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WWE 205 Live Reaction and Results for 06/06/17 – TJP vs. Neville for the Cruiserweight Championship

WWE 205 Live airs tonight on the WWE Network, immediately after Smackdown goes off the air, at 10pm Eastern. We will have live coverage of the show as soon as it begins, including all of the fallout from Extreme Rules.

Neville has agreed to defend the Cruiserweight Title against TJP, and delivered the message to him with a vicious attack. Will TJP be recovered enough to pick up the win? Or will Neville dominate?

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The show begins with a recap of TJP demanding his title shot against Neville, after Neville successfully defeated Austin Aries at Extreme Rules. We see Neville promising to go to Kurt Angle to get the match for him, and after TJP’s match, Neville delivering the “unfortunate” news that the match is on. We get that match tonight!

Tom Phillips and Corey Graves welcome us to the show.

Noam Dar comes out to the ring, by himself. He says Cedric Alexander called him a snake, and called Alicia Fox a black widow. He should be angry, but he feels sorry for Cedric because he’s jealous. He reminds us that Cedric and Alicia used to date, but she left him for the Supernova (himself). Dar says Fox is at home recovering from a neck injury, but she told him to tell Cedric to move on.

Thankfully, Alexander interrupts.

Noam Dar vs. Cedric Alexander

The Action: The two lock up, but Dar begs off into the corner. Dar goes for wrist locks. Alexander flips out and reverses it. Dar breaks the hold in the ropes. Dar uses a clean break to gain the advantage. He cinches a headlock. Alexander fights out and hits a reverse head scissors, followed by a dropkick. The two spill outside. Alexander lays into Dar with rights and chops. Dar counters and sends Alexander into the ring, but Alexander hits a moonsault off the apron unexpectedly.

Back in the ring, Alexander misses a charge in the corner, but connects with an uppercut. Dar kicks out the leg from the second rope, gaining control. He begins twisting Alexander intro a pretzel and works the arm. Alexander fires back with a stiff slap to the face. He catches Dar’s leg and nails him with an elbow. Both men are slow to get up. Alexander hits a flip enzuigiri. He sets up for the springboard clothesline and it connects for two.

The two reverse pin attempts. Cedric goes for the head scissors a second time, but Dar kicks him and gets a two-count. Dar nails Alexander with a boot to the face, but out of nowhere, Alexander hits the Lumbar Check for the win.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

Alexander continues to impress since his return. This is the first real match he’s had since his return from injury, and he looked great. Dar still has some of the nastiest looking offense on the roster. He makes me cringe more than just about anyone.

After the match, Alexander approaches Dar and tells him they’re done. He’s moved on. He then leaves the ring.

We see a vignette for TJP, highlighting his win to become the first Cruiserweight Champion, and his transition from the humble underdog to the cocky person he is today. Backstage, Dasha Fuentes asks him about his opportunity to regain the title. He asks her if she’s looking for a sob story about how he overcame the odds. Been there, done that. He’s already done it for everyone else. This time is for him and him only. Neville brought him in to solve his Austin Aries problem, but now he’s got a TJP problem.

Mustafa Ali vs. Louie Valle

The Action: Ali goes for a wrist lock to start it out. Valle counters with his own. Ali flips and spins out of the lock. He hits a shoulder block, and flips over Valle. A dropkick sends Valle to the apron.

Valle hangs Ali on the top rope. He hits a clothesline for two.

And then I tried to rewind my feed to rewatch a series of moves, and I lost the match.

I assume Mustafa Ali won. Sorry folks. The Android TV version of the App isn’t very reliable sometimes.

I rejoined the show as TJP made his entrance. Neville spoke to Dasha backstage, and says TJP is not a problem. He was a tool. Now that he served his purpose, the king will dispose of him. He’s not on the Neville level.

TJP vs. Neville (c) for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

The Action: Proper ring introductions here from Greg Hamilton. The bell rings and we’re off. Neville backs TJP into the corner aggressively. The announcers hype Neville’s win/loss record, saying he hasn’t been pinned or submitted in a one on one match since October. Impressive stat. Graves talks about Neville’s reign helping the division be taken seriously, and Phillips says he’s defined an era. Good commentary here. It’s all accurate. TJP reverses a front slam and taunts Neville with some slaps to the back of the head. He goes nose to nose with Neville.

Neville hits a headlock takedown. TJP grabs a handful of hair and backs Neville into the corner. Neville talks trash and tosses TJP across the ring. TJP works the wrist and yanks the hair to keep Neville down. The two trade shoulder blocks. Neville wins that fight. Perkins takes him down and locks in a Cloverleaf of sorts. Neville breaks it on the ropes.  A nice sequence leads to Neville hitting a running hurricarana. Perkins goes for a Tarantula (with a dab in front) and it connects.

The action spills to the floor. Neville sends Perkins into the barricade, and then into the time keeper’s area. He drops TJP onto the announcer’s table and breaks the count. Back in the ring, Neville drops knees and works the back. Neville stalks TJP from the top rope. He hits a missile dropkick, then goes back up top again. Perkins recovers. Neville misses the dive and is sent over the top, and TJP follows it up with a corkscrew plancha to the floor.

Neville makes it into the ring first. TJP grabs the hair, then hits a jawbreaker. He follows it up with a wrecking ball dropkick and a double-chickenwing gut buster for two. Perkins readies for the Detonation Kick. Neville hooks the ropes with his feet to break free. He hits a back kick and sends TJP face-first into the mat. Neville hits a running kick for two.

Neville starts the trash talk while kicking Perkins in the head. Perkins fires off with a dragon screw. He takes out the leg with a low dropkick.  Neville nails Perkins with a sidekick to the face. Neville shakes off the damage to the leg and heads to the second rope, missing a Phoenix Splash. TJP goes for the Kneebar, and he cinches it in. Neville tries to power out, but Perkins drags him back. Neville goes for the Rings of Saturn. Perkins rolls it into a pin. Neville rolls back and locks it in, and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Neville via submission to retain the Cruiserweight Championship

After the match, Neville celebrates while TJP sells the loss, crushed by the defeat.

This was a tremendous match. Neville and TJP worked extremely well together, and the late-match reversals had me believing there was a chance TJP would pick up the win.  Realistically, Neville is far too good. Perkins has zeroed in on a personality that really works for him, but Neville is, truly, at another level than the entire division.

But this match in a lot of ways reminded me of the awesomeness of the Cruiserweight Classic. The back and forth action, the near falls, the incredible reversals.  This was a truly fantastic match.

Unfortunately I missed the Mustafa Ali match finish, so I can’t speak for that, but I did enjoy the opening match and I’m thinking Alexander might be next for Neville.

Thank you everyone for joining me tonight! See you next week!

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