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WWE “Clash of Champions” Live Reaction and Report for 9/25/2016 – Owens vs. Rollins for the Universal Championship, Charlotte vs. Bayley vs. Sasha for the Raw Women’s Championship, Rusev vs. Reigns, More

Tonight, the Raw brand puts on their first exclusive pay per view event with Clash of Champions coming to us live from Indianapolis, IN.  Every title on the brand is up for grabs tonight.  Kevin Owens makes his first WWE Universal Championship defense on pay per view, taking on the challenge of Seth Rollins.  Will Rollins have what it takes to knock off the champion?  Will Triple H get involved yet again, helping Owens retain?  Also, Charlotte will have to turn away the challenge of two women in Bayley and Sasha Banks if she hopes to leave Indianapolis with her Women’s Championship intact.  Can she do it, and will Dana Brooke interject? 

The full card is as follows:

  • Kevin Owens (c) vs. Seth Rollins; WWE Universal Championship
  • Rusev (c, w/Lana) vs. Roman Reigns; WWE United States Championship
  • Charlotte (c) vs. Bayley vs. Sasha Banks; Raw Women’s Championship under Triple-Threat Rules
  • New Day (c) vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson; Raw Tag Team Championship
  • TJ Perkins (c) vs. Brian Kendrick; WWE Cruiserweight Championship
  • Cesaro vs. Sheamus; Match #7 of the Best of Seven Series (Tied 3-3)
  • Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho
  • Alicia Fox vs. Nia Jax (Pre Show Match)

Pre-Show Notes:

Renee Young was the host, with Booker T, Jerry Lawler and Lita joining her.  Tom Phillips checked in from the Social Media Lounge and hyped answering fan questions with Sami Zayn later in the show.

They ran a video package to spotlight Roman Reigns vs. Rusev.  The panelists discussed and made predictions, with Lita picking Reigns and Lawler picking Rusev.  Booker T babbled about not knowing what’s going on in Reigns’ mind.

They interviewed Sasha Banks backstage, who said it’s a big night for Bayley but it’s really about The Boss.  Dana Brooke interrupted and told Sasha she should be concerned that Charlotte will put her back on the injured list forever.  Sasha mocked her for letting “her best friend” walk all over her.  She told Brooke that if she sticks her nose in her business, she will be the one on the injured list.

They ran a video package to build up the Women’s Championship triple threat match.

Sheamus joined the panelists and talked about the best of seven series with Cesaro.  He said he doesn’t feel pressure but he compared Cesaro to Daniel Bryan in terms of being a toughest competitor he’s faced.  Booker noted that momentum had shifted to Cesaro and Sheamus thanked him for it before adding that he would walk out the series winner.  He said he would have to see what Mick Foley had in mind for a “championship opportunity” but wants to become the next WWE Universal Champion

They ran a video package to spotlight TJ Perkins and his win to become the WWE Cruiserweight Champion and win the Cruiserweight Classic.  They also added footage of Brian Kendrick earning the right to be the Number One Contender on Raw.

Sami Zayn joined Tom Phillips in the social media lounge.  He said that beating Kevin Owens at Battleground was probably the highlight of his career.  He said he would like to beat Owens for the championship because it would make him twice as good.  He talked about how the fans sing along with his entrance music, saying songs follow him wherever he goes.  Zayn said he wants a piece of the old Jericho tonight.  He said that he asked for that Jericho, and got a cellphone to the face, so he will have to settle for beating him up.

The panelists briefly discussed the tag team championship match, with Lawler saying he’s sick of New Day and wants new champions.  Lita picked Gallows and Anderson to win, while Booker picked New Day to retain.

They sent it to Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton, who briefly hyped Total Bellas then talked about the event.

Match #1 – Nia Jax vs. Alicia Fox;

Winner:  Nia Jax

The Summary:  Fox attacked with a drop kick right away but Jax caught her on her back and backing to the corner.  Fox hit a cross body off the ropes for one, and hit a scissor kick for a two count.  Jax cut her off though and hit her with a Samoan drop for the win.  Jax has been presented well as the monster of the women’s division, which is the one good thing that Raw is getting right with creative.

The panelists discussed the Universal Championship match.  Lita talked about how Rollins is now doing this for himself rather than the Authority like he had in the past.  Lawler was upset that the panel was poo-pooing the champion, Kevin Owens, and said he is now the man.  They ran a video package recapping the history of Owens’ win with the help of Triple H and the build to the match.

