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WWE 205 Live Reaction and Results for 05/30/17

WWE’s 205 Live airs later tonight at 10pm Eastern, immediately after Smackdown goes off the air. We will have full coverage of the show as it happens.

As of this writing, there are no announced matches for the show.  Extreme Rules is right around the corner, however, and Neville and Austin Aries are set to clash for the Neville’s Cruiserweight Title. What will happen leading into Sunday night?

All this plus much more. Join us here for live coverage, and on Twitter, @RingRap!

A video package opens the show, highlighting Neville’s reign as champion and his current feud with Austin Aries, and Aries’ recent submission victory over Neville.

We go live to the arena, pyro and explosions. Tom Phillips and Corey Graves get things going. Corey’s got one of those fidget spinners on the deck, spinning away. They announce matches for tonight – Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak, plus “The Tap Heard Round The World.”

Noam Dar (w/ Alicia Fox) vs. Rich Swann (w/ Sasha Banks)

Dar tells the fans to take a look at him and Alicia Fox – it’s the closest we’ll ever get to true love, especially in a dump like Atlanta. Fox says what they have is unbreakable. “Baby, you complete me.” Dar calls her a “fluffy button” and puts down the Rich Swann/Sasha Banks “friends with no benefits” pairing. He says on Sunday at Extreme Rules, true love conquers all. Fox starts ripping into Swann, but Swann’s music cuts her off.

Swann dances onto the ramp, and then points to the entrance as Sasha Banks walks out. Swann says he doesn’t know what the true love is supposed to be about, but they look like a hot mess. Sasha says they share a lot in common – like dancing, their fashion, and getting revenge on the two of them.  Fox says she didn’t get her “bootleg weave done in Atlanta.” Sasha says at least her track isn’t showing (?) and the two go at each other, but are pulled apart.

The Action: The match begins proper now. Swann sends Dar into the turnbuckles. They brawl outside briefly. Swann flips over Dar and hits a dropkick for two. Dar hits a soccer kick, sending Swann to the floor. Back in the ring, Dar works Swann’s arm. Dar twists Swann into a pretzel.

Swann finally starts to recover and hits a back suplex. Dar catches him with a kick to the face, but Swann hits a leaping top rope hurricarana. He connects with a back kick and a leaping legdrop for two. Dar pulls the legs up and catches Swann on a splash. Two-count. The two trade blows. Dar cinches an ankle lock. Swann rolls through and Dar tumbles to the floor.

The ref is looking at Sasha Banks when Alicia Fox takes out Swann from the apron. Sasha goes to Alicia and the two start fighting. Sasha rips out one of Fox’s hair extensions and waves it around, meanwhile Noam Dar hits a running knee for the win.

Winner: Noam Dar

I’m ready for this feud to be over. Sasha Banks adds a nice new element to things, but it’s not enough. This should be done with by now.

Backstage, Dasha Fuentes interviews Cedric Alexander about what just happened with Alicia Fox and Noam Dar. He feels that the two of them will get what is coming to them. He’s rehabbed a knee injury for three months, and he didn’t come back to rehash old relationships. He says he’s gotta go make up for lost time, and his music hits for a match.

Cedric Alexander vs. Corey Hollis

The Action: This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Hollis on WWE TV. The two trade reversals, with Alexander getting the best of the exchange. He hits Hollis with a dropkick. Hollis recovers in the ropes and nails Alexander with an elbow. He chop-blocks the bad knee, and unleashes stomps. Hollis locks in a straight jacket.

Alexander breaks free and hits an elbow of his own. He hits a springboard enzuigiri, then sets up for a springboard clothesline. Alexander readies for the Lumbar Check, which connects solidly. It’s over.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

Alexander has back to back squash matches. I think this is a good way to reintroduce him to the fans, as he is clearly someone that can be a star attraction for the division. But, his promos and personality need a bit of work. If he can get that part of his act under control, he can be a breakaway star.

We get a video package highlighting Akira Tozawa.

Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak

The Action: Gulak walks out to the ring with his megaphone and sign. Mustafa Ali leaps over the ropes and lands on Gulak out of nowhere before the bell even rings. The ref breaks it up and rings the bell, and Ali is pissed. He attacks Gulak with fists and elbows. He catches Gulak with a spin kick to the head. Gulak bails out of the ring. Ali follows him with a leaping knee.

Ali lays into Gulak with chops outside. Gulak returns fire with his own chops. Back in the ring, Ali flips out of the corner and catches Gulak with an elbow. Gulak literally pushes him over the top rope to the floor. Back in the ring, Gulak attacks the leg. Ali starts to pick up the pace. He hits a roundhouse from the apron and follows it with a dive roll neckbreaker. Ali goes for a cross body, but Gulak rolls it through and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Drew Gulak

Ali is showing some really nice intensity, more and more each week. It’s something he’s needed and it’s working for him. I know there’s still a little more to this feud, but I’m enjoying what these two are doing and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Dasha Fuentes interviews Gulak after the match. He says the victory wasn’t for him, but for those that share his beliefs. He says he won with efficiency and class. Showboating didn’t help Ali – he lost. “High flying doesn’t pay, staying grounded is the way.”

Austin Aries heads down to the ring. Aries says he’s a popular guy – after last night people have been sending him messages, and it’s all because of the tap heard round the world. He talks about how he locked on the Last Chancery on Neville, and he tapped out. The self proclaimed King of the Cruiserweights tapped out. The obnoxious champion who proclaims he cannot be stopped tapped out. He cues up the replay of the tap-out from Raw. He then cues to another angle of the tap. And another.

Aries talks about how Neville has weaseled his way out of their last two title matches. Before he can continue, Neville interrupts. “Last night you got lucky!” The fans chant at him “You tapped out!” Neville says it was a miracle. He calls Aries a disease, a scum on the face of 205 Live. He says at Extreme Rules he’ll “eradicate him” once and for all. Neville continues to talk and Aries gets attacked by TJP from behind. Aries fires back with an elbow, but it’s two on one. Neville runs in and the two start beating Aries down. TJP holds Aries up. He kicks Aries in the knee, forcing him to “bow” before Neville. He locks in the Rings of Saturn while TJP attacks the leg. Aries is knocked out as the show comes to a close.

A good episode of 205 Live, with strong emphasis on the major programs, including the title match at Extreme Rules. I feel like Aries vs. Neville is coming to a head here and this match should be the final match in their feud. We’ve also got the rebuild of Cedric Alexander, the ongoing Dar/Swann saga, and a solid chapter of Ali vs. Gulak.

We’ll talk about this and much more on Ring Rap Audio tomorrow night. Be sure to send in your Favorite Thing in Wrestling! Thanks for watching with me tonight. See you next time!

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