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WWE Smackdown Live Reaction and Results for 09/06/16 – Final Show before WWE Backlash, featuring AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose, The Smackdown Tag Title Tournament continues, Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, and lots more!

WWE Smackdown is in Lincoln, Nebraska tonight, and it’s the go-home show leading into WWE Backlash this Sunday.  We will have live coverage of the show starting at 8pm Eastern.  Be sure to join us here for my stream-of-consciousness take on all the fun!

  • Just gonna get right into it tonight, folks.  Long, busy day, and I don’t have time for a fancy intro!
  • We go live to the arena, with General Manager Daniel Bryan leading the fans in a Yes! chant.  In the middle of the ring, on a podium, is the new Smackdown Women’s Championship.
  • He welcomes us all, and says in five days one superstars’ life will change forever when they have a Six Pack Challenge for the Women’s Title.  He explains the rules – it’s an elimination match.  Six start out, one left standing.  I love elimination matches.
  • Just because he can, all six ladies in that match will be in a six-person tag match.  But first, one by one each lady in the match will have a chance to speak.
  • Becky Lynch is first, and she comes out to a strong reaction.  She says she thought Bryan would introduce Nikki Bella first.  Bryan says he loves his sister-in-law, but Lynch was the first women’s draft pick for Smackdown.
  • And then he plugs Total Bellas.  Meh.
  • Lynch says it would mean everything to be the first women’s champ.  She says everything she has fought for has lead her to this moment.  It would be the greatest night of her life, until Natalya interrupts her.
  • Nattie tells her she’s boring, and says the draft was the worst night of her career because she was stuck with Lynch.  She says it was supposed to be her kingdom, but instead she’s been tortured by her cheap unnatural hair color.
  • Shots fired!
  • Alexa Bliss walks out with a busted mic. Eventually it works, and she plays it up like a soap opera.
  • She’s interrupted by Carmella.  She’s a moon-walking, trash-talking chick, always ready to go.  Lynch asks Bliss if she’s gonna take being interrupted, and they start bickering.  They realize Lynch is trying to turn them against each other, which Lynch downplays, and she backs up rampside.  Thankfully she gets some reinforcements from Naomi and Nikki Bella.  There’s a little tussle, and the heels take off.
  • Backstage, Dean Ambrose hates the donuts.  He steals a stage-hand’s coffee, sips it, adds a ton of sugar, then hands it back.  Ok then.
  • We come back from break and Shane McMahon is chatting with Daniel Bryan about the six-women’s tag match.  The Miz interrupts them, Maryse with him.  He says they should be worrying about the Intercontinental Championship more than anything.  He complains about defending it against Dolph Ziggler at Backlash.
  • Bryan counters and says unlike him, the women out there wanted to fight, and when Ziggler approached him, he backed down.  He says he’s having the match, and if he doesn’t want it, he can hand over the title right now.
  • And then, The Miz’s music kicks in before he can respond.  He walks out to the ramp, with the lovely Maryse.
  • I can’t help but feel that the entire Miz/Ziggler feud is predicated on the fact that they have a KFC commercial together.
  • The Miz (w/ Maryse) vs. Apollo Crews
  • Dolph Ziggler is on commentary, and he’s had zero character growth coming out of his feud with Dean Ambrose.
  • Crews has control of things for the most part.  He sends Miz out of the ring, and follows him outside hitting a standing moonsault off the apron.
  • Out of the break, Miz hits a backbreaker into a neckbreaker for two.  He stretches Crews out as Ziggler talks about having to win this match.  He says he won’t always come out on top, but one of these times he’s going to have to, or he has to rethink some things.  JBL asks him about that and he says he may have to go back to school to find himself (implying he may need to change himself).  This is the character development I’ve been looking for.
  • Crews hits a belly to belly suplex, and takes Miz out with a series of clotheslines.  Splash in the corner leads to a leaping clothesline.  Miz elbows his way free of a back body drop.  He rolls towards the announcer’s table and he and Ziggler have words.  Crews gets in the middle of the two.  Miz shoves him into Ziggler, then into the ring post, then into the ring for a Skull Crushing Finale.
  • Winner: The Miz
  • A good showing for Crews, but this was about Ziggler delivering the lines we’ve been clamoring for.  Honestly, I hope he loses on Sunday, because it implies there’s change on the horizon.
  • Anyhoo, Ziggler’s got the belt, and Miz sends Maryse in to get it.  Ziggler calls him a coward.
