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Ring of Honor “Best in the World” Pay Per View Live Quick Results for 6/24/2016 – Jay Lethal vs. Jay Briscoe, The Addicition vs. Motor City Machine Guns, BJ Whitmer vs. Steve Corino in a Fight Without Honor, More

Tonight, live and on pay per view, Ring of Honor presents the “Best in the World” pay per view event.  The show takes place at the Cabarrus Arena in Concord, North Carolina starting at 9PM EST.  The main event tonight will see Jay Lethal defend his ROH World Championship against Jay Briscoe.  The full card is as follows:

  • Moose and War Machine vs. Adam Cole and The Young Bucks (Bullet Club) in a six man tag match
  • ACH vs. Silas Young
  • Kyle O’Reilly vs. Kamaitachi
  • Mark Briscoe vs. Roderick Strong
  • The Addiction (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian, c) vs. Motor City Machine Guns; ROH Tag Team Championship
  • BJ Whitmer vs. Steve Corino; Fight Without Honor
  • Bobby Fish (c) vs. Dalton Castle (w/The Boys); ROH Television Championship
  • Jay Lethal (c, w/Taeler Hendrix) vs. Jay Briscoe; ROH World Championship

We’ll be by with live quick results and reaction starting around 9PM EST right here on  If you go to tonight’s show, feel free to send live feedback to @RingRap or @Bill_SoonerFan on Twitter or through email.

ROH “Best in the World” Pay Per View, Live from Carrabus Arena in Concord, NC

They opened with a video package focused on Jay Lethal vs. Jay Briscoe.  Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness checked in on the call and noted some of the top matches for the show.

Match #1 – Kyle O’Reilly vs. Kamaitachi;

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly

The Summary:  They honored the Code of Honor to start.  There was a short cut in the feed, and when it came back O’Reilly was selling a knee injury that Kamatachi focused on.  He locked a leg lock on, but O’Reilly broke it in the ropes.  Kamaitachi dragged him back to the middle and locked it back on, but O’Reilly broke it again.  O’Reilly came back with an arm bar over the ropes, breaking it at four.

Late in the match, Kamaitachi hit a suplex that sent O’Reilly into the corner.  He tried to follow with a double stomp but O’Reilly avoided it.  Moments later, O’Reilly locked in an arm bar that Kamaitachi broke out of.  A strike exchange ensued, then O’Reilly hit a brainbuster then locked in a cross arm breaker to get the win.  O’Reilly offered a handshake, but Kamaitachi spat on his hand and left.

REAX:  I enjoyed this as an opener.  Commentary built the story as O’Reilly being the favorite but Kamaitachi took him to the limit.  Kelly also hyped that O’Reilly would be facing the winner of the ROH Championship match.  That ended up kind of being a tell for the result, but it was still a solid, traditional wrestling match that was very entertaining.  TNA and WWE went with spotfests that worked for them, but it was a nice change of pace.

They ran a video package for the Silas Young/ACH feud.

Match #2 – Silas Young vs. ACH;

Winner:  ACH

The Summary:  Young didn’t honor the handshake and clubbed ACH with a forearm.  Young threw ACH toward the barricade outside but ACH jumped up on it and hit a dive.  They worked back into the ring where ACH tried for something off the ropes but Young got down on one knee and landed ACH on his knee.

Toward the finish, Young tried going up top but ACH cut him off and teased a superplex.  Young countered and hit a sunset flip powerbomb then a neckbreaker to get a near fall.  Young grabbed a chair from ringside, but offical Todd Sinclair cut him off.  Security came out, and ACH hit a big dive on Young and the security team.  Back in the ring, Young tried his handstand moonsault but ACH avoided it and came back with Midnight Star for the win.

REAX:  Nothing really memorable, but solid.  I felt like Young would have won here to give the heel the upper hand in the feud, so I was a bit surprised there.

They showed Jay White in the crowd, who is one of New Japan’s “young lions.”  Kelly and McGuinness fed it to a video package to set up the next match.

Match #3 – Roderick Strong vs. Mark Briscoe;

Winner:  Mark Briscoe

The Summary:  Strong wore his IWGP tag championship belt to the ring.  Kevin Kelly talked about what a great moment this was without elaborating, then encouraged fans to check out the ROH website to find out Strong’s future plans.  Strong blew off the Code of Honor, then pulled Briscoe’s hair.  Turns out it was a wig.  Briscoe jumped out to a fast start until Strong catapulted Briscoe into the ring post about 2 minutes in to take over.  He threw Briscoe into the barrier at ringside and yelled “This is my company!”

Late, they worked back into the ring and Briscoe tried something off the ropes only to eat a drop kick.  The two men exchanged strikes, then Strong hit a Sick Kick for two.  Not much reaction to the near fall.  Briscoe hit a suplex, then hit a fisherman’s buster to get the win.  Strong shook Briscoe’s hand after the match, and fans briefly chanted “Thank you Roddy.”

