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TNA Impact Wrestling *SPOILERS* for Upcoming Television

TNA Impact Wrestling taped television last night as part of the fallout of the Bound for Glory pay per view.  If you don’t want these upcoming shows spoiled, don’t read on!  Spoilers are courtesy, however, if you were in the building and have more information to contribute, we’d greatly appreciate an email to with that information.

In an Xplosion match, Jade defeated Laurel Van Ness.  Madison Rayne sat in on commentary.

They had a Facts of Life Segment with Eli Drake.  Ethan Carter III was his guest and they sparred verbally.

The title holders all came out and put their divisions over, explaining why they were most important.  Billy Corgan and Aiden O’Shea came out and he announced that all champions would defend their titles, with the exception of DJ Z.  A Team X Gold match was booked for next.

DJ Z, Mandrews and Braxton Sutter def. Marshe Rockett, Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee

Cody Rhodes put TNA over and said that he has a shot at the World Heavyweight Title.  Mike Bennett and Maria interrupted a promo segment with Cody and Brandi, and that ended in a brawl.  Bennett and Maria ran off.  Cody said that before he gets a title shot, he wants Bennett in a match.

They announced that the rematch between Gail Kim and Maria will be no disqualification.

Gail Kim def. Sienna.  Sienna, Maria, and Laurel ganged up on Kim afterward, but Allie wouldn’t help them.

Aron Rex def. Baron Dax in a Grand Champion match by submission in the second round.

Bobby Lashley was told he would get to pick between Ethan Carter III, Eddie Edwards, and Moose for his next title defense.  He picks Edwards, calling it the easiest match.

Eddie Edwards def. Bobby Lashley to win the TNA World Championship

DJ Z def. Marshe Rockett to retain the X Division Championship

Cody Rhodes def. Mike Bennett

Aron Rex def. Jesse Godderz to retain the Impact Grand Championship.  Rex won in the third round via pinfall, and apparently cheaply to telegraph a heel turn.

World Champion Eddie Edwards came out to cut a promo, but Lashley interrupted and beat him down until Moose and EC3 made the save.

Maria was removed as the head of the Knockouts Division.

Gail Kim def. Maria to retain the TNA Knockouts Championship

Moose vs. Lashley was set up for next week, as was Eddie Edwards vs. Cody Rhodes

Moose def. Ethan Carter III


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