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Interview Highlights: UFC’s Mark Hunt Talks Brock Lesnar Drug Tests, Not Wanting to be Part of UFC If They Don’t Clean the Sport Up, More

UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt (12-10-1 MMA, 7-4-1 UFC) has been very vocal about his UFC 200 opponent, Brock Lesnar, ever since the fight was signed.  Before the fight, Hunt accused Lesnar of being “juiced to the gills,” and when Lesnar was notified of a possible doping violation Hunt responded by demanding Lesnar’s fight purse for the event.

Hunt expressed his frustrations in an interview on “The MMA Hour” with Ariel Helwani on Monday.  You can listen to the full segment and more at the provided link, but here are a couple snips.

Hunt on the lack of repercussions in UFC for those who get caught doping:

“No one’s bothered to call me about anything about those cheating mother(expletive).  You know what’s the worst thing about the whole scenario? The UFC’s not doing (expletive) about it. They’re not doing a damn thing about these cheating monkeys. This is the third time I’ve fought someone’s who’s been cheating. You lose 20 percent when you miss weight. But when you get caught for doping, for sticking needles in your ass, what do you get? You get nothing. They just give you, ‘Here’s a two-year ban. See you later.’”

Hunt on Lesnar’s heavyweight title run in UFC being tainted:

“Before the fight, I was assuming he was cheating.  Look at him. There’s no way that guy makes 265 pounds. The guy’s a gimp. He’s sticking needles in his ass like the rest of these cheaters. … These guys are cheating, and they should be in court for it – lose all their money for cheating. If I die in there, who’s going to look after my family? … These mother(expletive) should be penalized hard. Dirty, scummy, cheating scum – that’s how that monkey won his world title. You didn’t do it by doing it clean. You did it by cheating.”

Hunt on wanting to exit UFC if nothing is done about protecting fighters

“I don’t want to be part of this company unless they do something about this (expletive).  If you’re going to make it a cheating sport, let’s all (expletive) cheat, and let’s see who’s the first person to die.”

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1 Comment on Interview Highlights: UFC’s Mark Hunt Talks Brock Lesnar Drug Tests, Not Wanting to be Part of UFC If They Don’t Clean the Sport Up, More

  1. Mark Hunt is a fighter i look up to and it’s upset me that the UFC are treating him this way, absolute shambles. He has a point it is cheating and cheaters should be punished not rewarded, however yet again it’s all about business and money for this organisation. What’s more appalling is that the UFC knew Brock was doping before the fight but didn’t say anything in order to save the main card.


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