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WWE 205 Live Reaction and Results for 03/07/17 – Austin Aries Has a Message for Neville

WWE 205 Live airs tonight on the WWE Network, immediately following WWE Smackdown.  We will have live coverage of the show as it happens.

Currently there are no matches announced, however Austin Aries made quite the statement last night on Raw, smacking current Cruiserweight Champ Neville in the face with the microphone and sending him packing with a discus elbow.  Aries has a message for Neville tonight.  Will it be a challenge for the Cruiserweight Title?  That’s my guess!

All this, plus more on 205 Live.  Follow along here, and on Twitter @RingRap!

205 Live begins and AJ Styles is still hobbling up the ramp after his loss to Randy Orton on Smackdown.  He looks completely crushed.  We then see Orton walking backstage gingerly as the ring crew makes the change over to 205 Live.

We see a video package showing Neville retaining his title against Jack Gallagher at Fastlane, and again on Raw against Rich Swann.  Austin Aries interviewed Neville after the match on Raw.  Aries absorbs the chants from the Chicago, and Neville calls him out on it, saying Aries is not on his level.  Aries knocks Neville to the floor with a shot with a microphone and a discus elbow.

Mauro Ranallo and Corey Graves acknowledge that Austin Aries is not at ringside with them on commentary, but acknowledge he’s making his own waves.  Outside of that, tonight Rich Swann and Jack Gallagher will team up against Noam Dar and Ariya Daivari.

Austin Aries makes his way to the ring.  Aries thanks the fans and says he’s secured his biggest interview to date – Austin Aries.  He asks himself what made him to decide to leave the announcer’s booth, step in the ring and punch Neville in the face.  Aries takes off his glasses, switches side, compliments himself, and says he punched Neville in the face because he could.  He says he’s been in the commentator’s booth for 3 months because he had a broken eye hole.  He thinks about a lesson he learned back in school – if you want respect, you find the toughest man in the room and you punch him in the face.  He says without a shadow of a doubt, that person is Neville – until Aries got here.

Aries puts his glasses back on and asks what’s left, and what’s in the future for Austin Aries.  He switches sides again – says that with his left hand, Austin Aries, expert journalist is no more, but Austin Aries – in ring expert is here on 205 Live.

Neville’s music hits, and he walks out to the ramp.  Neville says it’s unbelievable.  “I thought what happened last night was a momentary lapse in judgement, but you have clearly gone off the deep end.”  He says Aries hid behind an announcer’s table, and now all of a sudden he thinks he’s on Neville’s level.  Aries says he doesn’t think he’s at his level – he’s not at his level.  Neville is at the A-Level.  Aries is at the A-Double level.  Neville says the standard is the Neville Level, and Aries isn’t even close.  He tells Aries to go back to the announcer’s desk to make his jokes.  Aries says he doesn’t need to be at the announcer’s desk to tell jokes, and he invites him to the ring to hear a joke about how he beat him up twice in a row.  Neville says Aries hasn’t earned the right to share the ring with him – and he won’t have to lift a finger to get rid of him.  Neville talks about Aries having made fun of most of the roster.  “I ain’t gonna fight ya lad, but if it’s a fight you’re looking for, there’s a locker room back there that will be happy to oblige.”

Aries questions Neville about speaking for the locker room, and says he’s been writing checks his whole life, and his ass cashes each and every one of them.  Aries says he’s more than happy to meet each and every person that has a problem with him in the ring.

Mauro Ranallo and Corey Graves plug Talking Smack, saying there was an incident with AJ Styles and Shane McMahon backstage.

Noam Dar approaches Rich Swann and Jack Gallagher backstage.  He asks them if they saw the flowers that Alicia Fox got last week.  Swann asks him to confirm he actually bought them. Dar tells them to watch out in the ring, and says something about Alicia Fawwwwwwwwwks.  Gallagher doesn’t look concerned, and Swann continues to teach him about “this hip hop thing.”  Ok then.

Noam Dar comes to the ring as a video recaps last week’s flower exchange.  Ariya Daivari comes out next, followed by Jack Gallagher and Rich Swann.

Noam Dar & Ariya Daivari vs. Rich Swann & Jack Gallagher

The Winners: Rich Swann & Jack Gallagher

The Action: Swann and Daivari start it off.  Swann has control of things, hitting a dropkick early on.  He takes out Dar on the apron, and hits an enzuigiri on Daivari off the top rope, but Dar holds Daivari’s leg, keeping Swann from hitting a top rope hurricarana.

