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WWE Monday Night Raw Live Reaction for 6/19/2017 – Roman Reigns Has an Announcement, Seth Rollins Stands Up to a God, What’s Next for the Hardys, and More

WWE rolls into Evansville, IN tonight at the Ford Center, with a Big Dog teasing a Big Announcement.  Roman Reigns has plans for SummerSlam and intends to make those plans known tonight.  Will he be able to get his wish, or will there be someone in the shadows with other ideas in mind?  Last week, the Hardys battled Sheamus and Cesaro to a double-count out finish to their two out of three falls match.  Matt took to Twitter to question if the European duo would be content to take that count out win.  Will Cesaro and Sheamus respond tonight, or will the Hardys have to take the long road back to a title shot?  Also, will we get more fallout from the brawl between Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar from last week as those two prepare for a showdown in Dallas at the next pay per view event, Great Balls of Fire?

Show Open, Live from the Ford Center in Evansville, IN;

Another week, another Raw.  Let’s see if this one goes any hotter than previous weeks.  Michael Cole welcomes us in to hear from Roman Reigns right off the top.  Corey Graves and Booker T are alongside as Reigns gets a hearty round of boos.  Hey, he’s got a new T-shirt now instead of his vest on.  Cole calls it a “thunderous reaction,” which, let’s face it, that’s what Vince cares about, good bad or otherwise.

Cole hyped that Reigns was there to make an announcement about SummerSlam.  Graves said when Reigns makes a declaration it normally comes to pass.  Boos for Reigns as the music died down and he paced the ring.  He said some might not like it, and some may love it, but when it comes down to it he can’t be beaten one on one.  “Ask Bray Wyatt, ask Finn Balor, ask my little brother Seth Rollins.  Ask Braun Strowman – I put him out of commission.  And let’s not forget, I main evented my third Wrestlemania in a row, and that’s where I retired the Undertaker.”  That drew Undertaker chants.

He said he respects Undertaker, and Taker respects him because Reigns beat him.  Reigns said he didn’t care who won, whether it was Brock Lesnar or “that guy they call Joe.”  He staked claim to the number one contendership after Great Balls of Fire and said it’s because it’s his yard and he makes the rules.  Samoa Joe didn’t want to hear anymore, so he came to the ring.

Joe said he couldn’t help to notice that Reigns had forgotten his name.  He said he was offended at first but then he realized that Reigns had to make a case for his contendership.  “My name wasn’t on that list because you never beat me.”  Joe reintroduced himself and called himself the true number one contender and next Universal Champion.

Reigns said he never thought he would agree with Paul Heyman, then said he would never be Samoa Joe to Reigns, “you’ll always be ‘just Joe.”‘  Joe had enough and threw a headbutt that sent Reigns to ringside, and Joe followed with an assault.  He threw Reigns back in and yelled at him, then tried to lock in the Coquina Clutch.  Reigns countered and threw a Superman Punch that sent Joe to ringside.  The two stared at each other as Reigns stood tall in the ring.  Joe nursed the shot as he backed away.

Short and to the point, but I’ve got a small problem here unless we’re waiting to see a returning Braun Strowman (rumors are he’s cleared).  I don’t want to see Reigns get the better of Joe.  I’m not sure if there’s a way to have Joe lose to Reigns that won’t make him look bad and he’s the guy going after Lesnar soon.  If they have these two face off later – my eyes are on the ramp for a Strowman interference.

Backstage, the Hardys were walking down the hall as Cole hyped they would be facing Anderson and Gallows next.

Back live, Corey Graves announced that it’s official – Joe vs. Reigns for later.

Match #1 – The Hardy Boys vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson;

Winner:  The Hardy Boyz

The Reax:  Cole recapped the main event from last week’s show with the 2-out-of-3 falls match that ended in a double count out.  As Gallows and Anderson made their way to the ring, Cole reminded us that we have a God-awful pay per view name coming up (Great Balls of Fire), though the show could be good.

The Hardys controlled the early going, focusing on Anderson’s arm.  They worked quick tags, then hit a double suplex for two. Cesaro and Sheamus watched from backstage.  Gallows and Anderson started to get some offense going on Matt.  Jeff and Matt teamed up for Poetry in Motion for a two count.

