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Ring of Honor Television Report for 3/29/2017 – The Hardys vs. The Briscoes for the ROH Tag Team Championship, Bullet Club vs. Daniels, Kazarian and Dalton Castle, More

Full Disclosure:  This is a review/report of the ROH broadcast that airs on a local Sinclair broadcast channel over the weekend.  It is the same show that airs Wednesday night on the new Comet TV Network.  Check your listings to see where Comet and/or your local Sinclair Network Affiliate is on your dial.

Ring of Honor Weekly Television, Taped On March 11, 2017 at Sam’s Town Live in Las Vegas, NV
Aired March 29, 2017 on Comet TV, and previously in ROH syndication

They opened with a recap of Christopher Daniels winning the ROH Championship at 15th Anniversary, then rolled into the standard ROH open.  Ian Riccaboni and Kevin Kelly were on the call, and they hyped Matt and Jeff Hardy appearing for the first time on ROH television.

Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian made their way to the ring and Daniels poured a drink.  Kaz said it was his pleasure to present Daniels as ROH Champion.  Daniels said he faced a man in Adam Cole who was younger, faster and arguably more technically sound than he is.  He said Cole wasn’t smarter than he is.

Daniels boasted about the plan that he and Kaz put together that bamboozled the Bullet Club.  He said that’s the only thing sweeter than his drink of choice.   Kaz said that he had his own goals and noted the ROH Television Championship match he won via the six-man mayhem match at the pay per view.  He said he is coming for the title, and that he and Daniels will always be brothers and the addiction you just can’t kick.

Dalton Castle entered and the commentary team noted he has a title shot at SuperCard of Honor.  Coming out of a break he joined them in the ring.  Daniels told him that the appletini is not just a drink, it’s an experience.  Fans chanted chug, but Daniels told them to calm down because you don’t chug the first one, you drink it slowly.

“Christopher, what is that?  It’s wonderful.” Castle said.  Daniels asked if they had another glass, but Dalton had it covered.  He snapped his fingers and The Boys came to the ring with a glass.  Daniels poured him a drink.  Castle congratulated him on his title win, calling it well deserved.  “But now you’re going to have to wrestle me, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.”  Kaz responded “Oooooh” and Daniels looked surprised.  Daniels shot a look that drew a laugh.

Bullet Club came out, with Adam Cole and the Young Bucks stopping at the stage.  Cole said that Daniels and Kaz screwed him out of his title and they would pay for what they have done.  Cole said the idea of Castle winning the title instead of him is laughable.  Cole said it won’t be Daniels vs. Castle at Supercard of Honor and said he is the only one who deserves a shot at the title.

Kaz asked why Cole would want to get in the ring with Daniels when Adam Cole was kicked right in his AdamHole” at the pay per view.  Kaz proposed a six-man main event tag, with the three Bullet Club members against him, Castle, and Daniels.  Bullet Club accepted and the commentary team hyped Hardys vs. Briscoes.

Bill Says:  This was a lengthy segment, but it was good.  The fans were into all of the various elements, including the comedy, and treated everyone involved as if they were stars.  This isn’t something I would want to see every week, but it worked because Daniels had just won the title and they needed to set up matches at SuperCard of Honor and for this show.

Backstage, Marty Scurll billed himself as the most dominant ROH Television Champion in history.  He said he has taken on all challengers and beaten all of them.  He lamented that he came to ROH for competition but doesn’t see any.  He told the roster to have a go if they think they are hard enough.  Somewhere off camera someone said “cut” and Scurll asked if they were done.  “Good.”

Kenny King walked into the shot and confronted Scurll.  He talked about the men he has beaten and challenged him to a title match.  Scurll laughed and accepted his challenge.  Riccaboni hyped that match as next week’s main event.

Bill Says:   The “cut” call was odd, and Scurll looked like he jumped out of character and got right back in, so I could have  done without that.  Scurll taking the challenge and such was well done.

The Briscoes made their entrance, then piano music played as a graphic showed Matt and Jeff Hardy.  Matt still acted in the “broken” manner but they did not bill him as such.

Match #1 – Matt and Jeff Hardy def. The Briscoes to retain the ROH Tag Team Championship

The Hardys controlled early, throwing chops that were met with “delete” and “obsolete” chants.  The Briscoes rallied, with Jay hitting a suicide dive to both men.  Mark followed with a Cactus Jack elbow off the apron on Matt.

Matt hot-tagged to Jeff and worked on Mark.  The crowd chanted “delete” as he landed punches and slammed Mark face first to the buckle.  “Wonderful!” Matt exclaimed in Broken style.  Matt tried for the Twist of Fate, but Mark countered out.  Matt hit a DDT instead for two, then the Hardys isolated Mark.

