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Ring of Honor Television Recap for 3/1/2017 – The Top Prospect Tournament Kicks Off, Marty Scurll vs. Donovan Dijak, Daniels and Kazarian vs. Cole and Page, More

Full Disclosure:  This is a review/report of the ROH broadcast that airs on a local Sinclair broadcast channel over the weekend.  It is the same show that airs Wednesday night on the new Comet TV Network.  Check your listings to see where Comet and/or your local Sinclair Network Affiliate is on your dial.

Ring of Honor Weekly Television, Taped On February 11, 2017 at Stage AE in Pittsburgh, PA
Aired March 1, 2017 on Comet TV, and previously in ROH syndication

They ran a video package for Christopher Daniels, recapping his Decade of Excellence tournament win and featuring comments about his goal to win the ROH Championship.  We then got the opening video, with Ian Riccaboni and Bobby Fish checking in for the call.

Daniels came to the ring for a promo to a strong cheer.  Riccaboni noted Daniels would get his title match at the 15th Anniversary show in Las Vegas.  Fish said there would be a title change in Manhattan, so Daniels would be facing him.  Daniels talked about being on the first ROH show and how his goal was to become ROH Champion.  He covered the same ground as the broadcast team about who he would face.

Adam Cole cut him off and walked to the stage.  Cole mocked his age, then said he would forever be ROH Champion.  Cole pointed out that Daniels looked ready to throw down and said he was in luck.  Cole said if Daniels wanted a fight with Bullet Club, then he would get one.

Hangman Page attacked Daniels from behind, then Cole hit the ring to set up to hit Daniels with the title belt.  Frankie Kazarian ran down for the save, which Fish mocked by saying “Take your time, Frankie, your boy could have used the help.”  Kaz got the house mic and said Daniels will be the next champion, then demanded a tag match immediately.  Page and Cole got back in the ring and the fight was on.

Match #1 – Adam Cole and Hangman Page def. Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian;

A referee ran out to start the match while the teams were still brawling.  Kaz hit a dive on Page at ringside while Fish chirped that Kaz was letting Daniels take a beating from Cole.

Daniels hit a drop kick then hit a suicide dive on both Page and Cole.  Daniels chased the heels at ringside.  A bit later, Daniels tried for an Asai moonsault, but Page grabbed him and Cole hit a superkick going to the break.

After the break, the heels isolated Daniels, who eventually got the hot tag.  Kaz went to work on the heels, then he and Daniels teamed up for a double team move for a near fall.  Page broke things up.  Late, Daniels set up the Best Moonsault Ever, but Page got his foot up then rolled Daniels up for the win.

Kaz jawed at Daniels, who sat on the mat and sold dejection over the loss.  Fish stood up and talked about how he would teach Cole a valuable lesson when he defeats him for the ROH Championship.  Fish said Cole is not fit to be King of ROH, but he is.

Bill Says:  A lot to unpack there in that first 17 minutes of the show.  ROH did a good job of putting attention on 15th Anniversary and Manhattan Madness, which is this coming Saturday night (live reports welcome at  They also did a strong job of putting over the next two high-profile ROH championship matches. Cole beating Daniels clean seems odd, but it’s a part of the story that they are telling going to the 15th Anniversary pay per view, so I’m good with it.  Fish cut a good post-match promo to set up his challenge to Adam Cole as well.

Kaz and Daniels bickering at the end seemed a bit interesting, as did Fish’s comments on Kaz being slow to save Daniels in the opening segment.  It seemed like Fish was watching a different match because by the time he made his remarks, Kaz was in the ring fighting off Page and Cole.  Fish knows where they’re headed storyline wise.

Backstage, Kaz told Daniels that he isn’t the only one with something to lose and walked away.

Brutal Bob Evans joined commentary for the Top Prospect Tournament match.  They showed the brackets for the first round, which were Josh Woods vs. Chris Lerusso, Preston Quinn vs. Curt Stallion, Brian Milonas vs. Raphael King, and John Skyler vs. Sean Carr.

Match #2 – John Skyler def. Sean Carr in a Top Prospect Tournament First Round match

They ran a pre-taped Skyler promo as he came to the ring, where he told competitors to get out of his way or expect to get trampled.  Carr’s pre-taped promo showed him talking about how people told him for years that he should be on television, and now he is going to come out on top.