Anderson and Gallows – as Cole called them “one of the best tag teams in the world (really, Cole?)” – started to control Jeff.  We went to break.  Gallows and Anderson controlled the action during the break as Jeff sold for them.

Jeff stretched for a tag but Anderson sent him to an opposite corner.  Jeff avoided the follow up splash then tried to get the tag again but Anderson cut him off.  Jeff got free and tried again, but Gallows got the tag and hit Matt.  A bit later, Hardy fought his way out and hit Whisper in the Wind on both men off the ropes and got the hot tag to Matt.

Matt went to work with a flurry of offense, bouncing Anderson off the buckle.  He tried for a bulldog but Anderson slipped out.  Hardy followed with an elbow and a Side Effect for two.  Matt dealt with Gallows and sent him to the floor but Anderson rolled him up for two.

Gallows threw a cheap shot at Matt, and he and Anderson teamed up for the Boot of Doom.  Good near fall.  Jeff took out Anderson and got back to the corner for a tag from Matt.  Matt hit the Twist of Fate and Jeff followed with the Swanton Bomb for the win.

A good match that the fans bought into.  There were some moments in here that were a bit clunky and contrived, but the fans still react to the Hardys on offense.  You can tell that they’re going to go back at least one more time to Hardys vs. Cesaro and Sheamus, and with the no-finish last week and Cesaro and Sheamus watching on, the storytelling is there to support it.

They hyped Reigns vs. Joe for later.

Goldust promo time.  He’s in the director’s chair and said he’s ready for his close-up.  He talked about Hollywood history and called it a city where dreams come true.  “But what about the other side, the side they don’t want you to see.  The place where dreams are shattered like glass.”    He talked about having been there but now he will fly into the city of Angels (Los Angeles) on wings of gold.  He invited R-Truth to the debut of his picture, “The Shattered Truth” next week.

In the ring, we got Elias Samson.  JoJo sounds kinda depressed when she introduces him.  Hell, he already got his own bottom third.  The fans booed when he introduced himself and then he asked who wanted to walk with Elias.  Not many do.  Anyhow, he was going to sing a song to insult the town, but he needed to tune his guitar.  Well, Finn Balor had enough of this moment and came to the ring.

Balor and Samson stared down each other.   Samson smirked and backed out of the ring to boos.  He’s up next in the ring after a commercial.

Match #2 – Finn Balor vs. Bo Dallas;

Winner:  Finn Balor

The Reax:   Hey, a Dallas sighting!  He’s got a beard and a singlet too.  Will he join the Wyatt Family?  I mean, he is a brother and all. He attacked Finn before the bell.  Dallas got the early advantage, jumping all over Balor then hitting a knee against the barricade outside.  That got a two count.

Balor started to fire up with strikes and stomps.  Booker said Balor was losing his cool as Balor clotheslined Dallas to ringside.  He followed with a big kick off the apron then threw Dallas to the barrier three times.  Balor hit the Slingblade, the shotgun drop kick, then the Coup de Grace for the win.  Balor posed to the crowd as the announcers recapped things.

Dallas threw me for a loop with his look – very much resembles his brother Bray Wyatt for sure with the beard and long hair grown out.  He’s a guy that could stand going back to NXT and get a repackage in order to get back on track.  He has potential for the midcard, not just a jobber.

They showed the announce team and they talked, then Corey excused himself.  Must be Steph McMahon wanting to announce her arrival.  Anyhow, they fed to a trailer for WWE 2k18, which features Seth Rollins on the cover.  It’s a pretty dramatic video package centered around the theme of “be like no one.”  Rollins destroyed a bunch of stuff in a museum setting.

They talked about the controversial ending of Money in the Bank, and Booker said that Carmella is currently in power as she has the case.  They hyped Daniel Bryan’s return and that he would deal with it.

Backstage, Angle was on the phone when Corey walked in.  He said that Kurt didn’t have a good Father’s Day, and said he got the same text.  Enzo and Cass entered and Angle chewed on Enzo about tweeting something at Conor McGregor.   Cass asked about why they were talking about the tweet, saying they’ve been getting attacked.  They thought it was either Big Show or the Revival.  Angle vowed to get to the bottom of it tonight, and then he and Graves talked about the other issue.

