Tall low ball
Tall low ball

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Tall low ball

Tall low ball, how to get money

Tall low ball is a form of football betting that has been very popular because it is a form of betting that is easy to play, easy to understand and has a high chance of winning

A high-low ball bet is a bet that the total number of goals Of both teams in the competition will be greater or less than the number of goals determined by the odds will vary depending on the number of goals specified

How to see the high and low ball prices

To see the high and low ball prices Players must look at the odds set by the odds are displayed in the form Of decimal numbers or fractions as follows

  • The decimal price, for example, 2.00 means that if a player stabs a high (Over) and wins, will receive a double prize of the bet
  • Fractional price, for example, 3/2 means that if a player stabs a high (Over) and wins, will receive a reward of three times the bet

Examples of high and low ball stabbing

Let’s say that the football match between Team A and Team B has a high ball price at 2.00, meaning that if a player stabs over (Over) and Team A and Team B score more than 2 goals, the player will win the bet And receive a double prize money of the bet

Tall low ball

Tall low ball techniques

In addition to looking at the odds, Players can also use other techniques to bet on high, low ball as well

  • Analyze competition statistics. Players should analyze the competition statistics of both teams, such as goal scoring statistics, meeting statistics of both teams, home and outside play statistics, etc. to make decisions on bets
  • Consider the readiness of the players. Players should consider the readiness of both players, such as injured players. Players with flat penalties, etc. for decision making on bets
  • Use formulas and betting techniques. Currently, there are many formulas and techniques for high-altitude balls. Players can choose to use formulas and techniques that suit themselves

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