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WWE Monday Night Raw Live Reaction for 5/22/2017 – The Build to Extreme Rules Continues, Rising Tensions En Route to a Five-Way Extreme Rules Match, Will Bayley Show She Can Get Extreme, More

WWE Raw rolls into Grand Rapids, MI tonight at the Van Andel Arena with Extreme Rules just 13 nights out.  Stakes are high for Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, Finn Balor, and Samoa Joe as they get set to compete in a five-way extreme rules match.  Last week it was Wyatt who stood over everyone, putting down Rollins and Joe at the end of the night with two Sister Abigails.  Who will answer tonight?  Bayley was on the receiving end of a kendo stick shot from Alexa Bliss, and demanded that Kurt Angle give her a chance for revenge.  Will she put the Raw Women’s Champion in her place this week as they move toward their “kendo stick on a pole” match at Extreme Rules?  Plus the question that everyone is asking (dripping with sarcasm here)….why, Goldust, why?

Show Open, Live from the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, MI;

They opened the show with a video package that hyped the Extreme Rules Fatal Five Way match to determine who would take on Brock Lesnar.  They used the Wyatt sounder at the end of the video to transition to Wyatt making his entrance.  Cole, Graves, and Booker T checked in for the call as Graves ran down the list of competitors in the five way match.  Booker called the five-way a hell of a test for the men involved.

Cole recapped the main event of last week, when Samoa Joe jumped Seth Rollins to cause a DQ.  Wyatt took out both Rollins and Joe with his finish at the end of the match.  Cole asked if Wyatt could be the new contender.  Can Wyatt stand to lose yet another big match?  I say no.  Wyatt asked for the fans to stand up and said the slaves of the beasts shall be liberated.  “Stand up and rejoice for your one true savior, Bray Wyatt.”

He said the beast is all around us and lives inside of everyone.  He calls it the leash society wraps around our necks and why our kids can’t sleep at night.  I thought that was just my overdose of caffeine.  Wyatt said he is in control and will feast on the Beast’s black heart.  He said the beast will die the most magnificent death at the hands of “your one true savior” Bray Wyatt.

He said that four men will suffer at Extreme Rules and he will begin his crusade to slay the beast once and for all.  “I alone can protect you.”  He laughs – and I laugh only because his words will amount to nothing.  He asks if Rollins can protect them, and the fans cheer.  He said he sacrificed Seth Rollins. He considers Samoa Joe and said he sacrificed him too.  He says there are no friends in his world, only followers.

He mentions Balor and the fans cheer.  He says that’s the problem – that people try to live vicariously through him.  He says even the Demon will realize that only he can slay the beast.  He pauses and notes a fifth man that claims all of this is his yard – Roman Reigns.  Boos all over the place for this guy.  He asks what one yard is when he owns the world.  Well, this brings out the Big Dog.

“The eater of worlds has drawn the ire of the Big Dog,” said Graves.  Welcome to Cliche City.  Reigns walked to the ring taped up from his battles with Strowman previously, and the commentary team pointed them out.  A sign in the crowd said Roman eats fish sticks.  Hey, a guy’s gotta get his protein.  “If you’re gonna run your mouth in my yard, I suggest you do it to my face,” Reigns said.  Wyatt laughed and said it was good to see him.

Wyatt said Reigns always let his temper get the best of him.  He said he had the truth, and he is the only one that could beat Lesnar.  Reigns said it won’t happen because he will beat four men at Extreme Rules and move on to beat Brock Lesnar.  “And that, my friend, is the truth.”  Reigns asked how he would get Wyatt’s ass outta his yard.  Well, Kurt Angle has something to say about that.

Angle said the fatal five way could be the most important match of the new era and he was looking at the two favorites.  He asked who would carry the momentum into that match and said he didn’t want to wait til next week, or later tonight.  He set Reigns vs. Wyatt to start “right now” and demanded an official come out.  Angle’s music played and he exited.

