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Second On-Site Report for WWE Smackdown 12/06/16 – Live Notes from a Fan in Attendance in Houston, TX

We have additional details for WWE Smackdown last night (12/06/16) in Houston, TX, with notes on the opening dark match that aired prior to Smackdown going live.  Thanks to Ian (@LoganKuro on Twitter) for sending these in.

Don’t forget, you can send us live thoughts, results, or even news for posting on the site.  You can contact me directly via email at, or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter as well.

“I was at Houston last night for SmackDown Live. I looked on y’alls website, and I didn’t see this. The opening dark match was Apollo Crews Vs. Aiden English. It was an entertaining opening hype match. Both guys got some good offense in, and Crews pulled out with the win!”

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