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Ring of Honor Television Recap for 4/19/2017 – RPG Vice vs. Cheeseburger and Ferrara, Wildcard Eight Man Tag, and More

Full Disclosure:  This is a review/report of the ROH broadcast that airs on a local Sinclair broadcast channel over the weekend.  It is the same show that airs Wednesday night on the new Comet TV Network.  Check your listings to see where Comet and/or your local Sinclair Network Affiliate is on your dial.

Ring of Honor Weekly Television, Taped On March 11, 2017 at Sam’s Town Live in Las Vegas, NV
Aired April 19, 2017 on Comet TV, and previously in ROH syndication

They hyped the wildcard eight man tag and touted that the winners would move on to a four corners match for a future ROH Championship shot.  The standard open rolled and Ian Riccaboni and Kevin Kelly checked in for the call.

Match #1 – Chris Sabin def. Caprice Coleman (w/Kenny King);

The commentary team said Coleman held an advantage with Kenny King at ringside.  King cut off Sabin at ringside which let Coleman rake the eyes.  Lio Rush came out to counter the numbers game going to break.  Late in the match, Sabin hit a somersault off the apron onto King, then tried a sunset flip on Coleman.  King held on, but Rush intervened.  Sabin hit the sunset flip for the win.

Bill Says: This was fine to keep the undercard story of Rush and the Rebellion going and knew its place as the show opener.

They recapped Bully Ray and the Briscoes winning the six man tag team titles last week.  Silas Young then delivered a promo for the upcoming ROH show in Milwaukee, and the commentary team hyped a show in Hopkins, MN for the following night.

Match #2 – Roppongi Vice (Rocky Romero and Trent Baretta) def. Cheeseburger and Will Ferrara;

RPG Vice threw their ring jackets at the commentary team, who put them on for a laugh.  They controlled the early going into the commercial break.  After a break, Ferrara hit a dive on Baretta, but Romero caught him with a knee from the apron.

In the ring, Cheeseburger and Ferrara got a hope spot with a crucifix/roll-up combination on Baretta, but Romero broke the count.  The fans got on the official with a “that was three” chant and it seemed like Romero was late.  Ferrara tried for a tornado DDT but he got caught, and RPG Vice hit the drop kick into reverse piledriver combination to win.  Ferrara and Cheeseburger bickered after the loss, with Ferrara shoving Cheeseburger and leaving without shaking hands.

Bill Says: The split of Ferrara and Cheeseburger has some mild interest from me, if for any reason I want to see the company do more with Ferrara.  But then I recall when Prince Nana was running around handing out envelopes, and nothing came from that.  So.  But I did enjoy the match for what it was, even though I continue to scratch my head as to why ROH won’t clearly define Roppongi Vice as faces or heels.  Which way do you want fans to react, ROH?

They hyped the finals of the Top Prospect Tournament next week, with Josh Woods facing John Skyler.

Ring intros for the eight man tag took place.  They explained that the teams were randomly selected.  Silas Young, Hangman Page, Jay White, and Jay Lethal were first out, then Colt Cabana, Lio Rush, Hanson, and Bobby Fish.

Match #3 – Silas Young, Hangman Page, Jay White, and Jay Lethal def. Colt Cabana, Lio Rush, Hanson and Bobby Fish;

Cabana teased starting but Lio Rush spun him around and pie-faced him.  Cabana smiled and let him start.  Rush and White worked early with some good action between the two. Young mocked the two as fans cheered the early action by getting in the ring and applauding.

Young tagged in, then Hanson blind-tagged in.  Young backed down, which drew a laugh from Lethal.  Young chopped Lethal to tag him in, and that started fighting among the Lethal team going to a commercial.  Back from break, Lethal was isolated by the other team.  Page teased a tag but he pulled his hand back. Page tagged himself in, but Young tagged to Lethal before he could do anything.  Fish and Young battled going to the final commercial.

Fish suplexed his way into a tag to Hanson, who sent Lethal and Rush off the apron, then hit Page and Young with clotheslines.  Lethal and White got in front of their partners and took clotheslines as well.  Hanson asked Rush to slam him onto Page, and Rush pulled it off to a big pop (Rush is much smaller than Hanson for those unfamiliar).

Rush got on a run, but Young slowed him down.  Fish cut Young off only to take a dragon suplex from White.  Hanson took White out with a clothesline, then Page took him out.  Colt got in and took out Page only to get hit with Lethal Combination from Lethal. Lethal wanted the tag from Page, but he dropped off the apron and left.  Frankie Kazarian attacked Page and they fought backstage.  The distraction let Rush roll Lethal up for two.  Rush came back with a powerbomb and set for a frog splash but Lethal got the knees up.  He followed with Lethal Injection to get the win.

Bill Says:  The Lethal team did a nice job of executing the wildcard gimmick by fighting amongst themselves as babyfaces and heels.  This sets up Lethal vs. Young vs. Page vs. White for title shot in a four way match going forward, which should be a good match as well.  I admit popping for the Rush slamming Hanson spot.  This was a fun and chaotic match (I hope I got all the sequences right – maybe not…).  Minor nit-pick but I wish ROH would have done some storytelling with why these guys were chosen and teamed as they were.  Maybe I missed it somewhere, but there was nothing given.  That’s a detail that can make ROH programming stand out if they execute it on the regular and show discipline in doing so.

All in all, the main event really made this show worth the watch.  Next week promises to be newsworthy if only for having a winner in the Top Prospect Tournament.  I’ll have more to say later tonight on Around the Ring.

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