I love me some Bray Wyatt.  He’s got a good promo, and he’s not bad in the ring.  The problem is – his words rarely mean anything.  I don’t know that I can buy him as being the guy to go on and face Lesnar, unless they are really looking for a “sacrificial lamb” type of contender just to get Brock on pay per view for a month and save a bigger match for another time.  I hear all the rumors of wanting Reigns/Lesnar for Wrestlemania next year, so keeping those two apart will be key in my mind.

Match #1 – Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt;

Winner: Roman Reigns by disqualification (assumed, not announced)

The Reax:  They just rang the bell coming back live.  Cole reminded us that Angle made this match prior to the break and called it the renewal of a rivalry.  Dueling chants for Roman as they tie up to start.  Reigns struck Wyatt, who did the spider upside down pose in the corner.  Wyatt tried a Sister Abigail but Reigns slipped out and booted him to ringside.

As the commentary team talked about Reigns’ battles with Strowman, Wyatt hit a uranage.  Wyatt whipped Reigns across then laid on the mat for a moment laughing before trying a charge.  Reign met him with a big clothesline.  Reigns hit his ten corner clothesline spot while Cole recapped the match rules in two weeks.  Wyatt came back with his cross body block.

Samoa Joe joined the fray with his entrance music.  Joe invited Wyatt to get up and join him in a beatdown on Reigns, but instead locked in the Coquina Clutch on Reigns.  That ended the match.  Wyatt got up and got locked in the Clutch himself.  Seth Rollins’ music hit and he charged the ring to attack Joe.  Rollins threw some punches and then drop kicked Joe from the ring.  Wyatt ate a Superman punch from Reigns and rolled to ringside.

Cole talked about Reigns and Rollins having been in the Shield together as those two eyed each other up.  The commentary team hyped the match and noted that Finn Balor would be in action against Karl Anderson later tonight.

I figure that we’re not going to really get a finish to matches between the five-way competitors until Extreme Rules.  They’re definitely setting the tone at least with the men all having issues among each other without really having one go over the other.  I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but for now it’s sort of working to not really define a clear favorite in the match.

Backstage, Rollins and Reigns talked.  Reigns said that he didn’t need Rollins’ help, but Rollins said he was out there for Joe.  Angle showed up and said tonight was all about teamwork.  He booked Wyatt and Joe vs. Rollins and Reigns for the main event.  Elias Samson drifted on by to play a song.  Angle said he’s been trying to get his attention, so he just did.  Angle booked Samson vs. Dean Ambrose.

Match #2 – Akira Tozawa vs. Ariaya Daivari;

Winner:  Akira Tozawa

The Reax:  As Tozawa came to the ring they talked to Brian Kendrick.  He said he’s the teacher, and Tozawa’s the student.  They hyped Tozawa vs. Kendrick on 205 Live in a street fight and said it would bring their feud to a head.  Tozawa got the early offense and a two count.  The fans were into his “chant,” but Daivari clubbed him down.

Graves asked if he was impressed with Tozawa, and Kendrick said the only thing that impressed him was his stupid chant.  Tozawa rallied with some strikes and a suplex.  Tozawa won with his senton off the ropes, and the commentary team recapped the finish. Kendrick said he was impressed but not as much as everyone would be when he destroys Tozawa tomorrow night on 205 Live.

Fine match for what it was, but what grabbed me more was that they at least put an effort to give hype to a match on 205 Live on Tuesday by at least talking to one of the key players in Kendrick.  We’ve got your 205 Live coverage courtesy Drew Koscelek tomorrow night.

Charly Caruso asked Sasha Banks about her strategy in a rubber match against Alicia Fox.  Banks called it her get out of jail free card and she could finally get away from that “crazy Fox” and her boyfriend (Noam Dar).  They showed up and belittled Banks for being alone.  Dar said they would tell her their strategy for later – but since she smarted off they won’t tell.

