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WWE Cruiserweight Classic Reaction for 08/17/16 – Round Two Continues with Tozawa vs. Gallagher, Dar vs. Lun, and Kendrick vs. Nese!

Last night, I sat down and watched the Cruiserweight Classic with little more than a beer in my hand.  I’ve ranted and raved about the greatness of this tournament in past articles.  I’ll be doing the same here.

Once again, this one-hour show reminded me why I am a fan of pro-wrestling.  With the impending 20 hour Summerslam looming over my head, I watched three great matches span an hour and it flew by.

Our show opened up with a recap of last week, and Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan introduced things, before kicking it over to Corey Graves, who hyped up the next match.  Our first match of the night is Akira Tozawa vs. Jack Gallagher.  This was a fantastic match, with two completely different styles meshing beautifully together.  Tozawa is speed and power, while Gallagher is technical with grace.  His “Gentlemanly” persona comes through in spades, and he is wonderfully charismatic.  Tozawa was a much more serious player here, and he played the foil for Gallagher’s shenanigans wonderfully, including a fun spot where Gallagher tied Tozawa up in a knot and left him face down on the mat, unable to move.  The fans were very into Gallagher, and chanted “Jackie-Boy” and “He’s so dapper!” throughout the match.  It seemed like Gallagher had a counter for just about everything Tozawa threw at him, but in the end, Tozawa’s strength won, as he caught Gallagher and hit him with a beautifully bridged German Suplex for the win.  Bright futures for both here, in my opinion.  I could see both men in the cruiserweight division on Raw.

Next up, Noam Dar vs. Hoho Lun.  This match was much more one-sided than the last match, with Dar focusing on Lun’s legs the entire time.  Not much to really write about here.  It was a good match, but not of the same caliber.  Dar picks up the win with a kneebar.

Finally, the match of the night… Brian Kendrick vs. Tony Nese.  My god, what a story these two had to tell.  Tony Nese looks like he is ready for the main roster, right now.  And Brian Kendrick, the wiley veteran, pulled out trick after trick after trick.  Nese appeared to have Kendrick’s number.  He hit some amazing moves, including an unreal dive outside the ring.  At one point, Kendrick got Nese’s arm stuck in the turnbuckle, and used that to his advantage to work the arm.

There was an awesome sequence to close the match, where Kendrick went for the Bully Choke, and Nese countered it twice, with Kendrick rolling with it and slapping it back on.  Nese broke free, and after another exchange, Nese went up top for his 450 splash.  Kendrick sat up just in time, then immediately slapped in the choke, forcing Nese to tap out.

Nese looked great in defeat here, and Kendrick continues to prove he still has it.  He has an amazing track record in this tournament thus far, making both of his opponents look like stars.  Of course, it takes two to tango, and Nese definitely came to dance.  He’s got the look Vince loves, the athleticism fans love, and is ready for the big time.

Once more, I implore you to watch this show.

Did you watch the CWC this week?  What did you think?  Hit me up on Twitter @PsionStorm and let me know what you thought of the show!


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