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WWE Monday Night Raw Live Reaction for 5/29/2017 – Memorial Day Show, Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe vs. Bray Wyatt, Reigns vs. Rollins, Final Hype for Extreme Rules, More

WWE gets ready to get Extreme this Sunday at Extreme Rules with the go-home show that happens live tonight in Greenville, SC at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena.  All five men involved in the Fatal Five-Way Extreme Rules match will be in action tonight.  Finn Balor will be put to the test tonight, facing Samoa Joe and Bray Wyatt in a triple threat match.  Seth Rollins will face his former Shield brother, Roman Reigns as well.  Who gets the advantage going into Sunday?  Will Bayley get extreme as she prepares to face Alexa Bliss on Sunday for her Raw Women’s Championship? The Hardys are getting ready to face Sheamus and Cesaro in a cage match – who will get the edge there?

Show Open, Live from Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, SC:

It’s the Monday before Extreme Rules, but it’s also Memorial Day here in the United States.  So, in WWE tradition, they open with a video package dedicated to those who have passed in the line of battle.  Many quotes from military leaders and past presidents were included and was narrated by John Cena.

They panned the arena to take in the fan reaction then ran the Raw intro before Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Booker T checked in on the call.  Word on the street is that Booker will be with us longer than six weeks, as David Otunga is voice-overing video games?  The commentary team hyped the big main events for the show.  Rollins vs. Reigns  and Balor vs. Joe vs. Wyatt are those main events.

We open, however, with Miz TV.  Miz makes his entrance to some boos along with Maryse.  Cole hyped Miz’s match against Dean Ambrose at the pay per view.  Miz made his introduction and said that the “it couple” is feeling “real good.”  He said he gets his hands on Dean Ambrose on Sunday and accused Ambrose of stealing the title away from Miz.   He recounted Ambrose getting disqualified the last time, so he went to Kurt Angle for a rematch.

He called Ambrose a “habitual rule breaker” and noted that the stipulation of the match is that if Ambrose gets disqualified, he will lose the title.  He set up a recap of the match between Ambrose and Elias Samson, where Miz got Ambrose DQ’d by attacking Samson.  Miz touted that if it happened on Sunday, he will become a seven time Intercontinental Champion.

Miz welcomed Sheamus and Cesaro to the set.  The commentary team hyped the Raw Tag Team Championship against the Hardys on Sunday in a steel cage match.  Miz thanked them for coming and called it an honor, saying no two have worked harder than they have, “other than me of course,” to become a champion.  He said the two had worked to earn a chance at Wrestlemania only to have the Hardys steal it away.

Cesaro called it a shame, and Sheamus said all of the people turned their back on Cesaro when the Hardys showed up.  That drew “delete” chants.  “They’ve got no loyalty.  They’re fickle; they’re all about the new toy.”  Sheamus promised to win back the Raw Tag Team Championship.

Miz said they are like him and have been victimized by the fans.  He bragged that he elevated the Intercontinental Championship  and said Ambrose dragged it through the garbage dumps he calls home.  Miz bragged about an IC title comeback tour.  That brought out Ambrose.  Booker asked who the interview was about.

Ambrose teased getting in the ring but didn’t.  He pulled a mic out and said he doesn’t always make great decisions all the time.  He called the three buttheads and said someone needed to come out to shut their mouths.  The fans were hot for this.  “Do the math, Ambrose, there’s three of us and one of you, so you’re either crazy or stupid.”  Ambrose said he might be crazy, but he’s not stupid.

Ambrose and the Hardys charged, and Miz bailed.  The Hardys and Ambrose brawled with Sheamus and Cesaro and cleared the ring.  The heels sold at ringside while the faces held the ring going to break.

A segment that didn’t overstay its welcome and built to two matches at the same time.  I’m assuming we come back live to a six-man tag (playa!), which should further hype the matches as well.  I’m crossing my fingers that this is the end of the line for Miz vs. Ambrose.  Not much tread left on those tires.