Elias Samson sang in the ring about getting rid of Dean Ambrose to a chorus of boos.  He’s about to make his debut in the ring against Dean.  Ambrose made his entrance then Cole welcomed Miz and Maryse to commentary.

Match #3 – Dean Ambrose vs. Elias Samson;

Winner: Elias Samson by DQ.

The Reax:  Miz talked about the match at Extreme Rules and said that rules were made for guys like Ambrose.  Maryse lamented that Miz got kicked in the no-no land.  Ambrose hit a couple arm drags before Samson draped him in the ropes and pulled him back into them to take charge of the match.  Samson hit a running knee on the apron going to break.

Back live, Samson continued to control the offense.  Cole proposed that Ambrose is looking ahead to Miz at Extreme Rules.  Miz said the IC title has been drowning under Ambrose’s reign and he will return it to relevancy.  Ambrose started to rally but Samson cut him off with a clothesline for two.  Samson stretched Ambrose’s arm in an armbar.   Miz blathered about how Ambrose is a lazy champion.

Ambrose started to rally with strikes and a neckbreaker.  A good match out of Samson so far for his first time on the big stage.  Ambrose built momentum, going top rope.   Ambrose came off the ropes and Samson met him with a big flying knee.  Big shot from the new guy!  Miz left the commentary table and got in the ring, only to hit Samson.  Match over.

Ambrose took off to attack Miz and caught him in the ring.  Samson attacked Ambrose from behind before he could hit Dirty Deeds, then hit his own finish.

Samson looked good in his debut.  The flying knee shot into Ambrose jumping off the rope was a great visual.  They played into the match stipulation by having Miz get Ambrose DQ’d, and kept Ambrose from getting his hands on Miz.  As I’ve said, I’m ready to move on from Miz vs. Ambrose, but the work isn’t being poorly done here.  Let’s just hope Extreme Rules is the end of the line for them.

The commentary team hyped the Extreme Rules match between Miz and Ambrose then the match between Balor and Karl Anderson for later.  Backstage, Cass found Enzo laid out and demanded to know what happened.

They hyped the musical act that contributed music for Extreme Rules, then went backstage.  Angle, Cass, and medics were with Enzo, who said he got jumped and he didn’t see what happened.   The medics helped Enzo off, and Cass turned to Angle and told him that he better hope Angle finds out before Cass does.

Finn Balor came out with a big reaction on his entrance.  They hyped the five-way match and how it could change the direction of the new era, then said Balor never lost the Universal Championship.  Balor said “Balor Club is in the building” and said they have their hands full at Extreme Rules in the five way.  He said Karl Anderson stands in his way tonight but he’s focused.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman…”  The Advocate is in the building and everyone is talking right along with him.  He said one could make the argument that he’s there to scout victims for his client.  He talked about how Wyatt talked earlier about a WWE without Lesnar.  He said Lesnar will paint Wyatt as a victim.

“Then there’s Seth Freakin’ Rollins.”  He said “Brock Freakin’ Lesnar” will make him a victim. He said Rollins is the malicious focus of Samoa Joe.  Heyman put Joe over as a badass but said he’s still a victim.  “Then we have the one that laid the Deadman down, Roman Reigns.”  Heyman called him the odds-on favorite and said if he wins the five way and challenges for the title, he will no longer be the end all be all in WWE, he will be just be Brock’s victim.

“Which leads me, Mr. Balor, to you.”  Heyman entered the ring.  Heyman said he respectfully submits that Balor is no one’s victim and the others have painted him as an underdog, but he’s not.  “They might not see you coming, but I see you coming – the Balor Club sees you coming.”  Heyman said he believes that Balor is the most talented in-ring performer in WWE today.  He also believes that Balor believes that he would take the other contenders to the extreme.  He said he believes that Balor believes that if he wins, he will look at Lesnar the same as the other men in the five way and will look at Lesnar as if he is the victim.

