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WWE Monday Night Raw Live Reaction for 8/14/2017 – SummerSlam Go-Home Show, Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax for the Right to Face Alexa Bliss, Final Fatal Four Way Hype, More

WWE heads to the TD Garden in Boston, MA tonight as the Road to SummerSlam winds down.  Brooklyn will see the Biggest Party of the Summer in six nights, but there’s a lot on the line tonight.  Sasha Banks and Nia Jax each won three-way matches last week to earn the right to face each other tonight, with the winner getting a shot at Alexa Bliss and the Raw Women’s Championship on Sunday.  Who will emerge as the top contender, or will both women end up in that match on Sunday?  In separate matches against tag champions Sheamus and Cesaro, it appeared that Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were sort of patching up old history.  Will the two fully reunite this week to go after the tag champions in Brooklyn?  Will Finn Balor continue to get the better of the mind games being played with Bray Wyatt?  Everything “red brand” for SummerSlam comes to a head tonight.

Show Open, Live from the TD Garden in Boston, MA;

Then, Now, Forever.  It’s SummerSlam week, so here we go.  The show opened with a recap of the angle between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose against Cesaro and Sheamus.  Cole welcomed us in with Dean Ambrose making his entrance.  Cole recounted the “controversy” that Ambrose has been embroiled in with Rollins over the past couple weeks.

Ambrose demanded the music be cut and said after last week a lot of people are wondering what is going on with him and Rollins, and only one man can answer the question – Seth Rollins.  Rollins obliged a call out and made his way to the ring.   Ambrose said he was sick and tired of playing games and wanted to know what he was doing.  Rollins called Ambrose out for playing games by saving him one week and not the next.

Rollins said Ambrose said he couldn’t trust Rollins but looking in his eyes, Ambrose is lying.  “The truth is, I know you care.”  Rollins said if they teamed up they could run the place.  Rollins said if Ambrose is willing to let bygones be bygones, he’s done playing games.  He put his fist out and Ambrose considered it while the fans chanted.

“You have got to be kidding me.”  Ambrose said Rollins spat in his face last week and for a second he thought he could trust Rollins.  Rollins said he can understand because he struggles to trust himself, then admitted that maybe this was a stupid idea.  “Or maybe it wasn’t.”  He said maybe their differences are why they worked together so well and when they fight there’s no one that can touch them.  He then said maybe too much has happened and he’s done.  Rollins went to leave, but Ambrose stopped him.

They talked at each other off mic, then Ambrose put his fist out.  Rollins stared and the live crowd cheered, then made a fist.  Rollins went to walk away, but Ambrose grabbed him and a brawl started.  Ambrose got the better of it then backed off and asked what his problem was.  Rollins jumped Ambrose and the brawl started again.  Sheamus and Cesaro’s music hit and they headed out to attack.

They took Ambrose out and threw him over the barrier, then attacked Rollins and threw him in the ring.  They ganged up on Rollins in the corner but Ambrose hit the ring to attack the champs.  They got the better of him with the numbers game.  Rollins jumped over Ambrose for a cross body on Sheamus, then sent Cesaro to ringside with a couple kicks.

Sheamus and Cesaro sold while Rollins and Ambrose stared at each other in the ring.  Ambrose put his fist out, then Rollins.  Then they did it together to a big reaction.  Sheamus and Cesaro shook their head on the ramp while Ambrose and Rollins played to the fans.

Kurt Angle’s music hit and he made his way to the stage.  Angle told Sheamus and Cesaro that they would defend the tag titles against Rollins and Ambrose at SummerSlam.  Graves called Angle the ultimate opportunist for making the match.  Ambrose and Rollins posed in the ring with the fists out.

A strong segment that the crowd was hot for.  This was what we expected to see happen, really, when it comes to the tag title picture.  There’s an obvious future swerve in mind here if Rollins and Ambrose turn on each other again, but in the immediate I am looking forward to what should be a good tag team title match at SummerSlam.

Cole hyped that all four men in the fatal four way would be in the same ring at the same time tonight.  Corey hyped Sasha vs. Nia with the winner getting Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam, next.

The commentary team noted the current health situation with Ric Flair, noting that he had successfully undergone surgery but said he still is not out of the woods yet.  Cole said their thoughts and prayers are with him and his family, with Booker and Corey adding their own personal thoughts.  We certainly echo the best for Ric Flair as he deals with his current health situation.  Check the site for additional news we have posted.