Clash of Champions, Live from Bankers Life Field House in Indianapolis, IN

The show opened highlighting the competitors who would be fighting for championships tonight, with a voiceover talking about what it takes to become a champion.

Cole said that history was being made tonight as it was the first Raw exclusive pay per view.  Pyro shot off, then Big E bellowed out that it was time to feel the power.  New Day made their entrance for the first match.

New Day took to the ring and played to the fans as Corey Graves said that New Day’s run would come to an end tonight.  Big E bellowed out a welcome to the show.  Kofi hyped that they’ve held the titles for a record 399 days but someone wants to beat them and break them up like BranGelina.  “Gallows and Anderson, that’s who!”

Woods said Gallows and Anderson hand out raisins at Halloween, wear tube socks and flip flops, and fart in crowded elevators.  Kofi added that they have never had Booty O’s either.  He closed by saying they’d never take the titles because New Day Rocks.  Gallows and Anderson took to the entrance, all business.

Match #1 – New Day (c) vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson; Raw Tag Team Championship

Winner:  New Day to retain the Raw Tag Team Championship

The Summary:  Gallows immediately clubbed Big E with a clothesline at ringside, and in the ring Anderson hit a quick Liger bomb on Kofi.  Gallows laid waste to Woods at ringside too.  The challengers worked on Kofi, who had no help since both his teammates were down.

Big E finally made it to the apron, and Kofi tried to tag but ended up in the wrong corner again.   Eventually, fresh tags on both sides and Big E went to work on Anderson, hitting a big splash.  Big E set up his dive but ate a knee to the head.

Anderson came back with a running boot for two.  Big E set up a move, but Gallows got a blind tag and hit a big boot.  Anderson and Gallows teamed up for the Boot of Doom for a near fall that Kofi broke up.  Big E tagged out and Kofi lept into a big spinebuster from Anderson.  Kofi looked for the SOS on Gallows but he countered into a chokeslam.  They set up the Magic Killer but Kofi escaped.

Kofi tagged out but hit Trouble in Paradise first, then Big E hit the Big Ending on Anderson.  Near fall that Gallows broke up.  Kofi hit a big dive out of the ring to take out Gallows a bit later, and in the meantime Woods hit Anderson with the trombone.  New Day set up the Midnight Hour and hit it for the win.  New Day celebrated on the ramp.

Bill Says:  Wow, I figured it was time for the switch but they’re not making the move tonight at least.  I liked the intensity shown from Gallows and Anderson.  I guess we’ll get a 400-day celebration from New Day tomorrow night, and perhaps a continuation of this feud – but here’s hoping we get more consistent badassery from Gallows and Anderson.  It would feel so much better if they hadn’t had that comedic detour from Gallows and Anderson.  The match itself was very good.

Cole, Graves and Saxton stood at the announce table and hyped a Ride Along program featuring him, Byron Saxton and JBL.  They fed it into a recap of the Cruiserweight Classic.  We got an interview with TJ Perkins backstage.  Phillips asked him if he heard the talk that Kendrick was noted as the favorite even though he is champion.  He credits Kendrick for being a champion before and having been in WWE before, but he has trained his entire life to be in WWE.  “Wish me luck.”

Match #2 – TJ Perkins (c) vs. Brian Kendrick; WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Winner:  TJ Perkins to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

The Summary:  Cole recapped the four-way match on Raw that got Kendrick into this position as Kendrick made his entrance.  Perkins got a nice reaction on his entrance, and Cole told a story that Kendrick was the one who would take Perkins to wrestling classes as a youth.

Waistlock takedowns early for both men after a refused handshake.  Perkins used a leg scissor takedown, which Kendrick turned into a pinning predicament, but Perkins used another leg scissor takedown again.  Kendrick controlled Perkins with a headlock, and after some rope running Perkins locked on a leg bar.  Graves hyped that he can get that hold from anywhere.

Perkins screwed up and got tied up in the apron, so Kendrick hammered on him then fed him into the ring.  Both men got chants from the fans.  Perkins used a sunset flip into a Boston crab, then turned it into a Muta Lock.  Kendrick broke it in the ropes.

Kendrick slowed the pace with some submission work until Perkins hit a mule kick. Perkins picked up the pace with a leg scissor takedown, an atomic drop, and a neckbreaker.  He followed with a chicken wing atomic drop, then hit two suplexes in a row.  That drew an Eddie Guerrero reference.  They went top rope, with Perkins fighting Kendrick off.  He followed with a huracanrana over the top rope to the floor.  Damn.