After a break, Jay got the hot tag and worked punches with Matt, and Matt got the better of the exchange by throwing headbutts.  Matt bit him in the corner, drawing blood.  Jay rallied with headbutts of his own and the commentary team recalled the two working singles matches.  Matt avoided the Jay Driller and hit the Side Effect for two.

Later, the Briscoes both hit superplexes on the Hardys, then Mark hit Froggy Bow on Matt.  Cover only gets a two.  Jeff hit Jay with the Twisst of Fate, then Matt rolled him up for two.  The Briscoes came back with their version of the Doomsday Device, but Jeff broke the count.

Jeff hit another Twist of Fate on Jay, this time at ringside.  In the ring Matt hit Mark with the same move and Jeff followed with a Swanton.  Matt covered for two  as the fans chanted “this is awesome.”  Late, Matt tagged in, then used a backslide on Mark. Jeff dropped his legs on Mark’s and held him for the three count to win.

The Young Bucks came out after the match to cut a promo about how they would tear down the house at SuperCard of Honor.  Matt Jackson challenged the Hardys to put the ROH Tag Team Championship and the Superkick Titles they stole from the Bucks above the ring at SuperCard of Honor for a ladder match.  The fans popped and the Hardys agreed to it.

Bill Says:  This match itself was a lot of fun.  I really enjoyed seeing these two teams work together because it sort of has the feel of a “dream match” to it.  The lack of build hurt that feeling quite a bit, as this match just sort of popped up on television with no real hype behind it.  While it lends to the “anything can happen” feel of ROH television, it took a bit of the edge off of what should be considered a major happening.  I get it that they had to get to the SuperCard of Honor show match, so that didn’t help the timeline of setting this match up.  All of that said, this was a good match that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Match #2 – Christopher Daniels, Dalton Castle (w/The Boys) and Frankie Kazarian def. Adam Cole and The Young Bucks (Bullet Club).

Joined in progress, Riccaboni told us that the two teams just couldn’t wait to get things underway.  Bullet Club controlled the early going.  The Bucks teased their Terminator dive but The Boys tripped them up.  They got in the ring and stood next to Cole, who was down.  They ran the ropes but the Bucks pulled them out and took them out.  The Bucks hit suicide dives on all three opponents.

The heels settled in and focused their offense on Kaz.  They all tried brainbusters.  Kaz punched Matt, then threw a strike at Cole.  Nick was about to hit it, but Castle and Daniels cut him off.  The three heels all tried the move, but the babyfaces countered into suplexes going to commercial.

Later, Daniels hit a springboard moonsault on Nick for two then  set up Angel’s Wings.  Cole cut that off and tagged in, then Castle tagged in.  He hit a nice suplex on Cole then hit both Bucks with German suplexes.  Castle threw a German suplex to a bridge, but Nick hit Castle with a swanton to break things up.

They went on a big move barrage that left all six men down.  The fans chanted “this is awesome,” and Cole hit the ring to hit a destroyer on Kazarian.  Daniels hit Cole with a uranage then followed with the Best Moonsault Ever.  Cole moved and the Bucks hit Daniels with a double superkick.  The Bucks tried the same move on Castle while Cole held him, but Castle moved so Cole took the boots.  Castle then took a double superkick, but came right back with a clothesline on the Bucks.

Daniels hit the Bucks with a springboard moonsault on the floor, then Castle hit Cole with Bang A Rang in the ring to get the clean win.  Daniels and Castle shook hands, and Riccaboni told viewers to go to the ROH Website to get more information on SuperCard of Honor.

Bill Says:  This was a fantastic match.  All six men worked really hard and pulled out some great spots along the way.

They ran a video package to hype SuperCard of Honor, with a promo from the Briscoes and Bully Ray who will be facing Bullet Club.  The Briscoes cut a brief promo on the match.  They also hyped Cody (Rhodes) vs. Jay Lethal, with Lethal featured with some comments.  They also hyped the title match, with Daniels giving some comments on defending the title and Castle putting Daniels over as the champion “for now…”

Bill Says: While they lacked a lot of time to get to SuperCard of Honor, which happens on April 1 – this Saturday – I think they did  so as effectively as they could.  This whole show pointed in that general direction and the show was fantastic.  They pointed to the right matches – the Hardys vs. the Bucks and Castle vs. Daniels – throughout the night and the match quality was fantastic.  If you haven’t seen this show, I encourage you to do so.

I will be by on Around the Ring tomorrow night with more to say on this show and all things wrestling as we head into Wrestlemania weekend.  See you then.

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