Match #1 – Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax; Winner is the new #1 Contender to Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam;

Winner:  Sasha Banks

The Reax:  Big reaction for Sasha since she’s the hometown girl.   As each woman made their way to the ring they verbally recapped the triple threat matches from last week.  There’s a beach chair at ringside, so, you know what’s coming – Alexa Bliss headed to the ring to watch from the chair.

Freudian slip from Cole as he said Sasha Banks would defend at SummerSlam?  Jax plowed Banks down early as the match went to a break.  Jax was still in control coming out of the break, delivering a headbutt on the apron.  Sasha threw a kick then tried to use a huracanrana but Jax swung her into the barrier.  Ouch.  Near fall for Jax, and Bliss watched on emotionless.

Jax locked in a bearhug, but Banks elbowed her way out.  Jax tossed her across the ring a couple times then plowed Sasha down.  She hit the leg drop for a near fall, and Jax sold frustration.  Jax used the chicken wing but Sasha rolled it through for a two count of her own.  Sasha went to a submission on Jax’s back but Jax came back with a Samoan Drop for a good near fall but Banks got her arm on the ropes.

Jax went back to a second Samoan Drop but Sasha rolled to ringside.  Jax went out and retrieved her, but Banks threw some strikes and rolled her up for two.  Jax tried an elbow drop but Banks rolled out of the way.  Both sold going to another break.

Back live, Sasha was on the buckle and Jax went up with her.  Jax set for a superplex but Sasha came back with repeated elbows to the back.  She tried to roll Jax over, but instead kicked her leg out then did the double knee shot for a two count.   Sasha threw repeated knee shots in the corner but ate a boot on another charge.

Banks sold and Jax went to pick her up, but Banks locked her in the Bank Statement.  Nia tried to get to the ropes but Banks hopped over and cut her off and reapplied the hold.  Jax tried to get up, but Banks took her back down with a DDT and reapplied the hold one more time to get the submission win.  They recapped the finish, then Bliss held the title up as Banks played to the crowd.

A solid match from these two.  Word had leaked that Sasha would be winning this match, but nothing about how it was worked came off with a foregone conclusion.  Jax looked dominant, with Banks playing from underneath.  The hometown crowd certainly helped the energy of the match as they were into Banks’ offense when she would  mount runs against Jax, and were into the finish.

Kurt Angle smiled and said SummerSlam would be tremendous.  He talked to the Hardys about SummerSlam and said it was unfortunate that they won’t get their hands on the Revival.  Miz and his entourage walked in, with Dallas leaning in and saying “the Intercontinental Champion would like to speak to you.”

Miz recounted Angle turning Lesnar loose on him and his group and asked what Angle intended to do about it.  Angle said nothing, and the Hardys chuckled.  Miz said it’s not funny, but Jeff said it was.  Angle said that Axel had a scheduled match against Jason Jordan last week, but it would happen tonight.  Miz said that Axel wouldn’t be in that match, Miz would.  A referee ran in and said something was happening between Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt, so Angle left.

Back live, they showed Balor and Wyatt brawling backstage.  They were separated, and Angle yelled for them to save it.  Balor broke loose and attacked Wyatt again, then Angle yelled that Wyatt and Balor would fight tonight, and they needed to save it for the ring.

Elias was in the ring to sing for us.  He asked who wanted to walk with Elias, then insulted Fenway Park and said it inspired him to write a song.  Elias sang, of course insulting Boston, until R-Truth cut him off.  Elias jumped him and quickly put him away with his “Drift Away” move.   Elias kissed his guitar and left.

Not sure if this is going to actually go anywhere or not, but it does make Elias look like a badass.

Corey hyped the four men in the fatal four way appearing in the ring at the same time later tonight.  They showed a shark cage being lowered down in the arena, then Cole noted Big Cass would be out next.

Big Cass made his way to the ring for a promo.  Cole recounted the breakup between Enzo and Cass and showed highlights of the past matches between Show and Cass with Enzo being involved. Boston cut Cass off from cutting his promo repeatedly.  He would only get the first line out and stop.

Cass finally started in full, hyping the match with Big Show.  He told the fans he would talk over them and said when he talks it matters, and when they talk it doesn’t.  He talked about the relationship between Big Show and Enzo and said Enzo needs Show because he has to have someone go to bat for him when he pisses off people backstage, which is almost every day.  Some real-life bleeding over (given the rumors of heat on Enzo for backstage behavior)?