Kendrick tried sliced bread but Perkins escaped.  He came back with a wrecking ball kick and went top rope, but air-mailed it.  Kendrick went for Captain’s Hook, but Perkins countered out to the knee bar.  Kendrick rolled it out in a nice counter and hit sliced bread for a good near fall. Perkins loaded a fireman’s carry and hit a kick, then wheelbarrowed his way to the knee bar for the win.  Perkins celebrated in the ring.

Perkins was interviewed in the ring.  Kendrick interrupted and offered a handshake and a hug before Perkins could say anything, then hit a headbutt that knocked Perkins to the mat.  Kendrick rolled out of the ring, selling the knee bar.  Some boos for Kendrick as he limped up the ramp.

Bill Says:  A solid match from the duo, and some character development from Kendrick who seems to be acting a bit heelish.  I’m glad to see that, because I don’t want the division to be all about the stories of the men’s careers and such.  I definitely bought into the near falls because while I like Perkins, it feels like he may have been made champion by default because the company couldn’t sign Kota Ibushi.  The fans were into the big spots and big moments, and reacted well for Perkins’ win.

The commentary team talked about the release of WWE 2K17 and fed it to an ad.  It featured Brock Lesnar.

Tom Phillips spoke to Cesaro about his comeback in the Best of Seven series.  He said he would give the Cesaro Section the biggest comeback in sports entertainment history.  The commentary team recapped the series to date before both men got their entrances.

Match #3 – Sheamus vs. Cesaro; Final Match of the Best of Seven Series (Tied at 3-3)

Winner:  No Contest

The Summary:  Sheamus fired off strikes quickly but Cesaro slowed him down with a drop kick.  Sheamus clubbed Cesaro in the chest on the apron but he fired back with an uppercut.  Cesaro charged Sheamus at ringside, but Sheamus boosted him to the apron. Cesaro came back with a dive off the apron then hit a charging uppercut by the barrier.

Sheamus started to work on Cesaro’s lower back as the match pace slowed down.

Cesaro ran Sheamus to the post then hit an uppercut to the back of the head to get some space.  All aboard the Uppercut Train for Cesaro as he landed several then hit a tornado DDT for two.  Cesaro tripped Sheamus into the ropes and hit a 619 (!?) then a cross body for two.

Sheamus hit multiple backbreakers for two.  Sheamus followed with the Cloverleaf, working on Cesaro’s back.  Cesaro ducked a Brogue Kick a bit later, then hit the Swing.  He followed with the Sharpshooter, but Sheamus broke it in the ropes.

Sheamus set up White Noise on the apron but Cesaro fought out.  He hit a big boot and followed with a dive where he landed on his head.  Ugly moment.  Back in the ring, Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick and got a good near fall out of it. Sheamus threw some frustrated strikes, but Cesaro countered back and hit the Neutralizer for a good near fall of his own.  Indianapolis thought it was awesome.

Cesaro fired up with uppercuts but ate boots on charge.  Sheamus pulled himself up to the top rope but Cesaro hit a leaping uppercut and a nice drop kick.   They battled on the rope, with Sheamus landing a headbutt that sent Cesaro to the floor.  Sheamus followed with a dive where Cesaro hit him with an uppercut.  Sheamus hit him with White Noise out on the floor.

Sheamus went face first to the LED ring post board, then Cesaro hit a clothesline over the barrier.  Trainers tended to both men.   Bell rings, Indianapolis boos, and both men sell out in the fans.   Cesaro yelled at the official that he could keep going and Sheamus struggled to his feet.  Indy wants them to fight.  Cesaro rolled into the ring and yelled to continue, but Sheamus was escorted backstage.  They set up replays of the finish.

Bill Says:  This was really good with a lot of near falls and great late drama.  It went through a spell there where the match felt like it was dragging but it definitely picked up.  The suicide dive was scary and I’m glad Cesaro was okay.  It’ll be interesting to see where they go here because this seems like a planned finish.  Clearly they can pay this off tomorrow on Raw.  There’s no clear direction as to where they’re going here with the championship match and in a way that’s good because this way they won’t telegraph the finish.

Backstage, Bayley was getting ready when Charlotte interjected.  She mocked Bayley getting the shot tonight at the hands of a dunce of a referee in a fluke win.  Bayley reminded Charlotte that she beat her a couple weeks ago and can do it again.  Charlotte said she can’t even beat Sasha and walked away.

