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Interview Highlights: Billy Corgan Discusses TNA’s Future, Says He Will be in Orlando “Rain or Shine” for Bound for Glory

Billy Corgan has been making the interview rounds in advance of Bound for Glory, TNA’s biggest pay per view event.  He appeared on the “Busted Open” radio show on Sirius XM to discuss Bound for Glory and where the company stands heading into the event.  Here are some highlights:

  • Corgan noted that there were a lot of people “at the table right now.”  He said “whatever is going to happen this week or this weekend is going to change the company forever, and this is not a wrestling angle.”
  • The interviewer asked about Bound for Glory not happening on Sunday, and Corgan said he would be in Orlando “rain or shine” and said that he has been the person who agreed to financially float the last three rounds of tapings and pay per views so that they could happen.  He said that they were deals where “the ink was drying” as the show was starting.  Corgan said he has done everything within his power to ensure that Bound for Glory happens from a personal and financial level.  He noted he used money from his own pile to attempt to purchase majority ownership of TNA and he had everything in place on his end.  He said that at the end of the day it’s not up to him, but he would be in Orlando “rain or shine.”
  • Corgan noted that funding is part of the negotiations and the question is what are people funding the show getting for their money?  Corgan said it is one thing to fund the company, but it’s another to set the company up to be solvent and successful.  He said he has the funds to step forward, but if it means that in two months the company is back in the same boat, then what would be the point.  He said all of the talent he has spoken with are on board and hopeful that he can steer the TNA ship going forward.
  • “Enough air has gone out of the balloon.  It’s time to put air back in the balloon and let this thing be what it can be.”  He said if they can’t remove the black cloud, he can’t look the talent in the eye and tell them that now they can work on moving forward and creating everything TNA can be.  He noted that he wanted to be able to look Eddie Edwards and Bobby Lashley in the eye and know they will be doing business for the next 20 years, or he won’t make a deal.
  • Corgan reminded listeners that there is a human element of people who perform for the company and those who work behind the scenes who will be affected by what happens, and it’s important that they be put first.
  • Corgan mentioned meeting with Pop TV president Brad Schwartz last week.  He said Schwartz is on board with the company and the “culture” that Corgan wanted to create.
  • Corgan said that he wants to build a “21st Century empire” where people can kick ass.  He plugged the pay per view, saying if people tune in and he is in the ring, they are guaranteed “a crazy PPV” and it means that the black cloud following the company “will be a lot smaller.”
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