  • AJ Styles is backstage to chat with Renee Young.  She shows a clip of AJ getting crotched on the ropes at the end of Smackdown last week.  Styles slaps the table and yells at someone off-camera, asking if he gave her the footage.  He threatens to break the dude’s expensive headset, then blame him to get him fired.  He asked if his family would think it’s funny, and then pushes him away.  Short segment.
  • Mauro Ranallo introduces the Connor’s Cure fundraiser for the month, before hyping up the Smackdown Tag Team Championship.  We see a highlight video for American Alpha.  There’s sound bytes from both Gable and Jordan.  Gable says they are going to make tag wrestling the coolest thing ever again, and when people look back they’ll see American Alpha started it.  Nice.
  • Backstage, Jimmy and Jey Uso are taping up their wrists.  Charly Caruso approaches them.  They say they’ve been Tag Team of the Year twice in the Slammys, and say that American Alpha got picked before them in the draft, so that makes The Usos the Underdog.  They don’t take them lightly, but the tag division starts with The Usos.
  • And then Bray Wyatt’s noise plays.  He’s in a bunch of smoke.  I can barely see him!  He talks about fighting for everything just to survive.  He talks about someone being stranded, searching for food, but out there was another creature – an Apex Predator.  Both have the same mentality, survival.  But the predator had no morality.  Survival of the fittest.  Look it’s a Bray Wyatt promo, you’ve heard his stuff before.  He puts over Orton, but he’s better.  He says history repeats itself, but Orton is not the predator he once was.  He is, though.
  • After all that jabber, Nikki Bella comes out to the ring.  We go to break.
  • Nikki Bella & Becky Lynch & Naomi vs. Alexa Bliss & Natalya & Carmella 
  • Naomi gets her full entrance, and she should.  It gets more and more ridiculous every time I see it.
  • Naomi and Bliss start it off.  Naomi immediately does her jumping flurry kick thing.  It looks cool and really really fake.
  • Quick tags here from both sides as we go to break.  We return to Becky Lynch unloading on Carmella.  She hits a Becksploder suplex for two.  With a little help from Natalya, Carmella gets the advantage.  Natalya and Bliss start double-teaming Lynch, keeping her in their corner.  Lynch goes for the hot tag after Bliss misses an elbow.
  • Nikki Bella flies in, and is on fire.  She hits a leaping second rope roundhouse for two.  Carmella tags herself in, but Bella hits her finisher, the whatever-it’s-called.  Natalya breaks it up.  Bodies everywhere now.  Carmella locks in her awkward finisher for the win.
  • Winners: Carmella & Natalya & Alexa Bliss
  • Not a bad tag match, and they had two segments which was nice.  My fear going into Sunday is a six-person elimination match will get about 10 minutes and it really should have about 15-20.
  • Time for some Tag Action!
  • The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) vs. American Alpha (Jason Jordan & Chad Gable) in a WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Tournament Match
  • Boy, this could be a good one.  Both teams shake hands prior to the match, but The Usos immediately attack Alpha from behind.  Alpha gets their bearings and Gable dodges a charging Uso, sending him over the top rope.  Jordan hit the other with a spear in the corner, tags in Gable, and they hit their finisher, Grand Amplitude for the shockingly quick win.
  • Winners: American Alpha
  • If that seemed short, let me put it this way – it took me longer to type it than the match actually was.
  • Alpha celebrates in the ring, while The Usos stand outside the ring, recovering and looking grumpy.  They enter the ring and start clapping, then point at the belts.  They extend hands for a handshake, and then once more attack.  They send Jordan shoulder-first into the ring post, and set Gable up for a jumping kick to the back of his knee.  Jey locks in a half crab while Jimmy hits a top-rope splash to the bad leg.  Finally, The Usos have turned heel!
  • Seriously, this is a good thing.  It gives them identity and a chance to stand out in the tag division.  We’ve never really known who they are or what makes them tick, just that they’re exciting to watch and great performers.  Now, that changes.
  • After the break, the announcers talk about what just happened, and really put over the heel turn. I mean seriously, when was the last time WWE did this?  JBL says their actions have “no place in sport.  None.”  Holy crap JBL.  Holy crap you’re absolutely right.  He continues and says that was a specific target to hurt someone.
  • Randy Orton cuts a backstage promo very similar to Bray Wyatt’s.  He tells a story about how a snake killed a hunter and a rabbit at the same time, or something… It’s about patience, ok???