He questioned the relationship between Show and Enzo, saying Show needs Enzo to be the hype man and tell the funny jokes.  He said Show needs Enzo because there’s a new seven footer on the block, and it’s Big Cass.  He said Show can’t beat him without Enzo, and that’s why Enzo will be in the shark cage above the ring.

Cass said Enzo can run his mouth, but he can’t do anything but watch as Cass dismantles Big Show.  Boston booed all over this promo.  Cass said he would prove to Big Show, everyone in the locker room, and everyone all around the world that he is the best big man in the world today, and all Enzo could do was watch.

Enzo’s music cut him off to a big reaction, then he did his gimmick.  Cass rolled his eyes.  Enzo mocked how Cass started his promo, then said Cass was rambling like a guy who has been knocked out two weeks in a row, because he has been.  Enzo danced, then Cass challenged him to walk to the ring and say it to his face.

Enzo asked if he was seeing stars, calling it a rhetorical question because Cass was looking at him.  Enzo said he would make it a constellation and introduced the Big Show.  The two headed to the ring, then Show got on the apron.  Cass went to one side of the cage and waited.

Gallows and Anderson hit the ring to attack Show.  Show fought them off momentarily, but the numbers took over.  Gallows put a strap on Show’s hand, then Cass slammed the cage door on his hand as Gallows held on.  They focused an assault on Show’s hand as Gallows and Anderson held Show down.  Officials ran out to break things up and Cass posed over Show to boos.

One question here – they were teasing doing something with Gallows and Anderson and The Hardys when the Revival went down (torn bicep) for SummerSlam.  So, why not have the Hardys run out for the save?  Anyhow, logical to get heat on Cass going into the match on Sunday.  Cass definitely showed how green he is on the mic when he let the crowd get to him and cut him off in the early stages of the promo.  He did “okay” here, but he has a way to go.

They recapped Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman from last week, with Samoa Joe attacking Roman Reigns at the end of the match.  They hyped the four men being in the ring later, then Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor and Neville vs. Akira Tozawa for the Cruiserweight Championship will be next.

A little surprising that they’re going with these two matches tonight.  Will they give clean finishes?  I sort of doubt it.

Entrances took place for the cruiserweight championship match.

Match #2 – Neville (c) vs. Akira Tozawa (w/Titus O’Neil);  WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Winner:  Akira Tozawa to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

The Reax:  Neville got early control of the match as the commentary team noted Tozawa’s shoulder issues.  The two exchanged early offense, and were fairly even.  Neville tried for a kick but Tozawa countered with a drop kick of his own.  He followed with chops in the corner.  Moments later, Neville floated over a charge then Tozawa sent him to the apron where he kicked him.  The show went to a break with Tozawa holding the ring.

Back live, Neville hit a missile drop kick for two.  They recounted how Neville took over during the break, hitting a suplex out on the floor.  Neville locked in an arm hold but Tozawa fought up and hit a belly to back suplex.  Tozawa opened up a flurry of offense, hitting a pair of suicide dives.  Tozawa got a two count.

Tozawa held on to the ropes to avoid a drop kick, which let Tozawa hit a standing back senton.  Neville rolled into the corner which set up Tozawa for the top rope version.  Neville cut him off and tried a superplex but Tozawa fought it off.  Neville hit it anyhow and both men sold.  Tozawa rolled away to avoid a cover, then threw some strikes.  Neville threw some kicks of his own  and ran the ropes, but ran into a head scissor takedown.

A bit later, Tozawa set for the senton again but Neville got up, so he floated over.  Neville used the official as a shield and took Tozawa down with an arm breaker. Neville looked for Rings of Saturn, but Tozawa rolled him over to a pinning predicament.  Neville pulled Tozawa face first to the buckle and tried for the Red Arrow but Tozawa rolled away.  Tozawa went up top and hit his senton to win.

Titus, Apollo Crews and Tozawa celebrated in the ring as Neville sold disgust on the ramp.  The commentary team recapped the finish during the celebration.

A good match between the two men.  My guard was up that they would go with a clean finish here, but they did.  It somehow feels a bit uneventful to have Tozawa win the title on just any week’s Raw, but the crowd reacted to it positively and reacted to the big spots of the match.  They could just as easily go back to this match in a rematch on Sunday, but if they just flip the title back I would really question as to why they did this on Raw.  I guess we’ll see more on this as we go forward.