Match #4 – Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho;

Winner:  Chris Jericho

The Summary: Fans sang along as Zayn came to the ring, and they recapped how this match got set up.  Jericho threw his scarf at Zayn as the match started, which got Zayn upset.  He went on an early offensive flurry, working strikes.  They worked into the corner, and when the official pulled them apart Jericho snuck in a cheap shot to get control.  The crowd was pro-Zayn but did appreciate Jericho’s work.

Zayn hit a moonsault off the barrier.  Jericho sold his knee.  Back in the ring, Jericho hit a springboard drop kick, then settled in to control the bulk of the offense for the next several minutes.  Zayn hit a clothesline on Jericho.

A bit later, Zayn pulled the ropes down to send Jericho to the floor then followed with a tope dive to the floor.  Back in the ring,  Zayn hit a cross body for two.  Zayn hit a Michinoku Driver for two.  The two fought on the top rope and Jericho set up a superplex.  Zayn blocked it then sent Jericho face first to the mat, following up with a leap that Jericho rolled out of the way of.  Zayn landed on his feet but ended up into the setup for the Walls.

By the ropes, Zayn took slaps from Jericho but started returning them.  Jericho hit a Lionsault but ate knees from Zayn who rolled him over into a two count.  Zayn teased the Blue Thunder Bomb but Jericho countered.  Zayn instead hit a tornado DDT then set up the Helluva Kick.  Jericho rolled to ringside, so Zayn hit his through-the-corner tornado DDT out on the floor instead.

Jericho looked for the Codebreaker, but Zayn countered with an Exploder and set up for the Helluva Kick a third time.  Jericho moved and turned it into the Walls.   Zayn struggled to break it in the ropes, but instead rolled it under to break it then into a small package.  Jericho went top rope but Zayn moved and followed with a Blue Thunder Bomb.  In the end, Jericho hit the Codebreaker to win.

Bill Says:  Two really good matches in a row, with strong in-ring work.  My issue here is that Zayn eventually has to start getting wins or he just looks like a dummy.  I think if you’re going to go with a Jericho/Zayn program, then this is a good first step and eventually Jericho puts Zayn over strong in the end to elevate him.  If this is a one-off match though, it may have been a mistake.

Backstage, Kevin Owens was getting ready for his match when Steph McMahon and Mick Foley approached.  Foley congratulated him on his first main event as champion.  Owens asked Foley if he was proud of him for overcoming all the obstacles Foley put in his way.  Owens told them both that he would show them why Triple H picked him over Seth Rollins, just as they should have done at the WWE Draft.  He said he will show why he is in the main event and he IS the main event.  Owens added that he will show Rollins is no longer the man, he’s just the mistake.

We got a recap of the story that set up the Raw Women’s Championship match, then entrances for the match took place.  In-ring introductions took place.

Match #5 – Charlotte (c) vs. Bayley vs. Sasha Banks; Raw Women’s Championship under Triple-Threat rules;

Winner:  Charlotte to retain the Women’s Championship

The Summary:  Cole noted that Charlotte is 11-0 in pay per view matches.  Sasha and Charlotte immediately started brawling.  Bayley kicked the both of them through the ropes. Back in the ring, Sasha sent Charlotte to ringside then her and Bayley jawed.  Bayley quickly rolled Banks up for a count then the two jawed again.  Charlotte returned to the ring and they threw a triple drop kick spot.

A bit later, Sasha was distracted by Dana Brooke getting involved which let Charlotte kick Sasha from  behind.  Sasha ate the buckle.  Charlotte focused on Sasha while Bayley was down at ringside.  A little bit later, Charlotte wrapped Sasha around the ring post to focus on her back.  Cole  noted it was a no DQ match so she could do this as long as she wanted.  Bayley got up and Charlotte let go to throw a shot at her.

Sasha mounted a comeback and set up the Bacsktabber but Charlotte threw an elbow to counter that.  Bayley got her first moment with corner shoulder blocks and hip attacks.  Sasha moved on one of the charges and set Bayley up for the double knee drop, then added Charlotte to the mix for good measure.  Charlotte pulled Bayley from the ring to break up the pin.

Bayley hit a Bayley to Belly and covered, but Sasha rolled her over into a pin of her own.  Charlotte dealt chops from her knees that got woooo! cheers from the fans.  Bayley and Sasha eventually overpowered Charlotte with strikes of their own.