REAX:  Seems as if fans knew Strong was leaving, and pairing him up with the Briscoes who are always a favorite led to fans not really seeming to pick a side.  The match was good, even with the story about Strong disrespecting Briscoe coming out of nowhere.  Fans did like the result and Briscoe earning respect from Strong with the handshake.

They set up the six man tag with a video package.

Match #4 – Adam Cole and the Young Bucks vs. Moose and War Machine;

Winner:  Adam Cole and the Young Bucks

The Summary:  Matt Taven joined commentary for the match.  Moose and War Machine did face paint and shoulder pads.  Kelly asked why Nigel booked this match.  Nigel said the opponents wanted a piece of them, and he pointed out how they have popularity and move merch.  There was an implication that the Bullet Club would be suspended six months without pay if they repeated what happened at the last pay per view.

Superkicks from Cole and the Bucks to start, then they followed with a dive.  Moose came back with a dive of his own, then War Machine and Moose took over.  Cole dodged a charge and Moose ate the barricade.  Taven said he would be worried if Moose didn’t have a double thick head.  War Machine followed the Bucks up to the stage, picking them up and throwing them together.

A bit later there was a cool spot where Rowe tossed Nick Jackson at Moose, who caught him, then Hanson clotheslined Jackson into a German suplex by Moose.  Things got sloppy when Rowe tossed Cole around before Hanson hit a splash from the second rope.  The Bucks broke the cover up, then Cole hit Rowe with a destroyer.

Hanson tried a moonsault on Cole, but Cole was out of the way.  Bucks hit a superkick, then Stokely Hathaway got on the apron.  He took a triple superkick.  The Bucks hit Moose with the Meltzer Driver then Cole pinned him while the Bucks kissed his cheeks.

REAX:  Typical Young Bucks match.  No shock that Moose took the pin since he’s being rumored to leave to NXT later in the summer.  Taven on commentary didn’t do much for me.  He kept going on about the Kingdom returning, but Cole is in Bullet Club, and Mike Bennett is in TNA.

They set up the tag championship with a video package.

Match #5 – The Addiction (c) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns; ROH Tag Team Championship;

Winner:  The Addiction to retain the ROH Tag Team Championship

The Summary:  Bobby Cruise gave us the introductions in the ring.  The Addiction attacked quickly, but MCMG recovered.  The heels isolated Shelley for a few minutes until he could make the hot tag to Sabin.  The Guns focused their offense on Kazarian primarily.

Daniels came back, then called for Intervention.  Shelley recovered and broke the move up.  Shelley hit Sliced Bread on Daniels but Kazarian was there to take out Shelley.  Kamaitachi came out and attacked Jay White at ringside, and the distraction let Daniels hit Shelley with a low blow.   The Addiction teamed up for the Best Meltzer Ever for the win.  Kamaitachi and the Addiction celebrated and Kelly threw a fit.

REAX:  Strange placement of this match.  Both the six man and this match saw lots of superkicks and no real regard for standard tag team rules, so it seemed weird to have two very similar matches back to back.  Definitely took some of the energy out of the second match.

Nigel talked about the fight without honor, and said he washed his hands of this match.  He headed backstage and Kelly fed it to a video package to set up the match.

Match #6 – Steve Corino vs. BJ Whitmer; Fight Without Honor

Winner:  BJ Whitmer

The Summary:  Cruise cautioned us that viewer discretion would be advised. Ian Riccaboni joined commentary.  Corino got a good reaction, and when he pulled his hat off he had the old school blonde hair.  Corino attacked Whitmer as he came to the ring to start the brawl.  Whitmer got early control and threw Corino into the barrier.

Whitmer took shots to his knee with a chair, then took over to land a shot above Corino’s eye to draw blood.  A doctor tended to Corino while Whitmer stacked a table up in the ring.  Corino pleaded with the referee to not stop the match, despite the doctor thinking it should be stopped.  Whitmer threw an exploder suplex that didn’t  break the table.  He did it again and the table broke, leading to a near fall.

Later, Corino had opened up Whitmer and poured alcohol in the cut.  Corino pulled off a boot and got out a sock filled with quarters.  He tried to use it but Whitmer hit him with a roll of quarters.  After a punch exchange, Corino hit a package pile driver.  Suddenly the lights went out, and when they came up Kevin Sullivan was in the ring.

Sullivan had a spike, and Whitmer smiled.  Sullivan hit Corino with the spike, then Whitmer hit an exploder suplex for the win.  On commentary, they asked if this was the end or the beginning.