The commentary team hyped SummerSlam and NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 3 and various matches on the card.  We’ve got you covered in some way or form for all of the weekend’s happenings.  Cole hyped WWE Network and said Balor vs. Wyatt will take place next.

They hyped SummerSlam then recounted the Big Show/Big Cass angle from earlier.  They went backstage with the Doc, who said Show’s hand might be broken.   Enzo apologized for what happened, but Show told Enzo that he’s fought bigger and would not miss SummerSlam.  He told Enzo that he’s the Big Show, and not to forget it.

The commentary team discussed that, then moved on to recap Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks.  Backstage, Emma ranted about how others get opportunities that she should be getting and how she got screwed last week.  Mickie said she likes to rewrite her own history and reminded Emma she tapped out.  Mickie told her that instead of complaining she could step in the ring with a six time champion.  Emma accepted the challenge.

Bray Wyatt made his entrance as Cole hyped that the two men would be facing off for the first time ever.  After commercial, Cole hyped that SummerSlam has re-upped for Brooklyn again in 2018.  Finn Balor made his entrance for the match.

Match #3 – Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor;

Winner:  Bray Wyatt

The Reax:  Cole noted that Balor has gotten the better of Bray over the past couple weeks with mind games.  Balor threw a couple leg kicks and some knee strikes early.  Balor avoided a charge and Wyatt did his crab pose which gave Balor pause.  Balor hit an enzugiri from the apron but Wyatt hit a big right hand and a body block to slow the match down.

Balor threw strikes that sent Wyatt to ringside.  He followed with a drop kick through the ropes and then took Wyatt out with a kick from the apron going to a break.  Wyatt took over during the break with a big move on the apron.  In the ring, Wyatt hit a gut buster for two.

Balor fought back but took a big clothesline for two.  Cole recounted that Balor finished his match at SummerSlam last year with a torn labrum.  Balor threw a couple strikes, but Wyatt shoved him to the ropes. Balor came off into a right hand but Balor hit an overhead kick.  Both men sold.

Balor avoided charges with big boots, then fired off some shots and a low drop kick.  Wyatt went up on the buckle but took a running kick for two.  Wyatt hit his cross body block for two.  Wyatt followed with a uranage attempt but Balor escaped and hit a slingblade.  He measured for the shotgun drop kick but Wyatt side stepped and hit a back senton for two.

Wyatt got to his feet and posed in his corner and tried for Sister Abigail. Balor countered out and stomped Wyatt.   Wyatt rolled to ringside but Balor was there with a shotgun drop kick.    Balor fed him in and went top rope for the Coup De Grace.  Wyatt picked him off the rope and hit Sister Abigail for the win.  The commentary team recapped the finish.

Balor pulled himself up on Wyatt’s leg, but Wyatt hit him again with Sister Abigail.  Boston cheered this, and Wyatt posed.  His sounder hit.  When the lights came back up, Balor was in the corner and Wyatt had a bucket.  He said something I couldn’t make out, then dumped some red stuff all over Balor in the corner.  Obvious that it was intended to be blood.

Wyatt laughed in the corner while Balor rolled around.  It sounded like Wyatt was singing, but I couldn’t tell in my speakers.  The sounder hit again and cut out.

A good match that Wyatt needed to win, really.  That said, I think they left the door open for Balor and Wyatt again on Sunday, but not Balor really.  The Demon could show up.  A really strong visual at the end with the “blood” that Wyatt dumped on Balor – and that’s a sign that we could get the Demon as a result.  We’ll see what they choose to do.

They recapped the previous angle, saying that Wyatt embarrassed Balor by dumping an acidic viscous fluid on him.  Cole then moved on to recap the opening segment of the show again with Ambrose and Rollins brawling before fighting with Cesaro and Sheamus.   Cole hyped Ceasaro and Sheamus vs. Ambrose and Rollins for Sunday.

Match #4 – Emma vs. Mickie James;

Winner:  Mickie James

The Reax:  No entrance for Emma, a truncated one for Mickie.  Guess that’s what happens when they spill bar-b-que sauce all over the ring.  Hey, it’s viscous and acidic…  Anyhow.  Mickie got the early advantage with some kicks and a headlock takeover.  Mickie kept up the offense, scoring a two count off a kick.

Emma elbowed out of a go-behind but ate a flapjack from Mickie.  She went top rope but Emma cut her off and sent her to the floor.   Emma fed her in and covered for two then locked in a full nelson.  Mickie rolled Emma up for two but ate a clothesline for two.  Emma threw some punches, then stood on Mickie’s hair and pulled her up.  Emma followed with a suplex for two.