Heyman wished Balor luck in the five way at Extreme Rules.  Balor said he wished Lesnar was present – “but he’s not, surprise, surprise.” He told Heyman to tell Lesnar that he will win at Extreme Rules and go on to face Lesnar for the title he never lost.  “You tell him I said that Finn Balor will beat Brock Lesnar.”

I think it was good to get some sort of contact out of the Lesnar camp and it was important to get that back on the radar as a part of the five-way build.  This is the first foreshadowing of a direction for the match.  Heyman brought his normal good promo skills to the segment, then Balor added some short and valuable lines at the end to show he’s focused on the end goal.

Anderson and Gallows made their entrance right before the break.  Cole noted how Balor and Anderson were friends at one time.

Match #4 – Karl Anderson (w/Luke Gallows) vs. Finn Balor;

Winner:  Finn Balor

The Reax:  The match was underway when we came back, with Anderson in control.  Balor started to fight back with strikes until Gallows got on the apron to cause a distraction for Anderson to get control back.  Gallows got in a cheap shot with the referee distracted and Anderson got a two count. Cole talked about the frustration that Anderson and Gallows have with adjusting to Finn Balor’s success.

Anderson controlled Balor with a headlock then hit a backbreaker for two.  Back to the headlock.  Booker said there’s always some gamesmanship to Heyman’s words.  Balor threw a kick and both men sold.  Balor started to get some momentum with strikes and a drop kick.  Anderson got the boots up on a charge, but when he went to the buckle Balor met him with an enzugiri.

A bit later, Anderson felt the Coup de Grace coming and avoided it, then hit a spinebuster for two.  This is a good singles showing for Anderson.  Balor hit a big dive to the outside onto both men.  Back inside, Balor hit a slingblade then hit the Coup de Grace to score the win.

Like I said, a good showing from Anderson as a singles competitor in this match.  I think he has something to offer and I could fill a paragraph with a lament about how poorly Anderson and Gallows have been handled.  More importantly, they gave Balor some momentum going forward here as well with a good singles match win.

They hyped the tag match between Rollins and Reigns vs. Joe and Wyatt and Matt Hardy going one on one with Sheamus to determine their stipulation at Extreme Rules.

Match #5 – Alicia Fox (w/Noam Dar) vs. Sasha Banks;

Winner:  Sasha Banks

The Reax:  No televised entrance for Fox, but Banks got one.  Is this really a feud?  Booker talked about Fox’s scissors kick finish and said it comes out of nowhere.  Graves said Fox and Dar getting married would be bigger than the royals.  Um, not really.   Sasha got Fox down early and used a drop toe hold and tried to transition to a submission but Fox got in the ropes.  Dar distracted Banks and Fox hit a big kick and got two.

Banks caught Fox with a boot in the corner, but got sent into the buckle face first.  Fox tried for the scissor kick, but got caught in the ropes.  Banks hit her double knee drop in the corner to win.  Dar confronted Banks afterward and jawed at her, so Banks slapped him.  Alicia attacked her from behind then hit the scissor kick to some boos.

Honestly, not sure I care about what’s going on here.  Sasha’s going nowhere at the moment.

Kalisto was talking to Apollo Crews backstage. He said he’s been fighting Titus O’Neil’s battles of late.  He asked Crews if he attacked Enzo Amore earlier and Crews said he wouldn’t do that.  He said he saw an opportunity by joining with Titus and took it.  Titus showed up and asked Kalisto if he wanted to join the Titus brand, and said he didn’t care where the money came from.  “If it spends, I’m in.”  Kalisto said he didn’t want in on that, so Titus said he would have Apollo face Kalisto and teach him a lesson in the ring.

They hyped Alexa Bliss talking about the Extreme Rules match, next.