Dar and Daivari hit rapid tags.  They keep Swann cornered, and tag in and out repeatedly, wearing Swann down.  Swann fights Diavari with a test of strength and hits a kick to the head, making the hot tag to Gallagher.  He hits a handstand in the corner on Daivari.  Chaos ensues, Swann and Dar legal, Swann hits a Phoenix Splash off the top for the win.

After the match, a courier walks out with a box of chocolates.  Dar yells at him and tells him to wait, and then takes the box, handing it to her.  He says it’s for a lady that’s sweeter than all the chocolate in the world – Alicia Fox.

Graves and Ranallo announce that later tonight, Tony Nese will take on Austin Aries.

Backstage, Tom Phillips interviews Brian Kendrick about Akira Tozawa’s challenge.  He asks for Kendrick’s answer to the challenge.  Kendrick says initially he felt disrespected by Tozawa, but his actions tell him he’s not learning, so he’s going to teach him another lesson.  If he wants to fight Brian Kendrick, that’s what he’s going to get.

Akira Tozawa comes out to the ring, followed by Brian Kendrick.  Kendrick grabs a mic and says Tozawa wanted a fight, and he’s gonna get one, but it’s not going to be against him, but instead against someone else named Brian Kendrick – except he spells it with a “Y”

Akira Tozawa vs. Bryan Kendrick

The Winner: Akira Tozawa

The Action: Tozawa immediately goes on the attack.  Early on he hits a senton.  Tozawa keeps focusing on the real Kendrick, at ringside.  Bryan hits a forearm to the back and nails Tozawa with a slap.  Tozawa recovers with a flurry of kicks, and caps it off with a snap German suplex for the win.

All story, little substance.  Fine for what it was.

Dasha Fuentest interviews Neville backstage.  She asks him about Austin Aries’ upcoming debut.  Neville says Aries will regret this career decision.  He runs down Aries’ wisecracks, and says he’s going to suffer the consequences.  He says Tony Nese is no walk in the park, but more than that, Aries will realize everyone wants what he has.  Only one man can stand across the ring from the king at Wrestlemania.

Austin Aries vs. Tony Nese

The Winner: Austin Aries

The Action: Aries makes a mockery of the handshake, shaking Nese’s pinky finger.  The two lock up, and Aries breaks it clean.  Nese slams Aries to the mat and poses.  Aries drops Nese and spins on his back before locking in a headlock.  Nese connects with head scissors, but Aries does a handstand into a dropkick to escape.  He poses on the ropes to taunt Nese.

Nese tosses Aries onto the apron, but Aries trips up and lands awkwardly.  He sells it, favoring his knee, but seems to be ok.  He hits a dive roll over the top rope.  Running elbow in the corner leads to a flying elbow to Nese’s back.  Nese rolls out of the ring.  Aries runs the ropes, Nese, catches him.

Back and forth here until Aries hits a neckbreaker off the middle rope.  Aries heads up top, Nese takes him out on the top rope, and hits a gutbuster.  Nese locks in body scissors.  Aries rolls it into a pin, Nese counters with a running elbow.  Nese tosses Aries out of the ring, and stops to pose on the apron.  He cartwheels on the apron and hits a superkick on the floor.  He rolls Aries back in for two.

Nese talks trash to Aries, and Aries fires back with a series of lefts.  He takes Nese out with a clothesline and a chop.  Gut buster into an STO.   Aries hits a pendulum elbow. Nese goes for a schoolboy, but powers it into a single-arm powerbomb for two.

Nese sets up a German suplex into the turnbuckle, but Aries counters, sending Nese to the floor.  Aries dives through the ropes and connects, taking Nese out.  He takes off the elbow pad and hits his running discus elbow for the win.

I question giving Aries an even matchup for his 205 Live Debut.  Aries may be an internet darling, and known to NXT fans as well, but the fans in attendance aren’t necessarily familiar with his work.  It was a good match, but Aries needs to get his offense over, and a 50/50 match isn’t the best way to do that.

205 Live is in a weird spot right now.  The top feud is in a building phase right now, but the secondary feuds are just… strange.  I don’t know where they’re going with Dar and Fox.  Tozawa and Kendrick is getting a little campy.  But I’m excited about Aries and Neville, and hopefully, that goes to Wrestlemania.

Bill and I will be by tomorrow for Ring Rap Audio.  Hit us up with your Favorite Thing in Wrestling and your questions!  Thanks for reading!

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