Mickie got her foot up on a corner charge, but Emma came back with a couple of two counts.  In the end, Mickie hit a big kick and got the win and celebrated.  The commentary team noted that Emma has a hashtag, then fed it to a movie trailer for The Hitman’s Bodyguard.

This was what it was.  Comedown moment from the Balor/Wyatt match and follow-up, really.  They’re making verbal fun of Emma for trying to get some momentum going, which raises eyebrows.

They showed Miz and his entourage walking backstage, and he’s up next.

They showed Balor coming out of Angle’s office.  Charly asked him what the conversation was about, and Balor said he got his rematch for Sunday at SummerSlam.  “Bray Wyatt has his demons, and on Sunday, he’ll see I have my demons too.”

Uh oh.  Time for the Demon to come out to play.  Kind of expected that to happen, but none the less it drew a positive reaction from the live crowd when he said that.

Miz and the  Miztourage made their way to the ring.  They fed it to a recap of the issues between Miz and Jason Jordan over the past couple of weeks.  Jordan made his entrance and Cole noted that if he wins, it could put him in contention for the Intercontinental Championship.

Match #5 – Jason Jordan vs. The Miz (w/The Miztourage and Maryse);

Winner:  Jason Jordan by disqualification

The Reax:  Jordan scooped Miz up and slammed him down then locked in a front facelock.  Some early chain wrestling from Jordan.  Miz got to the ropes and hit an elbow, but took a drop kick from Jordan.  Miz rolled out to get a breather and talked to his team.   Moments later, Jordan hit his corner spear and loaded his finish but the Miztourage hit the ring for the DQ.

They beat Jordan down for a few moments until The Hardy Boyz hit the ring for the save.  They cleared Dallas and Axel, then hit Miz with Poetry In Motion.  Jordan followed with a suplex, and Miz rolled out.

Match #6 – Jason Jordan and The Hardy Boyz vs. The Miztourage (w/Maryse);

Winner:  Jason Jordan and The Hardys

The Reax:  Back live, the Hardys were controlling Axel and let Jordan get a chop in.  Jordan continued to control him, working the arm.   Axel threw some shots to swing control back his way.  Jordan ducked a charge and hit a drop kick, then took Axel down with an armdrag.

Dallas checked in but took a DDT from Matt.  The Hardys double teamed Dallas for a two count.  Dallas whipped Jeff across but ate a clothesline.  Jordan tagged back in and covered Dallas with a fireman’s carry for two.  Miz tagged in and tried to escape Jordan, but Jordan grabbed him and threw him in the ring.  He hit some corner shoulder blocks, but Axel got involved to cut his offense off and permit Miz to take over the match.

After a break, Matt hit Axel with something Cole called a “reverse bulldog” but Axel attacked him from behind off a distraction.  The heel team controlled the offense for the next several minutes.  Matt sidestepped a charge but Miz cut the tag off.  He cheap shotted Jordan then mocked the Hardys, but he ate a clothesline.  Hot tags to Jeff and Bo.

Hardy went on a flurry with his leg drop to the midsection. He took out the rest of the heel team then hit Whisper in the Wind for two.  Jeff went up again but Miz distracted him and Dallas hit a top rope swinging neckbreaker.  Jordan saved the match.  All hell breaks loose and stuff starts happening all over the place so I lost track.  In the end, Jordan takes out Miz, Matt hits Dallas with the Twist of Fate and Jeff hit the Swanton to score the win.  The Hardys and Jordan celebrated.

A fun match that the crowd was into and they popped for the finish.  Jordan looked good here and the commentary team worked hard to put him over and make him look like a star.  He has a lot of upside, they just need to keep the push steady and natural.  As of right now, there’s no IC title match on SummerSlam.  Interesting.

The commentary team noted that The Demon vs. Bray Wyatt is now official, and hyped the main event segment of the four men in the fatal four way match up next.

They noted that Neville has invoked his rematch clause for Sunday against Akira Tozawa.  There will be a Championship Celebration on 205 Live tomorrow night.

Kurt Angle was in the ring with security surrounding.  He noted that he took precautions to preserve the main event.  Angle introduced the competitors in the match for this segment.  As Lesnar came to the ring, he and Heyman both stared at Angle. Cole recounted that Heyman said Lesnar would leave WWE if he loses the title.