In the ring, Rollins made his entrance.  Someone in camera shot on the front row was rocking out hard to his music.  Rollins called today an awesome day and talked about playing sports games as a kid.  “Today, I have the honor and privilege to join that crew as I was announced as the cover athlete for WWE 2k18.”  He said it almost didn’t happen and recounted his past with the Authority.  He paused for a “you deserve it” chant.  I MIGHT give that a pass tonight.

He said he couldn’t look in the mirror, and when he was at the bottom the fans gave him a second chance.  He said that allowed him to give himself a second chance and no material possession could do that for him.  “This is our cover.”  He talked about the tag line “be like no one” and said that all of us have made mistakes but they don’t have to define us.  “We get to define that!”

Rollins went to continue but Wyatt cut in.  He accused Rollins of contradicting himself, talking about how he has grown out of one side of his mouth but talked about material possessions out of the other.  He said he felt the struggle in Rollins’ soul and said he’s still conforming – in this case conforming to what the people want him to be.  “You can wear the clothes of a good, honest man, but you and I know deep down that you are not that man.”

Rollins told Wyatt that he’s right – “I’m not that man, I’m the man.”  Rollins told Wyatt that he thinks he knows everything about everyone.  He talked about his year and all he had done, but what he enjoyed the most was standing in the ring with a God.  He told Wyatt that in his world Wyatt is nothing but a coward.

Wyatt said if anyone took his name in vain they would be punished and he warned Rollins.  “And now, it’s time to make a sacrifice.”  He blew out the lantern and made his entrance.  Wyatt blew out the lantern again,  but Rollins met him with a dive off the ropes.  Wyatt sold laying up against the ring and laughing, but Rollins backed away.  Rollins was bleeding from the cheek.

This was a fine enough segment.  Rollins had passion and fire in his promo and the fans reacted to him positively.  Rollins did have to pump the crowd up a time or two but they did respond to him.  Wyatt’s promo was his normal routine of well delivered lines, but I still can’t shake the feeling that this is another top program that Wyatt comes out on the short end of.

Cole hyped that Angle would solve the Enzo and Cass case, and Reigns would face Joe later.

Back from break they recapped what happened just in case you forgot from three minutes ago.  Corey Graves had rejoined the team and stood in solidarity with Kurt Angle.

Charly Caruso talked to Finn Balor.  She asked him what’s next for him and Balor said things didn’t go as well as he had hoped at Extreme Rules, but as an athlete he’s looking forward.  He said he is going to focus on getting the Universal Championship back.  She asked him about the main event, and he said that he has faced both men in the ring. He put them both over before Elias Samson attacked him.  “Don’t you ever upstage me again.” Elias told him before agents broke it up.

Looks like a Balor/Samson program to keep Finn busy for a bit.

Time for the Cruiserweights.

Match #3 – Akira Tozawa vs. TJP

Winner:  Akira Tozawa

The Reax:  Before the match got underway, Titus O’Neil walked out and said we can’t have a match of this magnitude without the proper hype, and we can’t have the proper hype without the proper brand.  The crowd did NOT react to this at all.  Titus re-did the in-ring introductions.  Jesus.  Make it stop.

Speaking of make it stop, Cole is using “turnt” to describe a BBQ.  STOP!  TJP and Tozawa worked some chain holds in the early going.  TJP broke a hold in the corner with a punch then whipped Tozawa across.  Tozawa floated over and hit a huracanrana.

Neville made his entrance to come check out the action.  He came to the commentary team and said he came to see Tozawa, the man that O’Neil foolishly claimed would be the next Cruiserweight Champion.  They went to break.

Tozawa had the offense coming out of break, but TJP hit a springboard splash then played to the fans as he took over the offense.  The commentary team talked about possibly TJP joining the Titus Brand instead of Tozawa.  Tozawa fought to his feet and floated over TJP.  He took an elbow but came back with a pump kick.  Tozawa went top rope and TJP rolled out, but Tozawa hit a suicide dive instead.

