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UPDATED: Former WWE Divas Champion Paige Hit with Second Wellness Policy Violation; Suspended 60 Days

This morning, WWE announced via their website that Paige (a/k/a Saraya-Jade Bevis) has been suspended for her second wellness policy violation.  Her suspension goes into effect immediately, and per policy will be for 60 days.

This comes quickly on the heels of her first violation, which went into effect on August 18.  That suspension ended on September 18, but Paige has been dealing with injury issues that have kept her on the sidelines.  About a month following her first suspension, Paige issued a statement where she stated that she did not fail the test but called it instead a procedural issue.  As per what seems to be WWE policy, nothing has been noted as to what triggered this suspension and the company has not confirmed her statement regarding her first suspension.


Paige took to her Twitter account to comment on the suspension rather quickly, alluding to doctor’s notes and prescriptions being involved, and hinting at “status” related treatment.  There was a tweet that briefly made air that said “I quit this stupid company” but it was quickly removed.  Screen captures did make their way around Twitter from several users.

Bill Says:  I’m no rocket scientist, but I can’t think that a second suspension within a month of clearing the first (as well as the comments on social media) would bode well for Paige’s career in WWE.

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