Heyman did his introduction then said he wanted to shoot from the hip.  He said in an effort to squeeze one last rating and historic moment, he said Angle and WWE have conspired for this segment.  He called this a prison fight and said if you put Lesnar in the ring with the other three men, “you can have all the security you want and 10,000 more, tonight all hell is going to break loose.”

He talked about how Lesnar is willing to listen to ideas not involving WWE, so they conspired against him.  Jon Jones reference.  He said WWE booked him in a match which guarantees a new champion.  “Somebody, anybody, can eek a victory over somebody, anybody, and escape like a thief with the championship.”  He told Angle that he’s a fan and he thinks it sucks.

He said the night that Lesnar loses the title will be the night that someone would stand face to face with Lesnar and stand over the conquered conqueror as someone to be proud of.  He said it wouldn’t be Joe, who was looking to steal the title and take it to his tribe as a sign of his warrior spirit.  He said it wouldn’t be Strowman, who, while he has all the tools, “the beast slays the monster.”

“And then there’s Roman Reigns.”  Boos reign down.  Heyman reminded us that Reigns retired Undertaker and said Reigns’ yard is in Lesnar’s house, and rent is due on Sunday.  Heyman said one of two things happen Sunday – the conspiracy by WWE comes true and Lesnar loses the title, and he and Heyman leave WWE.  Scenario two, Heyman said, is if Lesnar beats any of the three in the match and he proves to the world what Heyman has known for 15 years – he is underselling the greatness of the athlete that stands before us tonight.  Heyman throws in a WWE Network plug and closes by saying he is the humble advocate and he is “your Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar.”

Samoa Joe headed to the ring to “Joe” chants.  Lesnar took the belt off and handed it to Heyman while Joe got a mic.   Joe said he told Lesnar from day one that he doesn’t fear Lesnar.  He said when he comes for the title at SummerSlam he intends to rip it from Lesnar’s hands once he puts him to sleep.

Braun Strowman headed to the ring, and he stared at Lesnar.   “In case you didn’t know, I’m always the last man standing.  Ask Roman Reigns.”  Joe interrupted and asked if he thinks last week had anything to do with him and said Reigns was stomping him all over the building until he showed up.  He told Strowman that he barely stood up while he put Reigns down.

That brought out Reigns to boos.  No words from Reigns, just a spear.  Joe rolls out.  Strowman hit Reigns with a powerslam, and he rolled out.  That left Strowman and Lesnar in the ring.  Fans cheered for that.  Security hit the ring to keep them separated, but eventually the two cleared out the security.

Lesnar and Strowman stared down again, and this time the locker room cleared out to keep them apart.  Lesnar broke free and they started fighting.  The locker room got them apart again, but they fought some more.  The locker room got them to separate corners as the show ended.

A good final segment, with a tease of Lesnar and Strowman going at it that the fans were into.  You could hear “let them fight” chants.  Not much from Joe or Reigns here, and I think in part because Lesnar has faced both of them before in various matches so it was a bigger deal for him to stare down with Strowman instead.  I liked that they kept the physicality to a minimum tonight with all four men as I think it builds some anticipation for Sunday when they go at it for real.

A good final hype show overall with a few spots that left me scratching my head.  I think the main programs are in good shape heading to SummerSlam, with the Women’s Championship doing the best they can with the hand they were dealt.  I think you’d have gotten more out of Bliss on the mic if Bayley had not gotten injured.  That said, not sure why we never heard from her at all tonight after her contender was determined.

I like this SummerSlam card from the Raw side, and I think they did a decent job of building to each of the matches.  I would liked to have seen a few things handled differently – such as Wyatt and Balor – when they had ample time to maybe move some of the things that they did up and give them a bit more time to garner some heat and anticipation.  I think the Demon is something you want to tease a bit more than six days out – there’s some anticipation you can build if you do it a little sooner.

Drew and I will preview the entire SummerSlam card on Wednesday on Ring Rap Audio.  Drew will also have his solo shot audio tomorrow when he  brings you Around the Ring, and he’ll give us the rundown on what Smackdown does building up to SummerSlam tomorrow night as he brings you show coverage.  We also hope to have our SummerSlam Scorecard ready in time for the weekend.

I’ll be back with NXT Takeover coverage on Saturday night, hopefully “live as it happens” but I do have a commitment earlier in the day that may push it a little.  In the meantime, see you on Wednesday for RingRap Audio.


We’ll be back at 8PM EST to bring you live reaction to tonight’s go-home show here on

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