Back live, the commentary team discussed the Golden Truth split.  This is the story we all care about.  They recapped the split last week with Goldust attacking Truth.  We got a produced video from Goldust.  He said the brightest light might fade but gold is the purest of them all.  He said R-Truth’s light is flickering and he’s holding on to that last glimmer of hope, waiting to shine on his screen.  He said he’s back in the director’s chair and will control how and when his next film will end.  “The Golden Age is back.”

Charly said that’s a side we haven’t seen of Goldust of late.  She welcomed Alexa Bliss for an interview and talked about the kendo stick on a pole match.  She recapped the attack by Bliss with a kendo stick last week.  They showed a picture of the marks left by the stick on Bayley.  Bliss said she doesn’t feel bad for Bayley and the sound of that strike made her salivate.  “I want to do it again!”

She said she will get the stick first and use it throughout the match and leave Bayley tattooed with welts.  She said it’s not in Bayley’s DNA to get extreme.  She turned to tonight’s match and said she would do to Mickie James what she will do to Bayley – take her dreams and turn them into nightmares.

A sound promo from Bliss to continue to add hype to the match.  I get this feeling – and I hope to hell I’m wrong – that they’ll have Bayley somehow rise up and stop Bliss with a short run.  I’d rather see Bliss take a beating but hang on by nefarious means (Nia Jax?) and leave Bayley in chase mode for a while before giving her back the title.

They recapped the battle between Strowman and Roman Reigns, because why not, to keep Strowman on our minds?  They hyped the tag match yet to come in the main event.  Wow, there’s still an hour and 20 minutes to go…plus the overrun…

Match #6 – Kalisto vs. Apollo Crews (w/Titus O’Neil);

Winner:  Kalisto

The Reax:  No televised entrance for Kalisto.  They recapped the earlier backstage segment that sent this match up.  Graves said Kalisto doesn’t like money because he turned down the Titus Brand.  Um, the Titus Brand loses more than it wins.  Anyhow, Kalisto fired off early and often with strikes until Crews rolled out for a powder.  He came back with a big boot.

Crews threw a long delay vertical suplex for two then settled in with a front face lock.  Kalisto fought out but ate a drop kick.  Crews set up for something but Kalisto rolled through for two.  Kalisto hit Salida Del Sol and got the win.  Cole asked if O’Neil was distracting Crews with all of the yelling.  Crews and O’Neil talked in the ring.

This was what it was.  Nothing all that newsworthy to discuss here.

They hyped Matt Hardy vs. Sheamus to determine the stipulation for Extreme Rules, next.

Match #7 – Matt Hardy (w/Jeff Hardy) vs. Sheamus (w/Cesaro); Winner Gets to Pick the Stipulation for the Tag Team Championship Match at Extreme Rules;

Winner:  Matt Hardy

The Reax:  JoJo handled the introductions and explained what was on the line.  Hardys out first to a big reaction and some delete chants, then Sheamus and Cesaro.  They recounted what happened at Payback between the teams to set this situation up.  The two tied up early with no one really getting an advantage.  Matt controlled Sheamus with a headlock.

Sheamus shoulder blocked Matt down then threw a couple uppercuts then a takeover.  Fans rallied behind Hardy, who drove Sheamus out to the floor.  Sheamus got in and Matt nearly hit the Twist of Fate, but Sheamus bailed.  Hardy went outside after him but got driven to the barrier and Sheamus took control.  He hit three of his shots to the chest then ran the ropes and blasted Hardy to the barrier from the apron.

Sheamus delivered a top rope clothesline for two.  Hardy delivered a boot and rolled Sheamus for two.  Hardy threw a couple strikes but Sheamus threw a big forearm.  Hardy side-stepped a charge in the corner and Sheamus nearly crashed  to the post.  Hardy went to the buckle but Sheamus hit a rolling senton instead for two.

The fans rallied behind Hardy after a break, but Sheamus cut him off with White Noise for two.  Someone in the front row is holding a sign that says Sheamus blew a 3-0 lead, referencing the best of seven series with Cesaro.  Jeff jumped on the apron as Matt hit a tornado DDT for a near fall.  Matt threw some strikes, escaped a Sheamus move, then hit the Side Effect for two.

