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WWE 205 Live Reaction and Results for 12/13/16 – Perkins vs. Swann, plus more!

WWE 205 Live airs on the WWE Network immediately after WWE Smackdown, starting at 10pm Eastern.  We will have live coverage of the show, as it airs.

Currently announced, TJ Perkins will take on Rich Swann, plus Jack Gallagher is scheduled to appear.  Will we see any new debuts as well?  Join us for live coverage starting at 10pm, and follow along on Twitter @RingRap!

205 Live was pre-recorded last night at WWE Raw in Philadelphia.  That’s ok by me.  I don’t know what happened.

Mauro Ranallo, Corey Graves, and Austin Aries introduce the show, and hype up the Cruiserweight title match at Roadblock, followed by plugs for tonight’s matches.

Jack Gallagher vs. Drew Gulak

Winner: Jack Gallagher

Drew’s Thoughts:  Gulak gets a hero’s welcome, being from Philly.  Both men shake hands and immediately lock up.  Gulak takes Gallagher to the mat.  Austin Aries makes a correction from a comment he made last week, stating he feels Gallagher looks more like the Pringles’ mascot.  Funny.  Gallagher takes Gulak to the mat.  The two counter each other with rolling crucifixes in a cool spot.

Gallagher ties Gulak up in his own arms and legs, and sizes him up for a kick to the rear.  Gulak gets more aggressive, but Gallagher goes back to his own tricks again, going for a headstand in the corner.  Gulak throws Gallagher into the ropes hard.  Gulak locks in a crevat, Gallagher breaks out with uppercuts.  The two trade blows and Gallagher hits a headbutt, following it up with a running dropkick in the corner for the win.

Another showcase for Gallagher, who seems to be getting quite the push right now.  Gulak looks good, as always, but he needs some wins.

Rich Swann and TJ Perkins have a backstage chat.  Swann says he might be a little lucky lately, but he’s still feeling lucky.  Perkins says they’re friends, but tonight and Sunday they won’t be.  It’ll be the same TJP that eliminated him from the Cruiserweight Classic.

A vignette for Taijiri airs, who is expected to return to WWE in the beginning of 2017.

Tom Phillips approaches Jack Gallagher backstage.  He’s interrupted by Ariya Daivari.  Gallagher says his attack on Raw was just to make them even.  He offers to bury the hatchet.  Daivari says they’re not even, and he made him look like a fool.  “No.  We’re not even.  But we will be.”

Lince Dorado vs.  Mustafa Ali

Winner:  Double Countout

Drew’s Thoughts:  This is the 205 Live debut of both men.  Lince Dorado gave an inset promo talking about his lucha libre energy.  Ali’s inset promo says people make up their mind about him as soon as they hear his name, but he’s going to show us what he’s really all about.

High flying action right off the bat.  Dorado hits a springboard hurricarana into a kippup, but he misses a senton in the corner.  Ali hits a rolling neckbreaker for two.  Dorado hits a dropkick to the back of the head, but Ali flips out of the corner to dodge Dorado.  Dorado hits a top rope hurricarana for two.  Dorado hits a handspring stunner.  Ali and Dorado on the apron, Dorado hits a tornado head scissors sending Ali to the floor.  Dorado hits an asai moonsault to the floor.  The referee counts to 10 before either man could make it back into the ring.

Ali made it to the ring first, and he pleads with the referee to award the match to him.  Dorado rolls back in and extends a hand, but Ali’s not interested.  He attacks Dorado, but Dorado counters with a spinning heel kick, and Ali bails out of the ring.

Both men had a great showing in the Cruiserweight Classic, but Mustafa Ali was one of the standouts that were eliminated in Round 1.  I’m excited he’s on the show – he’s super talented and very fluid, and has some unique offense.  I’m disappointed WWE immediately went into the dark skin/heel character stereotype, but there’s truth to what Ali said – they hear his name and they boo without knowing anything.  That said, Ali can be an effective face too – he’s got the personality to do it, he just needs to be booked that way.

Backstage, Alicia Fox approaches Noam Dar, who’s grinning ear to ear.  He’s surprised she didn’t ask him about his victory dedicated to her last week.  She says she has a boyfriend.  Dar says “Of course you do.  I’ll see you around,” and walks off.

The standard TJ Perkins vignette airs.  It’s basically the same thing we’ve seen before, but updated with more current quotes and clips.  He talks about being homeless, performing on the big stage, and his style.

TJ Perkins vs. Rich Swann 

Winner:  TJ Perkins

Drew’s Take: Before the match can start, Brian Kendrick’s music hits.  He waves at them from the ramp before heading over to the commentary table.  The match begins and Perkins keeps Swann grounded with head scissors.  Swann breaks free and locks in his own head scissors.  Perkins flips out, and the two trade reversals, mirroring each other with a drop kick and a kippup.

Perkins suckers Swann in to the ropes and hits a triangle dropkick to the floor.  Back in the ring, Perkins locks in a chin lock.  Meanwhile on commentary, Kendrick and Aries are getting along swimmingly.  Swann hits a series of clotheslines, and ties it in with a Rolling Thunder.  Action spills outside, and Swann misses a moonsault off the apron.  Perkins hits a corkscrew over the top to the floor.  Back in the ring, it’s worth two.

Perkins starts to focus on Swann’s knee, hitting a “knee-DT” and a submission attempt.  Swann connects with a roundhouse to the head.  The two trade chops.  Swann goes for a roll-up for two.  Reversal city now.  Swann hits a tiger bomb.  He goes for the standing 450 but his knee gives out, and Perkins capitalizes with a knee bar.  Swann shockingly taps out.

And with that, Brian Kendrick heads to the ring to “congratulate them.”  Perkins hits Kendrick with a superkick, and then feints one on Swann, before bailing out of the ring.  And with that, 205 Live ends at 10:45pm.  For a pre-tape?  That’s… odd.

A solid show with some great action.  I feel like the show is starting to settle in format as new talents are rotated in.  I’m happy to see Mustafa Ali and Lince Dorado officially on the show now, as both men add a level of excitement that’s sort of been lacking from the cruiserweights thus far.  The triple threat match at Roadblock should be fun and I think we’ll be in for a treat there too.  Perhaps we’ll get a surprise 2nd cruiserweight match added to the card, as Jack Gallagher and Ariya Daivari could certainly go at it.

Thanks for joining me tonight folks!  See you tomorrow on Ring Rap Audio!

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