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UFC Interim Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo Asks for UFC Contract Termination

We noted yesterday on the site that Conor McGregor will be taking on Eddie Alvarez for the UFC Lightweight Championship at UFC 205 in November.  This ruffled the feathers of Jose Aldo, who is the current UFC interim Featherweight Champion.  Aldo, once considered one of the pound-for-pound top fighters in the world, has requested that UFC terminate his contract in light of the booking of the fight.

Aldo (26-2 MMA, 8-1 UFC) lost the featherweight championship to McGregor last year, and was hoping to get a rematch with him in order to crown an undisputed champion in the 145-pound weight class.  UFC had offered Aldo a fight either against Max Holloway or Anthony Pettis for UFC 205 instead.  Aldo declined both of those bouts, wanting a full training camp to face either of those opponents.

In an interview with (translated on, Aldo recognized the draw that McGregor is, but added that “there’s a limit in which this is no longer a sport and it’s a circus.”  He said that he feels McGregor is now “in charge” of UFC, and cited that he lacks trust in the UFC organization now.

“After all of this, I see I can’t trust a single word from president Dana White and that the person in charge of the event is now Conor McGregor.  Since I’m not here to be McGregor’s employee, I ask for my contract with the UFC to be terminated.  When they suggested the fight against Frankie Edgar, Dana said that the winner of this fight would either be McGregor’s challenger, or have the linear belt, because if he didn’t return to the featherweight division after the Nate Diaz rematch he’d lose the belt.  After so many times being lied to, I don’t feel motivated to fight in the UFC anymore.”

Aldo seemed to double down in an appearance on Combate’s weekly program “Revista,” where he threatened to walk away from the sport.  Aldo insisted that he had earned everything that he had achieved, but didn’t want to be considered a “whore.”

“I think the UFC never gave me anything, or WEC.  Everything I earned.  Everything was thanks to my efforts, my family’s, my team’s, ‘Dede,’ they helped me get there.  In no moment did they give me anything.  I earned it with my own merit, and I gave them a lot more than they gave me.  So I just want them to release me from my contract.  I don’t want to fight anymore.  What if they offer me millions?  They can keep them, I don’t want it.  Pardon the expression, but I’m not a whore, to sell myself.  I’m a man.  My dad made me this way.  So that’s all I want.”

Aldo added that he isn’t looking to compete elsewhere, saying he wants “to follow a career in another sport.  That’s what I want.”  Aldo was a standout soccer player in Brazil prior to getting into MMA in 2004.

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