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Interview Highlights: Billy Corgan on the Dan LeBatard Show on ESPN, Talks Bound for Glory, TNA Ownership, More

This morning, TNA President Billy Corgan appeared on the Dan LeBatard show on ESPN to cover a number of topics.  TNA Impact Wrestling and Bound for Glory were brought up, as well as music topics.  Here are the pro wrestling related highlights:

  • Corgan was asked if Bound for Glory will take place as scheduled on Sunday, October 2.  Corgan drew a football analogy to the “Music City Miracle” and said they had three of them in a row and were hoping for a fourth.  “I don’t expect anybody’s going to do anything too ridiculous to make sure that this doesn’t happen.  It would put a lot of people out of work.”  Corgan said that the talent has asked him to not make a bad deal that will put them right back in the same spot two months from now.
  • Corgan was asked if there is a bidding war for TNA involving Vince McMahon.  Corgan said that if Vince wants to buy something, he will and that you don’t win a bidding war with him.  Corgan noted it hasn’t happened yet, and he would need to be informed if  it does as a minority owner.  “There’s a serious fight for who is going to end up with majority ownership.  It’s one of those kind of standoffs where everybody’s got the gun out and no one seems to know what to do.”
  • Corgan noted that the company needs consistent capital, and it has been a plague of the company for a long time.  He drew a comparison to how Theo Epstein built the Chicago Cubs over several years rather than overnight.  He said it takes consistent ownership, consistent management, and consistent resources so the fan base feels like it’s a part of a journey that is going somewhere.
  • Corgan was asked what problems exist in TNA, and he said there are not enough hours in the day to address them.  He noted how poorly wrestling does with advertisers.  He said he wants to update the image and feel of wrestling for the 21st Century, which is driven by social media and he sees a lot of opportunity.  Corgan noted that it’s not just a money struggle, but also a struggle for the soul of the company – what kind of company they will run and what will it look like.  He noted others are at the table with vested interest and a perspective which he respects that see it differently than he does.  “It’s philosophical, and of course, the business part.”
  • Corgan talked about the difference between the WWE’s product and what he wants to do.  He said there are different philosophies on how to run a sports franchise, and it’s the same in wrestling.  He spoke well of WWE, but noted that you can run a different type of product and attract different fans for different reasons.

Bill Says:  Corgan did get in some Bound for Glory plugs, and he came off very confident that it would take place on Sunday night.  We’ll have at least the results to that show live as it happens (presuming it does).  Obviously, this continues to be a story to watch over the next several days, and we will do that.


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