Called it!  Teddy Long stopped in to make a six man match, which was in progress coming back live.

Match #1 – The Hardys and Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus, Cesaro, and The Miz (w/Maryse);

Winner:  The Hardys and Ambrose

The Reax:  This was joined in progress, so the heels had Matt down and controlled him in their side of the ring.   Booker had the observation of the night – Sunday is only six days away.  Yup, it is, Booker.  Sheamus got a two count, then continued to control Matt.  Matt broke loose for a second but took a knee to the midsection.  Sheamus set up the Ten Beats of the Battern, but as fans counted along he stopped.  The heels continued to keep control of the match with Cesaro tagging in.

Fans rallied behind Hardy, who fought back.  Cesaro hit a big boot on Jeff, but Matt hot-tagged to Dean Ambrose.  Ambrose picked up the pace, taking out Miz with a pair of clotheslines.  He teased Dirty Deeds on Cesaro, but Cesaro countered out.  Blind tag to Sheamus, who tried to get the Brogue Kick but Ambrose ducked.  He sent Sheamus to the floor with a clothesline then set a dive, but Cesaro grabbed his leg.  Jeff Hardy took Cesaro out.  A few moments later, Ambrose went top rope but Miz ran a distraction that let Sheamus hit a high knee to take control back.

The heels were in control back from break.  Miz threw his “Daniel Bryan” kicks at Ambrose.  He tried for the big wind up but Ambrose rolled him up for two.  Miz came right back with a cover of his own for two.  Good action here so far as Ambrose sent Cesaro up over the buckle and to the floor.  Miz tried to get in, but he got sent to the floor too.  Ambrose went for a tag but Miz took Jeff out and Matt attacked him.

Sheamus hit White Noise for two.   He perched Ambrose on the buckle as the fans cheered for the Hardys.  Sheamus looked for White Noise again but Ambrose slipped out and knocked Sheamus down from the buckle.   He followed with his elbow.  Cesaro tagged but ate a Wacky Line, then Ambrose tagged to Jeff.  Small botch there because he tried for Matt first.

Hardy went on a flurry of offense against Miz.  He tried the Twist of Fate but Miz slipped out.  Matt and Jeff teamed up for Poetry in Motion.  Things got hectic here and hard to follow, with Ambrose hitting Sheamus with a dive.  In the end, the Hardys hit a Twist of Fate and Jeff finishes Miz off with a Swanton Bomb.

A good opening match that the live crowd was into.  They responded to the heels playing to the crowd negatively and popped for the hot finish of offense from all three faces down the line.  I see these titles all changing hands on Sunday – and Drew and I will break that all down on Wednesday on Ring Rap Audio.

Cole hyped the matches between the three men.  He fed to Corey, but he was looking at his phone and then excused himself without a word.  Cole then said Alexa Bliss will have a “this is your life” segment with Bayley later.  They will never exceed the Mick Foley-Rock segment.

Kurt Angle was backstage looking at his phone when Corey Graves entered.  “A disgrace and embarrassment to WWE.  Besmirching and a disgrace to my Olympic status?”  Graves said he loved the job Angle was doing as Raw GM and didn’t want anything to throw a wrench into it.  Graves vowed to help any way he could, and Angle thanked him.

Well, here comes Steph McMahon back to television, somehow.

Elias Samson sang us a song, saying that “an A list favor I must repay” in there somewhere.

Match #2 – Elias Samson vs. Zack Evans;

Winner:  Elias Samson

The Reax:  This should be all Samson here in an enhancement match.  “Let’s go Jobber” chants didn’t get much traction.  The commentary team talked about how Samson held his own against Ambrose.  Samson hit a headbutt and a clothesline, then beat on Evans at the ropes.  He whipped him hard into the corner, then slammed him chest first off the apron repeatedly.

All Samson here as he delivered a knee and punches.  He hit his finish to put Evans out of his misery.

