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Interview Highlight: Alexa Bliss Talks Playing a Heel, Talking Smack Show, Breaking off from Blake and Murphy, More

Alexa Bliss, the current Smackdown Women’s Champion, gave an interview to Brian Fritz of Sporting leading into her first Wrestlemania appearance to defend her championship.  You can read the full interview at this link, but here are a few highlights:

Alexa on playing the heel:

Well, here’s the thing. It’s so much fun, though. I love portraying different characters. When I was younger, my mom always said I was super-dramatic anyway. So I always try to channel that a little bit. It’s so much fun, though. To portray something that you’re really not. It’s like a little escape and I love to act and to be dramatic. I feel like the wrestling ring in WWE is the perfect platform to do that. It’s totally acceptable. (laughs)

Alexa on splitting from Blake and Murphy and their influence on her:

When I broke away from Blake and Murphy, it was really heartbreaking. It really was because we’re all three best friends. I am who I am now because of those guys because they were the ones who forced me into a character change. I am who I am because of them. So, it was really upsetting when we all split apart but that’s when I knew I had to step it up because I didn’t have them by my side anymore and vice versa. I knew I had to really show who is Alexa Bliss without Blake and Murphy because, for a while, we were all a trio and before then, I was this goodie-goodie fairy type. I had this responsibility to step up and show who Alexa Bliss is without the tag team and I just made sure that I made the most of every opportunity that was given and to try to make as big of an impact as I could.

Alexa on the Talking Smack post-show:

I love “Talking Smack”. It is so much fun. We just literally go out there and say whatever we want. Somehow, it’s never planned, but somehow I end up bickering with Daniel Bryan every single time. It’s a lot of fun and it does so much for everyone’s character to really show what we can’t portray in the ring whether it’s time, whether it’s having a match with no speaking parts. It’s that moment that really can help define who you are in the ring and I love being on Talking Smack because it’s fun to literally go out there and talk smack.

Bill Says:  I’ve said it before and I will say it again – Alexa Bliss shows a lot of promise and upside and she has benefited from the brand split.  Talking Smack has been a great format for many, but she is one who has stood out in a major way with her appearances on the show.  She definitely has the verbal skills, and as long as she continues to improve in the ring she could really be a top women’s star in the company in the future.

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