.   Rollins rolls to ringside, as does Reigns on the opposite side.  Reigns charges Rollins, looking for a spear, but he collects the barricade instead.  Doctor’s stoppage for a moment.

Reigns gets to his feet, and Rollins jumps him and throws him into the ring.   Rollins sets the Pedigree but Reigns drives Rollins to the corner where the official is.  Ref bump.  Reigns hits the spear for two after the ref comes to.  Moments later, Rollins hits the Pedigree for a good near fall.   Second Pedigree puts Reigns away, and Rollins reclaims his title.

Wait just one second…

As Rollins celebrates, Dean Ambrose’s music hits.  Rollins turns to the ramp, looking for Ambrose.  He jumps the ring from behind though, hitting Rollins with the briefcase.  Ambrose slinks to ringside, stares at the official, and says “I’m cashing in.”

Match #9 – Seth Rollins (c) vs. Dean Ambrose; WWE World Heavyweight Championship (MITB cash-in)

Winner:  Dean Ambrose to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion

The Summary:  The official checks on Rollins, who is staggering to his feet.  The bell rings, and Ambrose quickly hits Dirty Deeds and pins Rollins for the victory.  Ambrose celebrates with the belt, posing on the announce tables and playing to the fans.  He makes his way back into the ring and poses again, and that’s how the show ends.

Final REAX:  Well, I definitely didn’t see that coming.  I had Owens taunting the champion for a while, but instead, the MITB briefcase is already out of play.  I guess this was a way for WWE to create some buzz tonight with the NBA Finals wrapping up and all that.  Or, maybe this was the plan all along and they’re looking to go Shield triple threat at SummerSlam? Hard to say.  The fans received it well though as it seems most fans like Ambrose.

A good match that built up well, and a lot of strong near falls down the stretch.  The fans bought into most of them too.  Reigns came off far more heelish than he has so far in his run, and Rollins seemed to come off more sympathetic.

The top three matches on this card delivered for the most part (still objections over that Cena/Styles finish but it was fine).   The undercard was what it was, and I think everyone worked hard even if the matches didn’t really click otherwise.  Definitely a newsworthy night with what all went on and it’ll be interesting to see how WWE goes forward to SummerSlam now.

Drew Koscelek will have your Raw coverage tomorrow night, and the scorecard updates sometime tomorrow as well.  Thanks for sticking with me on this somewhat delayed coverage and we’ll see you later this week with ROH coverage and more.

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