Samson has an impressive look and some strong aggression.  I think he has something to offer the card, possibly in the mid-card.  Not sure if he’s main event talent, but he’s definitely going to bring something to the table going forward.

Graves re-joined commentary and when Cole asked what it was about he simply said “it’s private.”  Graves is the snitch in the woodshed if you ask me.  Anyhow, Cole hyped the triple threat match between Wyatt, Balor, and Joe for later.

Charly asked Joe how he prepared for the triple threat tonight.  He said while everyone’s watching Finn Balor’s WWE 24 comeback, he’s analyzing.  He said he has broken Balor before and will do it again.  “As for Bray Wyatt…” Cue the cut-in.  Wyatt said he knows Joe, and calls him blind.  He said his eyes are wide open and he knows the future.  He talked about Lesnar, saying he sees “the beast that runs wide.”  Wyatt said that only one can defeat the beast, and it’s the Eater of Worlds.  He vows to not turn away from the fight and will stand up.  “You and Finn Balor and the others, will give in to your fear and run.”

Match #3 – Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe vs. Bray Wyatt;

Winner:  Samoa Joe

The Reax:  Graves said Wyatt believes every word he just spoke as Balor made his entrance first.  Balor stopped to acknowledge a fan holding a sign with Balor’s face on it that said “You can do it.”  Graves said that Balor has more heart than anyone but he might be overmatched tonight.  Commercial.

Back live, Joe made his way to the ring and confronted Balor.  They hyped the fatal five way match for Sunday, then Wyatt made his way to the ring to a sea of cellphone lights.  Sorry, I won’t call them fireflies.  Cole noted that he has been the mat who has been saying he is the man who can beat Brock Lesnar.

At the bell, Wyatt escaped the ring, leaving Balor and Joe to fight in the ring.  Joe threw some early chops.  Balor came back with a kick that Wyatt applauded.  Joe threw Wyatt in to face Balor. Wyatt got a momentary advantage but Balor came back with kicks.  Balor covered Wyatt but Joe broke the count.  Joe threw some knee strikes then dumped Balor to ringside.

Joe grabbed Wyatt by the beard but Balor beat on Joe from behind.  Wyatt threw Balor to ringside, then focused on Joe.  Balor jumped back in the ring and attacked Wyatt.  Wyatt hit his flying cross body block on Balor, then started to take control of the offense.  Wyatt perched Balor in the corner then Balor returned strikes.  Joe re-entered and took Wyatt out.

Joe set a superplex up, but Wyatt rejoined the match.  Tower of Doom time, and Wyatt is the only one left standing.  Wyatt set up for Sister Abigail on Finn, but Joe re-entered with the Coquina Clutch.  Balor broke it up, then sent both men to the floor and followed with a big dive.  You guessed it, commercial time.

Joe and Wyatt ganged up on Balor after the break.  They recapped the superplex spot too.  Both men took turns working Balor. Graves got all tongue tied trying to hype the five way.  Joe and Balor went to work on each other, then Wyatt cut that off.  Joe hit Balor with a charge then held him up for Wyatt to do the same.  Cole called the two of them working together as an “alliance of convenience.”

Balor fought back against the pair, but Joe hit an atomic drop, a big boot then a senton.  Wyatt followed with one of his own.  Wyatt told Joe to set up something but hit him with a clothesline instead.   Wyatt tried for the uranage but Finn slipped out and hit an overhead kick.

Balor fought back but took a clothesline from Joe.  He followed with a splash and an enzugiri on Wyatt.  Balor sent Joe to ringside then hit him with a running knee off the apron.  He hit Wyatt with a shotgun drop kick against the barrier.  One to Joe for good measure.  Booker applauded Balor’s endurance.

Balor threw chops on Joe but took a uranage.  Joe locked in the Coquina Clutch, but Balor countered out then hit a double stomp.  Wyatt tried for Sister Abigail but Balor slipped out and hit him with a double stomp too.  Balor tried the Slingblade on Joe but Joe caught him and slammed him.