The fans were doing the “AH!” chant as Perkins begged off.   Perkins suckered Tozawa in then hit a gutbuster for two.  TJP looked for the Detonation kick but Tozawa escaped and hit an enzugiri before hitting a gutwrench.  He hit his top rope senton for the win.

Titus demanded replays then got a mic and announced Tozawa as the winner then said he and Apollo Crews would be facing Cesaro and Sheamus.  He said this would be a big night of giveaways and Tozawa is “this close” to becoming Cruiserweight Champion.

Neville took exception and said that Titus is a peasant and needed to watch his words.  He told Tozawa to tread lightly because if he continued to disrespect the king he would be annihilated.  Titus said what he saw was a scared little boy.  He said the Neville Level would be annihilated by the power of Tozawa.

The fans react to the “AH!” thing that Tozawa does.  I’m not sure how good his English is, but I would rather he have any mouthpiece other than Titus if he doesn’t have good English.  Titus just doesn’t work for me.  The match was good, but not something super newsworthy. I like the idea of a Neville/Tozawa feud though.

They hyped Reigns vs. Joe again then showed Angle talking to the Revival, saying he would figure out who was attacking Enzo and Cass by the end of the night.

We got R-Truth’s version of a movie promo, where he accepted Goldust’s invitation for next week.  He said there would be no movie premiere, but just the Hand of Truth to slap him in the face.

Backstage, Curtis Axel talked to Bo Dallas, telling him that he Bo-lieved in him.  The Miz interjected, talking about how they were big players in Marine 5 (straight to DVD classic, right?) but they’re just bit players on Raw.  He proposed they join him and become his entourage, and he would make them stars that their families would be proud of.  “Casting call of a lifetime.  Think about it.”  Miz left, and they looked at each other.

Charly talked to Samoa Joe and asked how he was preparing for Reigns.  Joe said she’s asking the wrong question and asked how Reigns was preparing for him.  He asked for footage where he defeated Reigns several months ago in his debut.  Joe called it simple and said Reigns needed to reassess his goals.  He said that Reigns needs to put respect on his name when he says it.  “I am Samoa Joe.”

Match #4 – Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe;

Winner:  Samoa Joe

The Reax:  I’m admittedly surprised that they’re going to this match now – I figured it would be the show closer.  Reigns made his entrance before a commercial break.  Joe made his way to the ring after the break.  They hyped his match against Lesnar at GBOF in a couple weeks.

The two tied up early, backing to a corner before breaking clean.  Dueling chants for Reigns got going as they ran the ropes.  A shoulder tackle ended in a stalemate.  Rinse and repeat the spot, with the two jawing at each other.  Joe pie-faced Roman, which led to Reigns throwing strikes.  Joe threw a knee, but Reigns shoulder-tackled Joe down.  Joe rolled outside for a powder.

Joe teased a test of strength but threw strikes instead which got Reigns reeling.  Reigns fought back with shots of his own, but Joe splashed Reigns in a corner then hit an enzugiri.  Joe looked for the Clutch but Reigns scooted out of the ring.  Reigns and Joe taunted from their positions, then Reigns hit the ring and they exchanged strikes.  Joe got the better of it and yelled “what’s my name?”

Joe got the better of Reigns with strikes, but Reigns came back with a Samoan drop.  He had Joe in position for the Drive By, but Joe escaped then drove Reigns to the ring post then hit a back senton out on the floor as we went to break.

Joe had control out of the break, hitting a running elbow drop.  He slowed the pace down with a chinlock.  Reigns struggled to his feet and broke the hold but Joe threw a knee and a headbutt.  He tried to follow with the back senton but Reigns rolled away.  Joe tried a splash in the corner but Reigns slipped away and threw a clothesline.  Near fall for Reigns.

Reigns threw his corner clotheslines then set up for the Superman Punch to a chorus of boos.   Joe saw it coming and rolled to the floor for a breather.  Reigns joined him at ringside and hit the Drive By.  Reigns fed him in and went for the Punch again, but Joe caught him and hit an atomic drop then followed with a boot and a back senton for a near fall.