REAX:  I’m not a real fan of hardcore wrestling like this in 2016, but this was an insane war.  The turn at the end was silly and felt pretty random though so it took a little off the match.  I’ve got no desire to see this story go on, but these two men put on a solid feud, with Corino having the support of the fans all the way.  Kevin Kelly’s post match meltdown was cheesy.

The commentary team talked at ringside, with Kelly encouraging someone to get word to Corino’s wife that he was okay.  He questioned if this would ever end.

They moved on to set up the TV Championship with a Dalton Castle pre-taped promo.  He talked about how it’s time people should see him as a real threat now.  Nigel McGuinness returned to commentary and Kelly continued to talk about the previous match.  “Yeah, I’m at a loss for words.” McGuinness said.

Bill Says:  Nigel has been outspoken about blood in wrestling, and may not have been too much of a fan of the bloodletting in the prior match.

Match #7 – Bobby Fish (c) vs. Dalton Castle (w/The Boys); ROH Television Championship

Winner:  Bobby Fish to retain the ROH Television Championship

The Summary:  Castle had his usual boys with him, and two others were there to help lift him to the apron.  They shook hands to start as Kelly told us that Corino and Whitmer were on their way to a local hospital for injuries from the previous match.  Fish threw knees early then hit an exploder suplex.  That didn’t get a reaction – which is what happens when you overuse a move.

Castle started a comeback by hitting a suplex into a bridge but Fish’s shoulders weren’t down.  Castle landed a couple kicks, then Fish came back with a knee bar on the knee Castle had been selling.  Castle broke the hold in the ropes then the two men fought on the apron.  Fish dropped down and swept Castle’s legs in a neat spot.  A few fans yelled “Fan up!” while the Boys fanned Castle.

Later in the match, the men fought to ringside again where Fish hit an exploder suplex into the ring post.  Ouch.  They fought back into the ring, where Castle ate a knee from Fish a bit later.  Castle hoisted Fish up and set for Bang-A-Rang, but Fish countered it into a roll-up for the win.

REAX:  This match was missing the traditional heel vs. face dynamic, but it was done very well and the fans were attentive throughout.  The crowd liked both guys.  I think if they’d have had a heel-face dynamic to work with, the match would have been hotter.

We got “Hail to the Chief” and a podium was set up on the stage.  People stood by the podium and applauded, then Caprice Coleman introduced himself as Minister of Information while Kenny King and Rhett Titus stood by.  Coleman said the three decided to unite and they will now be known as the Cabinet.

Titus complained about the look of talent and said they planned to put a headlock on high spots.  Kenny King cut a bit of the promo too before Coleman said they would make wrestling great again.

Bill Says:  Not a good segment.

They set up the main event with a video package.

Match #8 – Jay Lethal (c, w/Taeler Hendrix) vs. Jay Briscoe; ROH World Championship

Winner:  Jay Lethal to retain the ROH World Championship

The Summary:  As things get started Kelly hyped that Briscoe could become the first-ever three time ROH Champion.  About 4 minutes in, Briscoe hit a suicide dive, then tried for a second and got it.  The fans chanted for one more, but instead of a dive Briscoe did a flip over the top rope.

Hendrix got involved, only to get ejected.  She threw a fit, went over to the announce table and ranted, knocking over a water bottle onto McGuinness.  Mandy Leon came out and got involved (production missed most of this) and the two women headed backstage.

Briscoe hit a death valley driver for two, then a short time later Lethal pulled Briscoe through the ropes and hit a cutter from the apron.  Lethal hit a top rope elbow for two then locked on the Figure Four.

Lethal went for Lethal Injection but Briscoe went with him.  Lethal hit a superkick, then Briscoe came back with his own version of Lethal Injection then the Jay Driller for a great near fall.  The two fought for position on the buckle, with Lethal getting the better of it to hit a cutter.  Lethal followed up with Lethal Injection for the clean win.

After the match, the two kneeled in the ring with the title belt between them.  Lethal and Briscoe shook hands, stood up and shook hands again.  Kelly said it was a fitting end to an incredible encounter.

REAX:  This was a good match, but wasn’t given enough time to be great.  The two guys really made great use of the time they had available to them and got some good near falls (that one Briscoe got late was fantastic).  I didn’t really get why the women got involved, and they certainly didn’t use it as a spot to hype the Women of Honor airing this weekend.  The match was short on time too, and it meant nothing.  Minor nitpick though, as the match was a great main event affair that if given more time would have been even better.

The overall show was good, but it didn’t feel special.  Corino vs. Whitmer, for all the misgivings I have about the feud going too long and the style of match that it was, seemed like an epic fight.  Nothing else on the card came to that point, though I think they could have gotten there with some better pacing and booking leading in.  I think ROH can deliver better than just “solid” shows.  They have the talent, and they have done it before.  This one, while worth seeing a couple hours of good wrestling, lacked that extra oomph to make it great.  Thanks for tagging along with me tonight.

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