Joe stalked Wyatt, who popped up into the crab walk.  He hit Sister Abigail on Joe, but Joe rolled to the apron.  Balor took Wyatt with a Slingblade, then followed with a shotgun drop kick.  He followed with the Coup de Grace, but Joe hit the ring and threw Balor out to steal the pinfall.

A solid three way match that played hard on the “every man for himself” theme of Sunday.  All three men worked really hard here and the fans were into the action throughout.  Joe winning the way he did made total sense for his heel character, especially given the history with Joe and Balor from NXT.

Mike Rome (I think) talked to Seth Rollins, and asked him about Roman Reigns.  Rollins said he knows Joe well, but if there’s anyone on Raw he knows better it’s Reigns.  He said there’s two things he knows – whenever they’re in the ring together it’s a war because they both want to be the best.  The second thing he knows is that Seth Freakin Rollins owns Roman Reigns.  He said when he takes his right knee and cracks Reigns over the head, it won’t be personal but it will send a message to Reigns and the rest of the five-way participants that he is no stranger to changing history in WWE and he will do it again at Extreme Rules.

Sasha Banks and Rich Swann talk backstage, and Swann is in action against Noam Dar next.

Match #4 – Noam Dar (w/Alicia Fox) vs. Rich Swann (w/Sasha Banks);

Winner:  Rich Swann

The Reax:  Dar and Fox came to the ring during the  break, and the commentary team recapped what happened last week between Fox, Dar, and Sasha.  I’m not sure I care about this forced romance angle.  Rich Swann’s entrance saved us from further commentary discussion.  He welcomed Sasha Banks to join hm to the ring.  Did you know we’re going to get Fox and Dar vs. Banks and Swann on Sunday?  Jesus.  Make it stop.

Dar jumped Swann to start, but Swann fought back.  Dar got an early cover, then stomped on Swann’s hand.   Dar knocked him down and locked in a face lock hold and said “Say hello, Alicia.”  Dar continued to work the offense on the hand and arm of Swann.

Jesus, Corey, I know you’re being produced to say this shit but the love references are bad.  Swann used a drop toe hold to create space and open up the offense.  Swann hit a hangover kick to get two, then went top rope.  Alicia got involved but Sasha took her out.  Swann hit his finish to get the victory.  Swann and Sasha danced in the ring afterward.

Get the love angle out of this, and I might be interested in this whole match.  Four people who can work could be a fun mixed tag match.  The love story part of it turns me off though.  At least there’s something for two cruiserweights to do.

Charly talked to The Revival and asked about them not being in action.  Scott said it won’t be long until Dash gets the wires cut loose and the Top Guys will be back.  She asked about Enzo getting attacked and and Scott said that it was a “gotcha” question.  They recapped the video of Dash and Dawson walking in the background of a Sasha Banks interview.  Scott said that Enzo is a bottom feeder and they were busy doing Top Guy things.  “Top Guys, out.”

A good interview segment.  Looking forward to getting those guys back in action.

They recapped Kendrick vs. Tozawa in a street fight on 205 Live.  Cass showed up and confronted Graves about a comment he made about the video footage.  Graves backed off and said that Kurt Angle is looking into it.  Cass said he is too.

Graves is DEFINITELY some sort of snitch in the woodpile for something.  I’m betting a McMahon.

Match #5 – Kalisto vs. Titus O’Neil (w/Apollo Crews);

Winner:  Titus O’Neil

The Reax:  Kalisto made his way to the ring as Cole recapped the match between Kalisto and Apollo Crews last Monday that Crews lost due to Titus barking orders.  Titus and Crews bickered on the way to the ring, then they cut to a picture in picture promo of Titus telling Crews to watch what he does and do what he does in order to make it a win.  Crews isn’t happy about this.