Reigns countered a uranage with a hip toss and followed with a Superman punch for a good near fall.  Action’s good here.   Reigns called for the spear but ran into a knee that Joe followed with a uranage.  Another good near fall with both men looking strong.

Joe stalked Reigns, looking for the Clutch.  Reigns struggled out of it and hit a spear, but Joe got his foot on the bottom rope.  Good near fall moment there as well.  Both men sold, with Joe out on the floor.  Joe beat the count, and Reigns pulled himself to his feet.

On the tron, an ambulance was shown backing in and Reigns looked up.  It’s Braun Strowman!  I told you!   Reigns can’t believe it, and Joe used the opportunity to get the Coquina Clutch in.  Joe wins with the submission.  They hyped Joe being able to take Lesnar down if he gets that locked in.  Joe exited as they showed Strowman returning again.

Back live, Strowman made his entrance to a big reaction.  Reigns was still selling in the ring as Strowman entered.  Mic in hand, Strowman cut a promo.  He told Roman that he’s not finished with him and dropped the mic.  Strowman hit his face-first chokeslam, then got the mic again.  “If you think you’re man enough, then I’ll see you at Great Balls of Fire pay per view, in an ambulance match!”

A solid match between Reigns and Joe, and a strong return for Strowman.  Even with the distraction, Joe comes off looking very strong given that he beat the guy who beat Undertaker.  This match is probably going to end up being by FTIW this week – something you can submit to us on Twitter @RingRap by the way (cheap plug).  Strowman and Reigns still have unfinished business, so this makes total sense.  And it could very well be the gateway by which Strowman makes his case to face Lesnar – as unbelievable as that sounds.

They hyped Miz TV featuring Maryse coming up.

Out of the break they recapped what we just saw between Reigns and Strowman.  Cole said the ambulance match is official for the pay per view.

Time for Miz TV.  This one will feature Miz and Maryse trying to work their issues out, which Cole said is a result of Dean Ambrose.  They recapped the title celebration where Miz destroyed a grandfather clock and she got mad, then they recapped the tag match between Miz and The Bear vs. Slater and Rhyno.  The bear, of course, ended up being Ambrose.

Miz did his introduction and welcomed viewers.  He’s got two bears in the ring – you bet one of them is Ambrose.  He welcomed his wife Maryse to the ring.  Oh, there’s a gift in the ring too – maybe that’s Ambrose in the box?  You know it’s coming.  He said the bears were “the it couple” of the bear community.  He offered her favorite champagne and she took it and turned her back.  “I deserved that.”

Miz apologized for recent issues and said he knew sorry wasn’t good enough.  He offered the big gift to her and said it was safe.  It was the same clock that she gave him, and said he fixed it and enhanced it to make it perfect “just like you and just like us.”

Miz said Ambrose was trying to ruin them because Miz has what Ambrose wants.  He said no one had a stronger bond than them and he loved her so much.  He apologized again for the past couple weeks’ incidents and would never put her in harms’ way again.  He said the clock is timeless just like them.  Aww, touching.  He begged forgiveness.

They went to kiss, but here comes Dean Ambrose again.  He wasn’t the bears, and he wasn’t in the box.  Color me shocked.  Anyhow, Ambrose got in the ring and Maryse got a champagne bath when Miz pulled Maryse in front of him.  Ambrose threw him into the grandfather clock, which broke all over again.  Maryse pie faced him and left.

Miz charged Ambrose and he tried for Dirty Deeds, but Miz instead got clotheslined to ringside.  The bears attacked Ambrose, and it was Axel and Dallas.  So, Miz had a plan.  They held Ambrose up and Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale and jawed at Ambrose.  The three men posed over Ambrose as Miz’s music played.  They recapped the segment.

If anything, it’s storyline advancement for Miz and Ambrose.  If they can get Axel and Dallas some traction into the midcard it would be worth something.  Miz and Ambrose is on life support in terms of a program because if you watched Smackdown you saw it for several months, and now it’s been going on here on Raw for a few months.  I’m just not excited about it overall.

They showed Angle talking to Big Show and Graves said Angle vowed he would get to the bottom of the attackers of Enzo and Cass tonight.