  • Fandango stands in the middle of the ring.  He shushes us, and says Tyler Breeze couldn’t be there tonight.  “He’s in Dubai, seeking the finest silks.”  He’s found someone to tango with Fandango, and he introduces a woman with tattoos and a Dean Ambrose shirt.  He tries to get her to dance.  I feel like this is a lead in for Kane.
  • She dances better than he does, and she says the hips are the truth, and he can’t handle the truth.  She walks away, and Fandango looks for someone else, and then Kane’s pyro hits.
  • Fandango wants to feel the fire in his belly, and asks him to dance.  He dances by slamming Fandango to the mat.
  • AJ Styles walks backstage.  He runs into two dudes working there, looking at family photos.  AJ thinks it’s a photo of him and is pissed when it isn’t.  He throws the phone against the wall, shattering it.
  • Mauro cues up a video about Connor Michalek and Connor’s Cure.  Cue the tears.
  • A bunch of Curt Hawkins facts hype up his debut for next week.
  • The Hype Bros (Mojo Rawley & Zack Ryder) vs. Rhyno & Heath Slater in a WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Tournament Match
  • The announcers point out seven kids with red hair sitting behind them.  It’s apparently Slater’s kids.  Funny.  Slater and Ryder start it out.  Slater has control until a pair of knees and a dropkick causes a near fall.
  • Mojo tags in and keeps Slater cornered.  He clotheslines Slater over the ropes, tags Ryder, and Ryder heads outside with a dropkick as Rawley keeps Rhyno in check.  We go to break.
  • Rawley and Slater are still legal after the break.  Rawley nails Slater with a punch to the jaw.  Slater makes the hot tag and Rhyno unleashes fury.  Spinebuster to Ryder for a near fall.
  • Ryder hits a drop toe hold and follows it up with a Broski Boot, but Rhyno moves Slater out of the way.  He tags in and sets up the Gore, hitting Ryder with it.  It’s over.
  • Winners: Rhyno & Heath Slater
  • Slater heads to ringside and hugs each one of his “children.”  Funny.
  • The announcers go back to The Usos attacking American Alpha, with more highlights of the attack. Renee Young says that Shane McMahon was told their status at Backlash was questionable.  As she was speaking, The Usos walk in.  Jey Uso says things feel different around here.  They say it just came out, and they don’t know if it’s good or bad.  Jimmy calls them “Alpha Male” but tries to correct himself, and says they come in day in and day out, and the fans turn their back on The Usos.  “For six years we’ve been busting our ass trying to get respect.  Well guess what, we’re done with that.”
  • Aside from the slip-up Jimmy made, that was a very good promo that established who they are and why they did what they did.  In those two minutes we learned more about what makes them tick than we have in the last six years combined.
  • Dean Ambrose walks out to the ring first, followed by AJ Styles.
  • Charly Caruso introduces both Ambrose and Styles.  Ambrose asks Caruso to leave, saying the two of them have it under control.  Ambrose says he got Styles a gift, and hands him a bag.  It has a trophy inside.  Ambrose says it’s a bowling trophy he got for participating.  He says it’s the only trophy he’ll ever get from him.
  • AJ doesn’t like being seen as a joke.  Ambrose cues up the video of Styles crotched on the ropes, and Styles doesn’t like it.  He points to the John Cena armband and says it’s a trophy he took from the last person he beat.  He says he doesn’t want a crappy trophy given to him, he’ll take the title from Ambrose and that will be his trophy.  Styles says Ambrose is taking him as a joke, but John Cena took him very seriously and he beat him clean in a WWE ring.  “And come on Dean, let’s be honest.  You’re not John Cena.”
  • Ambrose says he’s right – he’s not Cena.  He beat Cena in a wrestling match, but that’s not Ambrose’s game.  With him, it’s a battlefield.  The only time they’ve been in the ring together he beat Styles.  But he’s not looking backwards.  They don’t give out trophies for “The Face that Comes in Second Place.”
  • So Styles kicks Ambrose in the balls.
  • And with that, the show comes to a close.  Styles standing over Ambrose, which sort of felt rushed and anti-climactic.  Like there should’ve been an overrun, and there wasn’t.

With Backlash being Sunday, this was an interesting show.  The biggest excitement, for me, was The Usos turning heel.  In a lot of ways though, this was a maintenance show, and as a go-home show it felt sort of weak.  That said, there’s enough to draw people in to watch.  Two new champions will be crowned, with a strong possibility of a third with AJ Styles.

Bill and I will break this down and lots more tomorrow when we record Ring Rap Audio.  Be sure to join in on the fun, and of course, I’ll have your Backlash coverage on Sunday.  See you then!

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