Titus grabbed Kalisto and threw him to the ropes but he sprung back and hit an elbow then unleashed kicks before hitting a short DDT. He tried for Salida Del Sol, but Titus countered.  Kalisto then tried for his next move but Titus caught him in a wheelbarrow and sat down to get the pin by holding the tights.  Crews called him on it, but in the ring they took a selfie anyhow.

Simple filler.  This, to me, is not how you build Apollo Crews.  He’s a fantastic athlete, but by being tagged with Titus, who hasn’t meant much, it’s not going to get a lot of traction if you ask me.  It might get him something, but there are better ways to get Crews traction.

Alexa Bliss was walking backstage and heading toward the ring for a “this is your life” segment, next.

Alexa Bliss made her way to the ring for her segment.  Cole hyped the Kendo Stick on a Pole match between her and Bayley on Sunday for the title.  There was a table with a lot of stuff on it, and two other people.  She said she will defend her title in a kendo stick on a pole match against everyone’s favorite sock puppet, Bayley.

“I know what you’re all thinking – Bayley, in a kendo stick on a pole match? Really?”  She said Bayley couldn’t pull the trigger when she got it last week.  She said if she wanted to understand Bayley she had to dig deep into her past.  Bliss gave the big buildup to the segment and introduced it.

She showed all the stuff on the table.  She showed off a “first ever” doll that she has had since she was two.  She said she thought Bayley still played with it.  She mocked a best in sportsmanship trophy.  “Wow, she must have really won some scholarships with this one.”  She rummaged through other stuff, then stopped to look at the yearbook.  “Bayley, most likely to…apologize.”  She said she believed it because she’s been apologizing all her life.

This segment is starting to crash and burn.  Alexa welcomed Bayely’s “fourth grade teacher.” She asked what Bayley was like as a student, and the teacher put her over as a top student who sat in the front row next to her father.  She said Bayley couldn’t be away from her father or she’d cry.  Wow.  This is not good television.

She then welcomed “Tracey Adelina” and billed her as a past best friend.  She put her over as the “nicest girl ever” and said that people took advantage of her.  She said no one really wanted to be her friend until…  This girl said that she wanted to stay in and watch wrestling rather than hang out, and that severed her friendship.  The crowd is shitting all over this I believe.

“Are you telling me, that Bayley’s dream was to be a WWE superstar?”  Bliss said it explained why she still dresses like a twelve year old.  She introduced “Phil Johnson” as her ex boyfriend.  He also called her a nice girl, but Bliss cut him off and asked about their first date.  This isn’t going over well.

He talked about how her father had to go along on every date, and then he told a first-kiss story where he almost kissed her father.  “I only dated Bayley because I wanted to get next to you, Tracey.”  Tracey and Phil ended up making out.  The crowd HATED this, and wanted to “delete it.”

Bayley headed to the ring, all business.  The two of them fought in the ring, with Bayley getting the better of it.  Bayley hit a suplex and started clearing the table.  She stared at the kendo stick and went for it, but Bliss caught her and pulled her down.  Bliss pulled one out from under the table though and hit Bayley with it.  Bayley rolled to ringside and Bliss posed.

I get what they were trying to do, and Bliss executed the part well, but this was NOT well received by the fans at all. No one has done it well since they did the Mankind-The Rock version back in the ’90’s.  They definitely got heat on Bliss here, but was it good heat?  Probably not.  Creative put her out there with garbage, and she tried hard, that’s how I rate the segment.

They hyped the main event between Rollins and Reigns and WWE Network.  A very interesting Table for Three will be after Raw, with Jim Cornette, Eric Bischoff, and Michael Hayes.

Backstage, Enzo’s laid out again.  Cass turned to Angle and threw an accusation at the Revival.  Angle said he was upset too  but didn’t want to make an accusation without the facts.  Cass said he wouldn’t leave Enzo again.

Match #6 – Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher vs.  TJP and Neville

Winner:  Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher

The Reax:  Cole noted Aries’ wrapped leg and asked if it would come into play in a submission match on Sunday against Neville.  Gallagher made his entrance as Cole hyped a WWE game on the App Store.  TJP then Neville made their entrances.  Cole noted the unique relationship between TJP and Neville, with Perkins getting a title shot.