Matt called for the Twist of Fate but Sheamus cut it off.  He tried a second Side Effect but Sheamus countered out and hit a vicious knee shot for two.  Good match going on here so far.  Sheamus called for the Brogue Kick but Hardy ducked.  Cesaro started creeping in for a distraction so Jeff took him out.  In the ring, Hardy hit the Twist of Fate for the win.

At the stage, Charly asked what the stipulation would be.  Matt said they would lock Cesaro and Sheamus up and tear them down inside of a steel cage.

A good match between the two men.  I’m not sure how much I like the steel cage stipulation, because it feels outside of Matt and Jeff Hardy’s wheelhouse.  I sort of expect them to go with something like a TLC match or something like that.  None the less, I feel confident we’ll get to see a good tag title match in two weeks.

They recapped the opening of the show where the four men in the main event tag match got involved with each other.  Graves asked if any of the four men could get along in the main event.

They recapped the situation between Austin Aries and Neville, with Neville working on Aries’ knee.  The two will face off at Extreme Rules in a submission match for the Cruiserweight Championship.

Match #7 – Austin Aries vs. Tony Nese;

Winner:  Austin Aries

The Reax:  Nese went to work on Aries’ knee.  Aries came back with an elbow for two.  Aries was looking for the Last Chancery but Nese threw him off.  He tried again, but Nese got away again.  As Aries re-entered the ring, he turned to Neville and noted he sees him, but Nese swept the bad leg.  Nese started to focus on the bad leg.

Aries fired back with chops, then got a boot up to avoid a charge.  Aries went to the buckle but Nese caught him in flight with an elbow.  Nese taunted a bit then lifted for a delayed suplex.  Aries turned it into a guillotine hold. Nese tried to toss him away but Aries held on and turned it into the Last Chancery for the win.  Aries posed on the ramp as Neville seethed in the ring.  Neville locked Nese in the Rings of Saturn, and Aries applauded while yelling “I already beat him!”

A decent match that the commentary team did a decent enough job of building the fact that Aries would be entering a submission match in a weakened state with the bad knee.  Here’s hoping the third time is a charm if they plan on moving the title.   I’m not sure they can go to this match too many more times now.  There was some mileage after Wrestlemania but they can’t carry it on too far or they’ll wear it out.  The bigger issue the cruiserweights have is who the next contender to whoever the champion is.

They hyped Alexa Bliss vs. Mickie James for next.

Match #8 – Mickie James vs. Alexa Bliss;

Winner:  Alexa Bliss

The Reax:  Mickie didn’t seem to get a lot of a reaction – maybe that’s my speakers.  They hyped Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss at Extreme Rules as Bliss came to the ring.  The two worked some early go behinds until Alexa got the ropes.  The two tied up into the corner, where Bliss stomped away on her.  James returned the favor after some Bliss taunting.

Mickie fired off a series of moves, getting a two count off a neckbreaker.  Mickie landed some brutal cross-face shots then yelled at Bliss, then followed with a big kick to the mush.  Ouch.  Mickie set for a huracanrana but Bliss escaped then threw a big right hand.  She followed with a DDT for the win.

Bliss stood at ringside seething about the big shot that she took.  She pulled out a kendo stick, got in the ring and hit Mickie with it.  Bayley charged the ring and Bliss waited for her, but Bayley tripped her.  Bayley grabbed the stick and Bliss begged off then rolled out of the ring.  She shook her head no as she backed up the ramp.

This was fine for what it was.  I like that they teased the idea that Bayley would, and could, find that place to go to in order to use the kendo stick on Bliss.  I stick with what I said earlier though – let Bayley give her a beating, but have someone (Nia Jax?) interfere enough to keep Bayley away from the title.