Sasha threw slaps on Charlotte, then set her up top and tried a superplex.  Charlotte sent her face first to the mat, then Bayley tried to interject.  Botched moment here, and Charlotte was still up top  then went on offense.  Charlotte hit a moonsault on both women, then covered each for two counts.  Dana interfered again, breaking up a pinfall attempt on Charlotte.  Cole then reminded us of the no-DQ aspect and didn’t object to the interference.

Sasha hit the backstabber and rolled it into the Bank Statement.  Brooke tried to help Charlotte, but Sasha kicked her away.  Charlotte teased tapping but Bayley broke it.  Sasha tried to lock Bayley into the hold, but Charlotte broke that up.  Moments later, Bayley caught Charlotte with an inside cradle.  Bayley tried a roll-up on Sasha, but Charlotte held on to her hair.  Charlotte kicked Bayley into Sasha which sent Sasha crashing to the floor.  Charlotte hit a second big kick on Bayley to get the win.

Bill Says:  This was good, but I’m not sure what it was but it wasn’t as good as many others thought it was.  Logical for Bayley to take the pin if they want to continue the story with Sasha and Charlotte.  There were a few too many blown spots in there that stood out to me, and I never felt like Charlotte was going to lose because of where they are in this program.  I hope that the move forward here is to break things off into separate individual feuds rather than future triple threat situations.

The commentary team sent it to the pre-show panel, who talked about the show to this point.  It went back to the commentary team to talk about the pre-show match between Alicia Fox and Nia Jax.  They then set up the United States Championship match with a video package.

Match #6 – Rusev (c, w/Lana) vs. Roman Reigns; WWE United States Championship;

Winner:  Roman Reigns to win the United States Championship

The Summary:  Lana gave Rusev’s introduction, then Reigns got his introduction to a strongly mixed reaction.  They talked about the debut of the Shield in this same building.  There were dueling chants for both men early on while Reigns sold the early offense from Rusev.

Reigns hit his corner clothesline spot then sent Rusev to the floor.  He gave chase and sent Rusev into the barricade, then the steps.  Reigns set up the Superman punch but took a kick from Rusev.  The two exchanged punches then Rusev rolled Reigns up for two.  He followed with a kick for a good near fall.

Rusev set up for his thrust kick but Reigns met him with a Superman punch for a near fall.  Both men sold on the mat.  Reigns set up the spear, but Lana distracted him enough for Rusev to hit a kick for a near fall.  Rusev ranted at the official.  Rusev threw three kicks and set for the Accolade but Reigns escaped and hit the spear.  Lana pulled the official out, which resulted in her getting tossed.

Reigns tossed Rusev to the floor and hit two Drive By kicks.  He set the spear up again, but ate a superkick for a good near fall.  Rusev rolled right over to the Accolade,  but Reigns powered up.  Rusev raked the eyes and taunted Reigns, pushing him to the corner.  Rusev set up for a kick, but Reigns hit the spear and pinned Rusev clean.  The commentary team recapped the highlights.  Reigns posed with the belt as they came back live.

Bill Says:  I didn’t think this would go this way, but it did.  A good match, especially with the drama down the stretch.  The US Championship is a good way to reset Reigns and it could help to get him over as a face or at least help develop his character further.  I put nothing past Vince though.

They showed Seth Rollins walking backstage, and Steph and Mick approached him and wanted to wish him luck.  Rollins called everything that comes out of her mouth a bold-faced lie.  Stephanie said she had no idea what Hunter was going to do but Rollins told her to save it.  He told her that he will show them why they bet on the wrong guy, and told Steph to tell Hunter that he bet against the wrong guy.

Bill Says:  Cue Triple H interference in the main event to set up an eventual Rollins/Hunter match.

They ran a video package to set up the main event.

Match #7 – Kevin Owens (c) vs. Seth Rollins; WWE Universal Championship;

Winner:  Kevin Owens to retain the WWE Universal Championship

The Summary:  Rollins got a good reaction on his entrance, as did Owens.  In-ring introductions got us started for this main event.  They hyped this up as being Owens’ first WWE main event on pay per view.  In a heel move, Owens immediately rolled to ringside.  Rollins rolled out after him, but Owens ducked back in then threw a kick to get momentary control.  Rollins threw Owens into the barricade at ringside to get early control.

Rollins hit a flying knee on Owens out on the floor, then hit a snapmare takedown and a running kick to get two.  Rollins hit some chops, which Owens returned, but Rollins hit more.  Owens clotheslined Rollins on the ropes, then Rollins hit some more kicks.

