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TNA Impact Wrestling “Bound for Glory” Live Results for 10/2/2016 – Lashley vs. Ethan Carter III for the TNA Championship, Bound for Gold Match, Gail Kim’s Hall of Fame Induction, Decay vs. Broken Hardys, More

The following is a live rundown of the results for tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling “Bound for Glory” pay per view event.  The event is happening at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL.  Please note that due to our unfamiliarity with the current storylines and situations going on in TNA (since neither Drew or I can watch it regularly due to cable TV limitations), opinion and analysis will be minimal and these will be primarily “results only.”

TNA Impact Wrestling “Bound for Glory” Pay Per View, Live from Orlando, FL:

Matt Hardy read a “Great War” fairytale to his son about the Decay vs. Hardys match, asking how Decay would be deleted.  Josh Mathews and The Pope D’Angelo Dinero were on the call.

Match #1 – DJZ (c) def. Trevor Lee to retain the X Division Championship.  Z won by hitting a reverse Frankensteiner then following up with his ZDT.

They showed footage from earlier when Lashley and EC3 arrived at the building.

Drew Galloway was interviewed, saying he wasn’t supposed to be at the building because of injury.  He said he wasn’t feeling well, getting hurt before the biggest show of the year.  TNA said he was a liability.  He asked for the Grand Championship match to be pushed back but they refused.  He said that the only reason Billy Corgan is buying the company is because of him.  He said the winner won’t be recognized as a champion by him.

Match #2 – Eli Drake won the Bound for Gold Match.  Order of entrances came as Jessie Godderz, Rockstar Spud, Braxton Sutter, Eli Drake, Robbie E, Baron Dax, Grado, Basil Baracka, Tyrus, and Mahabali Shera.  Drake dumped both Tyrus and Godderz over the top to win.

Backstage, JB interviewed Gail Kim’s husband, Robert Irvine.  He admitted he is Mr. Gail Kim tonight due to her Hall of Fame induction.  Mike and Maria Bennett interrupted, but Irvine said that tonight would be a bad night for both of them.  Irvine left, then Bennett told Maria to take care of Kim while he would deal with Moose on his own.

They set up Moose vs. Mike Bennett with a video package.

Match #3 – Moose def. Mike Bennett.  Moose won after hitting a big clothesline.

Backstage, JB interviewed Aron Rex who said they would make history regardless of who became the first TNA Grand Champion.  He said that it’s his chance to prove to himself that he belongs.  He said that he and Eddie Edwards were trained by the same guy (Killer Kowalski), but they have two different styles.  He closed by saying that may the best man win.

Match #4 – Aron Rex def. Eddie Edwards to win TNA Grand Championship.  This match, for those unfamiliar with the concept, is decided by rounds and judging.  Edwards won the first round 10-9, and Rex won the second 10-9.  In the second the lights went out, which drew a “pay your light bill” chant.  Funny.  Rex ended up winning by a split decision.

After the match, JB interviewed Rex and asked him if he won decisively.  Rex called to the fans for their input and some said yes and others said no.  Rex called Edwards a warrior and will give him a rematch when he wants it.  Rex said they made history, and it’s only the first part.  “Stay tuned…”

The commentary team set up the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.  Christy Hemme was announced as being the ring announcer, and thanked Gail for her tireless effort in the Knockouts Division.  Hemme also brought out former TNA Knockout Champion Taryn Terrell.  Terrell put Gail over as a “Career maker” and the greatest female wrestler who ever lived.  She called Kim a peer, role model and friend.

Hemme also brought out Awesome Kong (a/k/a Kharma) who got a good reaction from the fans.  She said there aren’t enough adjectives to describe how good Gail is, adding Kim is the yin to her yang.  She said Kim deserves this and said she loves her.

Dixie Carter was introduced, who got some boos.  Dixie said she was proud to honor the woman who defined and established the Knockouts, and introduced Gail to the ring.  Gail hugged Kong, Terrell, and Hemme while the fans chanted “Thank you Gail.”  They ran a video package.  Gail gave her speech, saying that wrestling exposed her insecurities but taught her passion, creativity, self confidence, strength, independence and fearlessness.  She ran through a list of thank you’s including some WWE folks (Molly Holly, Victoria, and a few others) as well as her family and behind the scenes staff.  She thanked the company and said that without it she wouldn’t be a hall of famer.  Carter presented her with her watch.

They set up the Great War with a video package.  Reby Hardy walked out and played the piano as Broken Matt and Brother Nero joined her.  They sang “I’ll fade away and classify myself as obsolete.”  The Hardys walked to the ring and led the crowd in chanting “Delete.”  Reby joined the Hardys in the ring, then Decay came to the ring for their match.

Match #5 – Broken Matt and Brother Nero (w/Reby) def. Abyss and Crazzy Steve (c, w/Rosemary) to win the TNA Tag Team Championship.  This is the match that everyone will remember from tonight.  At the end, Matt set up a table, putting another beside it.  Jeff got a ladder out, and Matt got a mic.  He told Jeff to indulge his tables, ladders and chairs addiction for one night only.  Jeff went up top on the ladder and hit Steve with a swanton while Matt chanted “delete.”  Jeff covered and that was it.  Reby and King Maxel joined them in celebration.  This spilled outside the building, back into the building, and was an all out war.  I have no idea what I watched, but it was unique and fun.

The commentary team talked about the main event to come then set up the women’s championship match.

Match #6 – Gail Kim def. Maria Kanellis (c) to win the TNA Knockouts Championship.   Maria tried to get out of the match by claiming her hand was still broken but Allie (who tagged along) said Maria was cleared and she had misunderstood the doctor.  Maria channeled her inner Chris Jericho and called her a stupid idiot.  In the end, Mike Bennett came out to check on his wife but Kim hit Maria with Eat D’Feet and pinned her.

Bennett got in the ring and asked Maria if she was okay, then said this wasn’t how their night was to go.  Bennett asked the fans if they liked it, and they did, so he called them sick freaks.  He said the company has been trying to screw him over since he got there, and now he’s turning the tables.  He said he was shutting the company and Bound for Glory down and there’s no one who can stop him.

Enter Cody Rhodes.  He and Brandi came out in ring gear.  The Rhodes’ got in Mike and Maria’s respective faces.  Maria tried to take a shot at Brandi and she returned knee strikes.  Cody and Mike exchanged punches before Cody hit the Disaster Kick.  He and Brandi soaked up cheers, and Cody put Brandi on his shoulders.

They set up the main event with a video package, and entrances took place.  JB handled the in ring introductions.  After EC3 was introduced, Lashley speared him, then Borash introduced Lashley.

Match #7 – Bobby Lashley (c) def. Ethan Carter III in a No Holds Barred Match to retain the TNA Championship. The finish in this one came with a battle on the ropes. EC3 looked to get the One Percenter from there, but Lashley shoved him off and hit a spear to get the win. Lashley celebrated on the stage to close the show out.

Overall Reaction:  This wasn’t a terrible show, and for the most part the matches ended with finishes that were satisfying.  I felt like I was entertained by the show.  That said, the company’s status was not addressed, and that felt like it hung over the show all night long.  One would think the company would want to make sure that status was addressed if there were something to say.  I guess we’ll see what Monday brings.

Do I recommend a replay? Ehh, I can’t say it’s must see and white hot, but the Great War was pretty outstanding in a bizarre kind of way and I’m sure it will make its way into social media somehow.  The rest of it was about “solid Impact broadcast level” so make your assessment from there.


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