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Impact Wrestling Taping *SPOILERS* for XPlosion Matches and “Turning Point” Show

Impact Wrestling taped television events over the weekend in Orlando, FL at Universal Studios.   The following are the results of Xplosion shows and Turning Point which were taped on April 22 (Saturday).  If you don't want these upcoming shows spoiled, don't read on!  Spoilers are courtesy, however, if you were in the building and have more information to contribute, we'd greatly appreciate an email to with that information.

Xplosion Taping:

  • Mahabali Shera def. Marshe Rockett by DQ.  Rockett tried hiding behind the official, then at one point pushed him into Shera, who avoided him.  The official eventually DQ’d Rockett.
  • Dezmond Xavier def. Idris Abraham in what was reported to be a “good” X Division match
  • KM (w/Sienna) def. Joe Coleman with a pumphandle slam that drives the man down face first.

Turning Point Taping:

According to, this show will air sometime in May.  Josh Mathews and D’Angelo Dinero on the call.

  • “VOW” Wilcox and Mayweather def. Fallah Bah and Mario Bokara.  VOW won what was called a good match with a modified 3D.
  • Laurel Van Ness (w/Kongo Kong) def. Ava Storie.  Van Ness used a curb stomp to win then attacked Ava afterward until Allie ran out for the save.  Kongo carried Laurel to the back.
  • Mahabali Shera def. Marshe Rockett.
  • Matt Morgan def. KM (w/Sienna) with the Carbon Footprint.
  • Davey Richards (w/Angelina Love) def. Suicide with a shining wizard.
  • Impact Knockouts Champ Rosemary def. GFW Women’s Champion Sienna (w/KM)
  • Eli Drake def. Eddie Edwards (w/Alicia Edwards)
  • Bobby Lashley (d) def. Moose to retain the Impact Wrestling Championship.  Reportedly a good match that included a referee bump.  Moose missed the Game Changer and Lashley hit him with a spear to win.
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