It’s Aries and TJP in the early going, and Aries tags out to Gallagher.  TJP locked in a headlock that Gallagher headstanded his way out.  TJP drove Gallagher to the corner where Neville tagged in.  He whipped Gallagher to the corner but Jack did a handstand on the buckle.    Gallagher tagged out, and Aries and Neville stared each other down.  Neville bailed to ringside going to a  break.

Back live, Neville was in control of Gallagher.  They showed us how this situation unfolded during the break.  Neville hit a drop kick to the back.  Graves said Aries has had success all over the world but isn’t on the Neville Level.  Gallagher hit a couple headbutts but Neville drove him to the mat face first.  Neville taunted the crowd and stomped on Gallagher.

Neville tagged to TJP who hit a slingshot move onto Gallagher for two.  He continued to control Gallagher as the commentary team said he is in this because he expects an opportunity from Neville.  Booker put it over as a “wise and calculated decision.”  Aries tried to rally the fans, who probably are still booing the Bliss segment.

TJP took a cheap shot at Aries and covered Gallagher, and Aries hit the ring to break the cover.  Gallagher continued to sell for the heels.  Gallagher threw a big headbutt and both men sold.  Hot tags both ways and it’s Aries vs. Neville, with Aries getting the better of him.  Aries hit a shin-breaker into suplex spot for two.

Aries teased Last Chancery but Neville countered out.  Aries set for the Five Arm but TJP grabbed his leg.  Gallagher cut TJP off, then Aries hit a dive on all of them.  Back in the ring, Aries missed a missile drop kick.  Neville tried a splash but Aries moved then locked in the Last Chancery for the win.

If WWE follows their normal logic, Neville wins on Sunday.  But, it does make me wonder if they’ll go down that road.  I felt like Aries should already have the title if that’s where they want to go.  Maybe, they’re setting the future program with TJP and Neville instead of going to Aries as champion?  I guess we’ll find out Sunday.  The match was good, but I think the crowd was down from that abysmal Bliss segment.

Mike Rome talked to Roman Reigns.  He said he didn’t care if they were friends or not, or if his name is Seth Freakin Rollins, he planned to show Rollins and everyone else why he is the big dog and it’s his yard.  Short, sweet, and to the point.

Neville talked to Charly backstage, who asked if he was concerned about losing by submission.  Neville just grunted and left.  Graves said that does not bode well for the challenger.   They recapped the breakup of Golden Truth from a couple weeks ago.  Booker said something made this happen.  We got another video promo from Goldust in his old 1990’s style get-up.  He said it takes a lot to reach a breaking point and he’s been there.  But now, he’s back in the director’s chair where he has always belonged.

He said R-Truth knew the truth and a star like himself was too big for a supporting role.  Instead of letting him shine, Truth held him back and wanted the spotlight to himself.  “Soon, I get to put an end to all that, because our little motion picture, Golden Truth, will reach its final crescendo.”  He said the ending won’t be happy or sad, but golden.

Truth cut in with a “Truth to Be Told” movie of his own.  He referenced Pulp Fiction and said he wanted to retort.  He called movies an escape and how he took inspiration from characters and called himself a bad mother-shutyourmouth.  He told Goldust he was coming for him and would strike down with anger.  “You’re gonna get got.”

Match #7 – Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns;

Winner: Roman Reigns

The Reax:  Rollins made his way to the ring first and he was fired up.  But of course before Reigns made his way out, we got a commercial.  After the break, Reigns got his entrance.  It’s Greenville – so he got a bit more favorable reaction from what I could tell than he would in Baltimore on Sunday.  Cole hyped the five-way for Sunday to determine Brock Lesnar’s next opponent.