Rollins teased an early Pedigree, but Owens countered by dumping him to the apron.  Rollins came back with a springboard that Owens ducked, so Rollins rolled through and hit a kick.  Owens caught him on a second and landed a kick to the back of the leg.  Rollins rolled out for a breather but Owens gave chase and threw him into the barricade.

Owens settled into the offense at this point, yelling “I am the man” at one point.  He threw an elbow to the side of the head, then went after Rollins leg by throwing kicks.  Owens focused on the knee that Rollins had injured last year.  Rollins threw some shots then whipped Owens to the ropes, but Owens locked on the brakes.  He flipped a charging Rollins to the floor, then asked sarcastically from the apron “is he okay” before throwing a flying elbow.

Rollins beat the count, then Owens greeted him with a senton for two.  Owens slowed the pace down with a chinlock.  A bit later, Owens threw a couple hard whips to the corners.   Rollins rolled to the floor, then crawled back in and took more abuse – both physical and verbal – from Owens.   Rollins bought himself time by turning Owens inside out with a clothesline.

The two exchanged strikes, and Rollins hit a slingblade followed with a couple of forearm shots on charges.  Rollins hit a backbreaker for two.  Rollins rolled out and ripped apart an announce table, which drew a reaction.  Back in the ring, Rollins hit a kneeling Owens with superkick.

Owens teased a package piledriver, but Rollins countered out, hitting a big running knee. Owens came back with a superkick.  Rollins charged and splashed Owens, but Owens came back with a splash of his own.  He tried the second cannonball but but Rollins moved.  Owens hit a brainbuster to the knee for a good near fall moments later.

Owens went up top but Rollins caught him there.  Rollins set up a superplex but Owens fought his way out, knocking Rollins to the mat.  Owens set something up, but Rollins met him there a second time and got a top rope gutbuster for his troubles.  Owens went back up again with a frog splash for a near fall.

Both men end up outside, fighting at one of the foreign announce tables.  Owens laid Rollins out, rolled into the ring, then exposed the other table.  Owens gave the DX “Suck it” move and tried a back senton only to eat the table as Rollins rolled away.

Back inside, Rollins hit a flying knee and went back up again to hit a frog splash of his own for a near fall.  Chris Jericho ran to ringside for a distraction, which let Owens hit a bomb for a two.  Rollins ran Owens into Jericho to knock him off the apron, then hit a high knee and offered the same “suck it” gesture before hitting the Pedigree.  Jericho pulled Owens’ foot onto the ropes.

Owens set up for the Pop Up Powerbomb, but Rollins leaped over and right into the official.  He’s out.  Rollins hit the Pedigree and had a visual pin but no one to count.  The live crowd helped count along to 20.

Rollins went over to revive the official, but Jericho jumped him from behind.  Saxton ranted about the interference (he was the only one who cared) and Jericho barked at Rollins that Owens was his friend.  Rollins cleared out Jericho then hit him with a suicide dive.  He followed with one for Owens.

Rollins threw Owens in, then tried to get the referee back in the action.  Stephanie sent another official out and watched from the stage.  Owens was waiting and hit the pop up powerbomb to get the win.  Saxton ranted how ridiculous it was and that Owens stole the match.

Rollins sold in the ring as Jericho and Owens celebrated on the stage as the show went off the air.

Bill Says:  I think the live crowd was getting tired, or maybe it was that Rollins hasn’t really truly connected as a face yet, but they were quiet until the Owens senton spot on the table.  Rollins is only a face because Hunter hasn’t helped him, and they haven’t built a character behind him yet to make fans like him or care that he regains the title.  Maybe that’s coming.  I felt like I was watching for someone to interfere all through this match, and we eventually got it – though it was Jericho and not Hunter who I really thought would interfere.

And that was a let down.  If Hunter interferes, it feels bigger than Jericho’s “best friend” routine.  That is one thing that can be said – a screwy finish to an otherwise good match could help get fans behind Rollins sooner than later.

Overall, this was a good show that really didn’t disappoint in terms of match quality.  Nothing was mind-blowingly awesome, but everything was solid and built to big moments.  I wasn’t disappointed by anything on the card overall, and the show was as good as we thought it would be on paper.  We also didn’t get any of those “get everyone on the card” filler matches to cut the crowd energy down.  It will be interesting to see where they go starting tomorrow on Raw, which I’ll be back in the saddle to cover for you starting at 8PM EST.  See you then.

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