They hyped the tag match main event between Rollins, Reigns, Joe and Wyatt for next.  Back live they hyped the street fight between Tozawa and Kendrick on 205 Live.  Don’t forget, Drew has your coverage, 10PM EST.

Match #9 – Bray Wyatt and Samoa Joe vs. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins;


The Reax:  Wyatt entered first, and the commentary team recapped Wyatt’s show opening promo and the main event from last Monday.  For some reason, we got Rollins’ music then Joe’s music.  They covered the blooper by saying it was Wyatt mind games.  Really?  C’mon, you’re better than that.  Rollins then got his entrance and he confronted Joe in the ring.  Reigns was last to a chorus of boos.  The commentary team talked about the issues between the four men.

Jousting between all of them, but it settled in to Rollins and Wyatt in the early going.   Rollins controlled Wyatt early on, throwing him into the barrier then attacking Samoa Joe.  The distraction let Wyatt send Rollins face first to the barrier going into a break.

Back live, Wyatt controlled Rollins, who got the hot tag to Reigns.  He immediately went at Wyatt with clotheslines, a big knee lift then a Samoan drop.  Wyatt popped up into his spider walk, which distracted Reigns from setting up for the Superman punch.  Joe attacked Reigns but Reigns fought him off.  Wyatt attacked him, then Joe got a shot in as well.   Reigns sold for Joe as Kurt Angle watched on from backstage.

Commentary did a good job of putting Joe over as a “deadly” competitor as he controlled Reigns with a chinlock.  Reigns fought to his feet but Joe shoved Reigns to the corner and hit a splash then an enzugiri for two.  Wyatt tagged in and continued to work over Reigns, hitting a corner splash then posing on the corner.  Dueling chants got into full throat for Reigns.  Wyatt threw Reigns to ringside, and Joe went at Reigns.  Reigns threw him to the post then the barrier.

Reigns took out Joe with a Drive By, but Wyatt took out Rollins.  Rollins finally got the hot tag and fired off on Joe, hitting a slingblade.  Wyatt caught his foot, so he kicked Wyatt away.  He sent Joe to ringside then hit a dive on both men.  Rollins went top rope but Joe and Wyatt went up with him. Rollins fought both men off and hit a double cross body.

It’s breaking down.  Wyatt tried for Sister Abigail, but Reigns took him out.  Reigns set for a Superman punch on Joe, but ran into Rollins.  Rollins and Reigns bickered, and that let Wyatt take Reigns outside and hit Sister Abigail at ringside.  Joe locked Rollins in the Coquina Clutch in the ring to get the submission win.

Backstage, Balor said he didn’t want to be left out of the fun and wanted to have a match with one of them.  Angle said he was going to deny his request and instead booked a triple threat between Balor, Joe, and Wyatt for next week.  Balor said that sounds like music to his ears.  Angle also said he would book Reigns vs. Rollins.  “It’s true, it’s damn true.”

A solid main event with the four men for the most part working coherently, but in the end it was a conflict between Reigns and Rollins that cost them the match.  Joe getting the win here gives him a bit of shine heading toward the five-way match, which is something he needs.  I like the go-home matches between the men, which gets Balor in the mix of the five.  He feels like he’s been outside the circle a bit, so this brings him in and gives him a chance to get some momentum as it pertains to the five way match.

Not a bad show, but not a great show either.  I felt like I expected more going into the last run up to the pay per view, to be honest.  Next week is the go-home show and it falls on Memorial Day here in the US.  I don’t feel like that’s a show that will get a lot of eyes on it because of the holiday, so it might have benefited WWE to get more heat on some of the programs tonight instead.  That said, I think they did do a few things to advance some key programs a little going into the stretch run to Extreme Rules.

Drew will be by tomorrow with Smackdown Live, 205Live, and Around the Ring where I’m sure he’ll talk all things from this past weekend.  I’ll be back to join him on audio on Wednesday to talk more things pro wrestling as we bring you Ring Rap Audio.  See you then.





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