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WWE NXT Television Taping *SPOILERS* for Upcoming Television Broadcasts

NXT taped more television at Full Sail University last night for shows that will air on future WWE Network broadcasts.  It appears these episodes will lead up to the Takeover: Back to Brooklyn event on SummerSlam weekend.  The following are those results.  If you don’t want the shows spoiled, don’t read on!  Spoilers courtesy

If you were at the tapings and want to contribute additional information, feel free to email me at

Episode to air on July 27:

  • Shinsuke Nakamura def. Blake.  Blake got in a lot of offense but Nakamura won with the Kinsasha.
  • William Regal set Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Samoa Joe for the NXT Championship at “Takeover: Back to Brooklyn.”
  • Billie Kay def. Santana Garrett.  Garrett was said to look good in this match.
  • TM-61 (The Mighty Don’t Kneel) def. Adrian Nails and Rob Ryzin.  TM-61 hit their double team finish in a showcase match to win.
  • No Way Jose def. Steve Cutler in a squash.  He cut a promo afterward about how he wanted to show Austin Aries the fun he brings to NXT.  He said Aries took advantage of him, and when he showed what his fiesta could turn into, Aries turned into a coward.  He threatened to whip Aries’ ass the next time he sees him.
  • Kota Ibushi def. Murphy.  This match was said to be very good, and Ibushi got a huge reaction.  Might have been a dark match according to the correspondent.
  • Samoa Joe cut a promo about the title match at Takeover, saying it won’t happen because William Regal didn’t consult him.  Joe said Nakamura is an undeserving contender.  Regal came out and told Joe his decision is final.  Joe said he had to jump through hoops to get the title and Regal needs to correct his disrespect toward him.  Regal told Joe if he didn’t take the match, he will be stripped of the title.  Joe said the match will happen, but this is Regal’s biggest mistake.  Joe said if he sees Nakamura before Takeover, he won’t make it to the event.  Nakamura taunts from the stage then leaves, while Joe looks confused.

Episode to air August 3:

  • Hideo Itami def. Sean Maluta (competitor in CWC).  Itami got a lot of “welcome back” love, and Maluta put on a good showing.
  • They did a backstage interview with Bayley, who said it was time for her to adapt and prepare for Asuka.  She said she has been watching Asuka, who interrupted and told Bayley to watch first hand.
  • Asuka def. Aliyah.  Asuka set a chair up on the ramp for Bayley to come and watch.  Bayley came out, but folded the chair up and watched from ringside.  Asuka won with the Asuka Lock and wouldn’t release it, so Bayley jumped in and broke it up.  Asuka taunted Bayley, who helped Aliyah to the back.
  • Bobby Roode cut a promo, saying the wait is over and he is NXT.  He said that Dallas showed him that NXT is for him, and the phrase “We Are NXT” applies to the fans too.  He said he’s there to take NXT to the next level, nd that NXT and the fans need Bobby Roode.  He said he will make the brand a global powerhouse, and be featured everywhere.  He will make NXT a better place, and said that presidents, vice presidents, and businessmen will fill the arenas, not the loser fans here now.  He called himself a superstar because he looks and acts like one.  He said he is at the helm of the new NXT.
  • Dash and Dawson def. TM-61.  After, Dash and Dawson ran down a list of whom they’ve beaten only to get interrupted by Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano.  They cut a promo, throwing in some Pokemon jokes, and said they want to collect the NXT Tag Team Titles.  Dash and Dawson told them to go back to their basements and that started a brawl.  Gargano and Ciampa hit their double team move, covered Dash for three, then posed with the belts before leaving them for the Revival.
  • Mojo Rawley vs. Chris Atkins was a no contest.  Samoa Joe ran out and destroyed them both.  Joe cut a promo, saying he doesn’t feel the need to consult with Regal when he wants to rampage all over the show.  Joe promises to destroy Nakamura.  Mojo hits the ring again and lays out Joe but he comes back  and locks Mojo in the Kokina Clutch on the ramp until officials break it up.

Episode to air on August 10:

  • Contract signing segment between Bayley and Asuka.  Bayley said she’s ready to beat Asuka, and Asuka told Bayley she doesn’t have what it takes but respects her.  Asuka offered a handshake that Bayley refused.  Bayley said if Asuka doesn’t want to end up laid out like her last contract signing, she’ll put her hand down and sign.  Asuka signed, then looked for another handshake, but Bayley again refused.  She bumped her on the way out of the ring, then returned for a staredown with Asuka.
  • Authors of Pain def. Adrian Nails and Rob Ryzin in a brutal squash.  TM-61 ran out for the save after AoP continued the assault, but they got laid out too.  AoP ecelebrated, but American Alpha ran out and took them down with big suplexes.
  • Andrade Cien Almas def. Angelo Dawkins in a squash.  He celebrated, but Bobby Roode interrupted.  Roode clapped and congratulated Almas, not for his win but for being his Takeover opponent.  Roode said that he knew his amigo had a hard time with English, so he’ll tell him slowly that Takeover will be glorious.
  • Billie Kay def. Liv Morgan.  The correspondent said this was sloppy.
  • Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa def. Tucker Knight and Patrick Clark.

Episode to air on August 17:

  • Hideo Itami def. Mustafa Ali.
  • Carmella, Liv Morgan and Nikki Glencross def. Daria, Mandy Rose, and Alexa Bliss in a six woman tag.  Liv sold then got the hot tag to Carmella, who got the win by reversing a pin into her submission hold.
  • Samoa Joe def. Mojo Rawley.  Mojo got out of the Kokina Clutch to get a near fall, but Joe sunk it back in and got the win.  Joe locked the hold back in, but Nakamura ran out for the save.  Security and officials ran out to keep a fight from happening.  Nakamura reached in and grabbed Joe’s nose and left.  Joe laid out security in  fit of rage to end the taping.
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