Match #6 – Sheamus and Cesaro vs. Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews;

Winner:  Sheamus and Cesaro

The Reax:  No televised entrance for Crews and O’Neil, and Sheamus and Cesaro were mid-entrance coming back. They noted Brock Lesnar would be on the show next week in LA and hyped that Joe and Lesnar would be in the same building.  The Hardys were shown watching backstage as Sheamus hit a rolling senton on Crews.

Sheamus continued to control the offense, and he and Cesaro teamed up to stomp Crews down in the corner.  Cesaro taunted Titus before hitting Crews with a clothesline.  Crowd seemed kinda quiet until Sheamus played to them.  Crews hit a jawjacker on Sheamus and an enzugiri on Cesaro in order to get a tag to O’Neil.

Titus went off on a flurry, taking Cesaro down with a big boot.  Sheamus hung him out to dry though.  Titus hit a big slam and Crews hit his standing moonsault for two.  Cesaro got a shot in on Crews while the official was distracted, which let Sheamus hit White Noise with an assist from Cesaro off the ropes.

This was what it was.  The crowd seemed kind of quiet for this one and didn’t really react to too much.  Tag division just isn’t in a really good place once you get beyond Hardys and Cesaro and Sheamus.

They hyped Kurt Angle cracking the case of who is attacking Enzo and Cass, and said they would set the stage for Lesnar vs. Joe up next.  I’m kind of shocked that is what WWE is closing on tonight.  Uh boy…will there be a rant from yours truly tomorrow night on Around the Ring?

They hyped Lesnar vs. Joe for Great Balls of Fire with a video package that first highlighted Samoa Joe, recapping his history through NXT and Raw, as well as showing some of his shots from his independent days.  They also sat down with Brock Lesnar in a UFC style promo that he is so damn good at.  WWE’s production team really does a good job with stuff like this.  Good sell to give the match a big fight feel.

Back live they hyped Lesnar appearing on Raw next week.

Match #6 – Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax

Winner:  Nia Jax by DQ

The Reax:  They showed how things broke down last week between Sasha and Alexa Bliss, then the six-woman tag that followed as Sasha made her way to the ring.  I still have issues with Jax’s entrance – she’s supposed to be this monster and she smiles and the music doesn’t work with the character.  “I’m not like most girls” isn’t enough.  Think Kharma (f/k/a Awesome Kong) for a better format.  Anyhow.  Alexa Bliss decided to join the party to watch from commentary.  Commercial.

Jax was controlling the action coming back as Cole noted Bliss walked away from her team last week.  Graves defended Bliss.  As Sasha hit double knees in the ring, Emma attacked Bliss.  Bliss ran to the ring and Emma gave chase.  In the ring, Bliss hid behind Jax and talked trash.  Jax put Bliss in front of her.

Emma kicked Jax and the brawl was on.  Things were fast and furious here so forgive me if I didn’t get it all.  This show has been putting me to sleep slowly.  Anyhow, Emma and Bliss teamed up on Sasha, but Mickie James and Dana Brooke ran to the ring for the save.  The women brawled in the ring until Jax asserted herself and took over.

Bayley’s music hit and she ran to the ring, going right at Emma and Bliss.  She took Bliss out with a suplex and Emma ate a big running knee shot that made me wince.  They ganged up on Jax and took her out, with James and Brooke hitting a double drop kick to send her to the floor.  The faces stood tall in the ring.

So, this was mostly an angle. I was kinda hoping they’d keep Bayley away for a while and let her regroup and let the other women build programs, but I guess in the offense she threw here she looked as if she “regained her mojo” in just a couple short weeks.  We’ll see if this is rushed storytelling or a one time thing.

The commentary team discussed the finish of the women’s Money in the Bank match, with Booker T saying that there are no disqualifications in a MITB match and the ruling should stand.  Graves said that Ellsworth wasn’t in the match, so it needs to be investigated.

Kurt Angle’s music played and he headed to the ring to tell us who has been attacking Enzo and Cass.  Yes, this is your Raw closing segment.  Why not the Roman/Joe match?  Anyhow, Angle talked about the random attacks on Enzo and Cass.  He said that he would not let this happen and devolve Raw where there would be a risk to talent.  He called out Enzo and Cass.  They made their entrance to a nice reaction.  They did their gimmick.