Now the split chants started for Reigns as they tie up in the early going.  Rollins worked a go-behind to get Reigns down into a pinning predicament. Cole recounted the Wrestlemania win over Undertaker and Reigns’ battles with Strowman.  Reigns is not all taped up this night.  Rollins hit a standing moonsault for a count, and Reigns bailed to ringside.

This is off to a slow start as the two men feel each other out.  The fans are into it though as they chant for both men. Roman misses some wild shots then tried for a Samoan drop.  Rollins slipped out then tried to roll Reigns up but was not successful.  Reigns hit a big right hand to a chorus of boos.

Reigns followed Rollins to ringside to throw him into the barrier.  He set Rollins up for the Drive-by that sent Rollins into the ringpost.   Reigns called for the spear but ate a knee, then Rollins clotheslined him to ringside and followed with a dive going to break.

Back with the action, Reigns threw Rollins to the barrier then tossed him in.  Graves noted that Reigns was focusing his offense on the ribs, and if you can’t breathe you can’t fight.  Reigns stalked Rollins and said “there’s a reason why this is my yard.”  Reigns hit his corner clothesline spot then hit a big boot.

Reigns called for the Superman Punch, but Rollins avoided it then sent Rollins face first to the buckle.  He followed with a slingblade.  Rollins hit a couple of running forearms, then tried a suplex but couldn’t get it.  Rollins hit a drop kick that sent Reigns to ringside, then followed with a dive.  Rollins tried to follow with a springboard move but Reigns met him with a Superman Punch.  Near fall for Reigns.

Reigns got up to boos and called for the Spear but Rollins side-stepped and rolled him for two.  Rollins followed with a kick for two.  Both men sold on the mat.  Rollins got up first and went to the buckle, but Reigns met him there with a right hand.   Reigns tried to load a Samoan drop, but Rollins slid down and hit a buckle bomb.  On the rebound Reigns hit a Superman punch.  Nice exchange.

Rollins fell to ringside and Reigns sold in the ring.  Reigns sat on the apron on one side, and Rollins stretched back into the ring.  Reigns ran around and tried for a Drive By kick but Rollins fed him into the steps.  Back inside, Rollins  hit a blockbuster for two.  Back to the buckle, Rollins hit a frogsplash for another two count.  The crowd is into this, and the two are putting some good action together.

Fans are clearly split as they’re chanting a lot of different things.  Rollins said it’s his yard and he went back to the buckle a third time.   He tried a Phoenix Splash, but Reigns rolled away.  Rollins landed on his feet and cut off an attempted spear with a kick.  Reigns threw a punch.  Late, Rollins tried for his jumping knee strike but Reigns avoided and hit a spear to win.

Cole asked if Reigns would hit his spear, or if any of the other men would hit their finish and come out on top in the Fatal Five Way match.  “Brock Lesnar awaits the winner for the Universal Championship.”  Reigns played to the fans as the show ended.

A really good main event that didn’t have me watching the ramp for the other competitors to run down and get involved.  I’m glad they didn’t go there and let this go to a conclusive finish.  You can tell fans are still very split on Reigns, even in a softer town like Greenville, SC as opposed to hardcore towns like New York and Chicago.  They can give Reigns this big win, and still have him come up empty on Sunday (which I believe they should if Lesnar is his WM opponent next year) by having him not factor into the finish.

This show, was, well, a pretty mixed bag.  I thought we got a good six man that opened it to hype those two feuds, a good cruiserweight tag in there, and a good main event.  The Bliss segment was just God-awful material.  The rest, well, it was what it was.  It’s what I’ve come to expect on a weekly basis from the show – just enough to keep you interested in some bigger programs.

Extreme Rules is Sunday, and we’ll be here with live reaction throughout the evening.  In the meantime, we’ll be previewing that show on Wednesday’s Ring Rap Audio with Drew Koscelek and I getting together to discuss all of the matches and stipulations.

Speaking of Drew, he has Smackdown and 205 Live coverage tomorrow night starting at 8PM EST.  Until Wednesday, folks!

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