Skyler hit a nice Tiger bomb for two, then followed with a senton for two.  Evans pointed out that the official was from an ROH seminar camp as well.  Skyler hit a superkick, and Carr returned a kick and a weaker looking superkick. Carr followed with a nice suicide dive.

They fought on the apron, and Skyler hit a spear that drove Carr into the apron.  Riccaboni sold the danger of hitting the apron.  Skyler scored a two count in the ring, then Carr hit a Codebreaker for two.  Evans noted it was a bit off and said Skyler was 18 inches too far away.  The two jockeyed for position on the ropes, then Skyler hit a rolling senton from there to get the win

Bill Says:  A good match with a couple of “off” spots in it from these guys.  Entertaining though.  Bob Evans has had a hand in developing talent I believe, so trying him out to be the voice of the TPT is good.  I think he did alright in this spot. Riccaboni is doing okay on the call, but lacking a solid and experienced color guy kind of throws him to the wolves a bit.

Riccaboni hyped Marty Scurll vs. Donovan Dijak for the ROH Television Championship yet to come and action for next week including a main event that will have The Briscoes, Bobby Fish, Adam Cole, The Young Bucks and Cody (Rhodes) involved.

Bill Says:  Wait, what?  We have a title match on this show?  Why am I just now hearing about this?

The Kingdom hyped their six-man championship defense on next week’s show against The Rebellion. They said no peasants have ever toppled a kingdom.  Vinny said that he farted in the big dog’s (Rhett Titus’) dog food and there’s nothing he can do about it but breathe in the greatness.

Riccaboni hyped that the winner of next week’s match will get Dalton Castle and The Boys at the 15th Anniversary pay per view.

Bill Says:  Wait, what? The Rebellion beat Castle and the Boys, and The Boys lost a handicap match to Colt Cabana, but they’re getting a six-man title match?  Um, okay…

The Tempura Boyz came to the ring to face the Motor City Machine Guns, but the Guns didn’t come out when their entrance hit.  Riccaboni talked on his headset and asked for a camera backstage.  No further explanation was given, and they moved on to a break and a hype package for the March 4 “Manhattan Mayhem” show.

Donovan Dijak made his entrance for the main event.  Riccaboni put him over as a past winner of the Top Prospect Tournament.  Marty Scurll made his entrance, and Bobby Fish gave us the in-ring intros.

Match #3 – Marty Scurll (c ) def. Donovan Dijak to retain the ROH Television Championship;

Dijak offered a handshake that Scurll thought about.  The fans chanted no, so Scurll jawed at them then kicked Dijak’s hand away.  Dijak landed a big boot that sent Scurll to the floor, then hit a Fosbury Flop over the ropes.  He followed with a top rope elbow for a near fall, then locked in the Torture Rack.  Scurll raked the eyes to escape.

Scurll threw a move but Dijak landed on his feet.  Dijak demanded a handshake, but Scurll kicked away his hand again then threw a kick to the head from the apron.  Lio Rush came to the stage with a chair, and he sat down to observe.

Scurll blocked a discus clothesline but ate a discus kick instead.  He came right back with a brainbuster for two.  The fans chanted “this is awesome.”  Scurll hit a piledriver but Dijak kicked out on one.  Dijak hit Feast Your Eyes but Scurll kicked out.  Dijak looked for another handshake.

Scurll grabbed a finger and acted like he broke it, then stood on the same finger and slapped at Dijak.  Dijak came back with a chokeslam on the knee but missed a corkscrew dive.  Scurll locked in a chicken wing, then wrenched on Dijak’s finger.  He reapplied the chicken wing and got the victory.

Lio Rush came to the ring afterward and stood face to face with Scurll, who held the belt up.  He teased leaving, but spun Rush around and clocked him with the belt.  He teased locking the chicken wing in, but The Rebellion hit the ring to send Scurll running.  The Motor City Machine Guns and a few others also came out as the show ended.

Bill Says:  I really enjoyed this main event.  Dijak got a solid competitive effort here and certainly didn’t get buried in this match just to make Scurll look good.  The hot start got fans invested early and got them to back Dijak.  Word is that this is getting toward the end of the line for Dijak in ROH, so all the better seeing the competitive losing effort.

This was a solid show, even if it did have a couple of head-scratchers in there.  We got a solid opening segment and match that hyped upcoming events and matches well, and the main event was really good.  The Top Prospect Tournament is off to a good start as well, and I’m curious as to who will capture the title this year.

I’ll have more on this show later tonight on Around the Ring.  See you then.

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