Cass said that when they find out who has been doing this, they will find them and prove there is only one word to describe them – SAWFT.  Angle said he has talked to suspects all night.  He called out The Revival.  “Top guys doing what top guys do,” Graves said.

Angle said the next suspect is a guy he has known for a long time, and it’s the Big Show.  Show made his entrance.   Cole noted Show has aided Enzo the past couple weeks.  Angle said he wanted to get to the point and wanted to rule out a couple of them.

Angle talked about Cass saying it felt like a powerful punch to the back of the head.   Show called them both soft and said he wouldn’t jump them from behind – he would come right at them.  He addressed Kurt, saying that after all they’ve been through together he can’t believe that Angle would do that to him.  He left.

Angle addressed the Revival, saying that the attacks were coincidental with their return.  Dawson said that while they’ve done their share of bad things they weren’t behind this.  Angle said they had an alibi and Cass reiterated the shot that he had taken and had a lump.

Corey Graves spoke up and offered his assistance.  He fed it to security cam footage that showed Cass staging the attack.  Graves said he attacked Enzo.  Enzo turned to Cass and said there had to be more to this.  Cass said Graves is right he did it.

He talked about how Enzo ran his mouth and wanted to slap him upside his head.  He said he felt bad for him and no one in the back liked him.  He said he put up with Enzo’s crap every day for years.  Cass said that finally he snapped and it felt good when he attacked Enzo.  He said he would have snapped Enzo’s neck but he wanted to watch him suffer for all the crap he had to put up with.

He said when fingers got pointed his way he cooled them down, hoping Enzo would catch on to what was going on.  He said he realized that Enzo was dumber than he looked and was dead weight that was holding him back from being a star in WWE.  He told Enzo his mouth writes checks his can’t cash because Cass has been behind him.   “Well, not for long.”

Cass said that he and Enzo are through, then he attacked Enzo with a boot.  Cass mocked him and said “you can’t teach that” and left.  “You suck” chants got going as the show ended.

Well, that’s not the hottest ending I’ve ever seen to a show and may have been better served to happen somewhere in the middle of the program instead.  That said, I’m mildly intrigued to see where this goes.  Cass has a lot of potential that hasn’t been realized yet both in the ring and on the mic so we’ll see how he does flying solo.  Enzo was a good mouthpiece for him – even if the gimmick was getting tired.

Enzo is going to struggle as a solo act.  Maybe this is taking him off of TV for a while too – hard to say.  But if not, he will be a bit lost.  He’s definitely weak in the ring and would have to have someone do his bidding for him – possibly a Big Show feud with Cass?  Hard to say there as well.  But Enzo the solo act is going to have a hard time.

This show was slow and plodding.  It had some good stuff in it – the Joe/Lesnar video package was a great sell for their match and the Joe/Reigns match was very good.  I liked how they handled the Strowman return and set up the ambulance match for the pay per view as well.  Beyond that, nothing really happened of consequence tonight, and the overrun ran to 20 past 11.  Average to disappointing if you’re voting in the poll.

I’ll have more to say on this and all things fight sports tomorrow when I make my second Tuesday Around the Ring appearance.  I’ll be back to my normal Thursday timeslot next week.  Drew Koscelek will be by tomorrow with Smackdown and 205 Live, then he and I will team up for Ring Rap Audio on Wednesday.  Be sure to send us your Favorite Things in Wrestling as well as any questions or comments you’d like us to tackle on the air.  See you then!

About Bill Wentz (1561 Articles)'s Senior Columnist, writing with the site since 2009 and a lifelong wrestling fan dating all the way back to the early Wrestlemania years. As a strongly opinionated fan, you can get my thoughts regularly on Ring Rap Audio and Around the Ring on Thursdays, as well as in "Wentz's Blog" in print. Look for my live show reports as well for MMA, WWE, ROH, and more. Outside of wrestling, I have a strong obsession with trucks, winning awards statewide with a truck dubbed the "Brahma Bull Edition." Interact with me on Twitter @Bill_SoonerFan or by email at

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