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TNA Star Mike Bennett Takes Jab at Ownership After Corgan Decision; Maria Kanellis Says She Will be Leaving Wrestling

TNA star Mike Bennett was outspoken yesterday following the decision in the hearing regarding Billy Corgan’s injunction.  As we noted yesterday, the Nashville Chancery Court declined Corgan’s request for a restraining order.  After the decision was made known, Bennett took to Twitter and posted “Welp, back to bad business as usual.”  His tweet is shown below.

Bill Says:  Based on a limited in-time viewing of TNA product, Bennett has been “anti-management” in his booking.  There have been a lot of reports among the wrestling news community that talent on the TNA roster, Bennett and his wife Maria Kanellis included, were hoping that Corgan  would be taking over the company.  One of the issues of course has been getting paid, and the couple had been more vocal than some in pressing management to pay on time, which doesn’t sit well with management officials.

Meanwhile, Bennett’s wife, Maria Kanellis noted that she plans to leave wrestling sometime in the near future.  She indicated on Twitter that she will be earning her bachelor’s degree this coming May, and will be continuing her education to earn her master’s degree as well.  “Eventually, everyone must realize that the road never changes until you change roads,” she closed.  Those tweets are shown below.

Bill Says:  Bennett has definitely elevated his stock with his run in TNA from what I have seen of him and when he becomes a free agent again he should be able to land on his feet somewhere if he chooses to stay with pro wrestling.  Maria has shown herself to be a good talker because she got regular opportunities to speak.  We’ll see what the future holds for them, as the word going around is that they will be free agents in 2017 and may have already wrapped up with the company.


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